June '07- Can you pinch more than and inch? If not then bugger off!

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loonylovegood Thu 13-Sep-07 22:54:00


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daisyandbabybootoo Thu 13-Sep-07 22:56:35

I like it, but oooohhhhh controversial sweary word in the title....

loonylovegood Thu 13-Sep-07 22:57:31

HAHA, thought I'd go back to controversy! We haven't had any for a while!

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riabutterflew Thu 13-Sep-07 22:57:44

how much is more than an inch? how mant feet in a yard? grin

loonylovegood Thu 13-Sep-07 22:58:50

grin ria!

Daisy have you got teddies (the nappies, not toys)?!

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niceglasses Thu 13-Sep-07 23:02:13

I can't pinch an inch, no sorry. I can pinch about 5 inches tho. Is that ok?

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 13-Sep-07 23:03:05

Right, I'm off to bed with my G'n'T to try and read some of my book.

holly, have you looked at postage options for the buggy? DH seemed to think Royal Mail Parcelforce would be the cheapest option?

justbeme Thu 13-Sep-07 23:03:49

Flying visit!
Just been reading the Julys thread (well L was born in July!) and they've been talking contraception! I think most of the mums here are using the word "No" arent they? grin

justbeme Thu 13-Sep-07 23:05:42

Holly Someone once was recommending thisselectiveuk.tripod.com/

loonylovegood Thu 13-Sep-07 23:06:12

I can get the pushchair posted through DHL for about £10. I think that's probably the best option as it has extra loss insurance as well. Is that ok?

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daisyandbabybootoo Thu 13-Sep-07 23:07:13

Only five niceglasses? pah...amateur grin

holly, I have one teddy. Flame took the applix off to make it a BTP nippa version. I'm not convinced by it, although it is a lovely thing (DH says it looks like a skinned polar bear toy). I tried it over night once and she was lying in a puddle of wee in the morning. It's fine during the day, if a bit on the bulky side!

I am obsessed by bloody nappies. I need to get out more!

loonylovegood Thu 13-Sep-07 23:08:22

I'm using the word "NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!!! ALso "fuck" and "off" are good choices too!

Thanks for the link JBM.

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loonylovegood Thu 13-Sep-07 23:09:51

I was looking at some on ebay. 3 for £22, which I thought was cheap. If they are bulky and soggy then I might not bother!

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loonylovegood Thu 13-Sep-07 23:11:09

I'm off to bed, got headache and my left boob is leaking!!

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daisyandbabybootoo Thu 13-Sep-07 23:12:30

That sounds fine Holly...I'll do a paypal transaction tomorrow. Do i just use your hotmail addy? e-mail me the details at my ntlworld account!

Contraception.....more a case of "Ha, you are having a laugh aren't you?" rather than a straight No in this house grin

right am off this time

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 13-Sep-07 23:15:41

oooh before I go, a quick question for jbm if you're still here.

AS a gardener.....my pumpkin plants that I sowed as seeds june, have finally got flowers on and there is one tiny teeny wee pumpkin growing. Am I on a hiding to nothing or will I get any pumpkins from them?

do you even do pumpkins?

domesticgrumpess Thu 13-Sep-07 23:50:08

Message withdrawn

Charlie999 Fri 14-Sep-07 08:07:32

Morning all smile

DD has just fallen asleep on her baby gym....ahhh

GF appears to be working though - DD slept through again...this time the dog woke me up at 4.30am to go out hmm

Holly / Daisy - I've just had a buggy sent to me via PPD on e-bay for £5.99....may be worth investigating?

loonylovegood Fri 14-Sep-07 08:19:27

Morning charlie!

I just one a brand new set of size 2 nappies from ebay for £100! RRP £160! I think I need to stop buying nappies now!

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Charlie999 Fri 14-Sep-07 08:33:27

Good god woman - you'll have to have more children to fulfill your nappy obsession grin....mind you sounds like a good price!

BadZelda Fri 14-Sep-07 08:34:59

My DH is normally mostly disinterested in football - but he's GOING MAD over this scotland win...he keeps making me watch the goal again.

Morning ladies - would I be mad to try and go to vauxhall city farm, AND ikea with my Mum AND babysit my friend's two children as well this evening? I would, wouldn't I? Hmm sorry Mum I think Ikea will have to go: Schade! (not)

loonylovegood Fri 14-Sep-07 08:40:15

Count yourself lucky BZ, mine is sports obsessed! He was watching the golf last nighthmm!

Personally I would give Ikea a miss, go another day. It is such a stressful experience that it usually takes me the rest of the day to recover from it!

I do have too many nappies now. Might try and sell some of the big pack. Does anyone need any size 2 Bambineos?grin

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BadZelda Fri 14-Sep-07 08:40:37

And I'm glad you're all obsessed with nappies..so I can ask you about them. So...assuming these wraps EVER arrive - what shall I put inside them? I'm still folding muslins at the moment, but wondering if I should invest in some terries? Still not that mad about the fluffles I bought - they seem to get wet through faster than a muslin?

BadZelda Fri 14-Sep-07 08:46:26

Yeah...personally I would rather cut my arm off than go to Ikea - but my mum loves going there and so does DD1...so I usually go along and we make an 'outing' of it (bizarrely the only time my mum really feels comfortable taking DD1 out...)

Jamantha Fri 14-Sep-07 08:48:03

Morning! DD slept til 5, which gave me a straight 7 hours sleep, for the 3rd night in a row so am feeling quite chipper this morning.

Off for a haircut though so will be stressed up by mid morning as I realise they're going to ask me what I want. I have no idea!! I'm trying to grow it, so don't really want much doing, but I HATE THE FRONT.

Oh, and DH goes away for the weekend, leaving this afternoon. Boys poker weekend. So I'll probably be feeling anything but chipper by the time he returns on Sunday. BTW was I wrong to demand he gets back at a reasonable time on Sunday ie lunchtime, not late afternoon?

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