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slings... how much will i use one?

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jabuti Tue 11-Sep-07 19:49:00

hi there!

our DD is now 7 weeks old and weighs 11lbs. we used a baby bjorn carrier most of the time when we are out, but i cant feed her or hold her in a more 'nursing/going to sleep' way when she is in it. we also use our buggy... but sometimes a carrier is more practical. then to go around the house i carry her rocking chair with me, but not so practical.

so im wondering if i should get a sling to cover the needs that the baby bjorn and the buggy doesnt cover? but i have to say that at this age, she is already getting heavy for my poor back, i can only carry her for a limited amount of time. will i really carry her when she is 1 year old, on the hip style that i've seen some women carrying when using the sling?

geez, that was a long post, i hope i made some sense!

funnypeculiar Tue 11-Sep-07 19:58:21

dd is 18 mths and still in a sling at least as often as she's in her buggy - a ring sling from here
Best money I ever spent. Much easier to carry the weight vs BB (I had one too), so usable for much longer; fabulous if you go on train etc (we go into London regularly and I am uber-smug as I waltz up the underground stairs.

BUT dd is tiny-wee.
Perhaps you could buy one & persuade your baby not to grow grin

Or have you seen ergos? They've got more longevity, but not so great for newborns, and personally, I couldn't get on with one...

(sasaslings & bigmomma slings both do hire, so you can try before you buy...

Chirpygirl Tue 11-Sep-07 20:05:33

I used a ring sling and a mei tai for DD both have been used from a couple of months until my preggy belly meant I couldn't carry her properly (she was 18 months and I was about 7 months preg!)
The ring sling stays in the car and was great for 'just popping into the bank/post office/shop' errands, where I couldn't be arsed with the buggy but needed free hands and her not to run/crawl around and cause mayhem.
Mei tai is still in the car and was used for shopping trips roudn supermarket when she was asleep, carrying on longer walks (as it goes over both shoudlers) such as from car park to somewhere or to park and back. Also very sueful for places like the library or on the bus, places where it is a nightmare to get a buggy around.
Also very hadny for when she wanted a cuddle and I wanted to wash up or hang washing out...I could stick her on my back and get on with it!

I think I used at least one of them every day for the last 16 months but if you are finding back probs and onyl want one then something like a mei tai would be better.

PillockOfTheCommunity Tue 11-Sep-07 20:08:15

I agree with Chirpygirl, I have a pouch sling and a Mei Tai, and use at least one of them every day. I also find the Mei Tai better for my back

jabuti Tue 11-Sep-07 20:12:41

will i be brave enough to put my DD on my back like that? i was watching the animation... you have to lean forward a lot and put the baby on your back... how long did it take for you ladies to do it as a pro?

oregonianabroad Tue 11-Sep-07 20:14:02

I use an ellaroo and love it, and yes, I do use it as a hip carrier now ds2 is older and it really takes the strain off your back.

Chirpygirl Tue 11-Sep-07 20:18:44

I haven't ever put DD on my back like that, looks far too complicated!
I put her on my hip, lift the back and straps over her back and then slide her round with one hadn while holding straps over my shoudlers with other, that way she can't come off. It looks worse than it is, I know she is safe but anyone in the vicinty always comes pegging over to 'help'!

PillockOfTheCommunity Tue 11-Sep-07 20:20:56

ds2 isn't big enough to want to go on my back yet

Chirpygirl Tue 11-Sep-07 20:22:35

I didn't put DD on my back until she was around 10-11 months old and able to stand on her own (although not walk), I don't know why, she just seemed too floppy until then, but she fitted on my front fine.

PillockOfTheCommunity Tue 11-Sep-07 20:24:36

where's the animation you were talking about jabuti? I can't see it anywhere!

PillockOfTheCommunity Tue 11-Sep-07 20:25:49

I started using a mei tai after seeing Daisymoo use hers, she still uses it for her ds3 who is almost 2 and he goes on her front happily, in much the same position my ds1 gets carried up the stairs sometimes

jabuti Tue 11-Sep-07 21:51:38

ha! i thought was funny that people come around to help you chirpy! but i can see what you mean, it sounds easier too.

and the animation is here: go to mei tai site > how to wear > back carry advanced

you all convinced me, we are getting a sling and mei tai!

i had no idea that carrying on your hip is better if you have back and neck problem! i just read that on a site too.

i guess i will have to wait a bit to carry my DD on the back, but will use the other positions for now.

thank you!!!

kiskihardarse Tue 11-Sep-07 22:00:44

[[ go here] for the ultimate in babywearing. envy

kiskihardarse Tue 11-Sep-07 22:01:15

no, here

off to change silly name

Chirpygirl Tue 11-Sep-07 22:10:53

Hmm, don't know about the hip carry being better for back an neck, I have a problem with my shoulders and neck and find a one shoulder carry really uncomfortable after about 10-15 minutes whereas a carry with 2 shoulders spreads the weight across my torso IYSWIM.

But then sometimes 10-15 mins is all you need, honestly, it makes such a difference not to have to carry a buggy everywhere, go on, do it!

jabuti Wed 12-Sep-07 13:07:39

thats right chirpy, im looking for something that i will use for a short period. with my poor back i cant carry heavy weigh for long no matter how/where its on my body!

i just saw the link kis, she begins and ends without even acknowledging that there is a baby in her back! thats what i call good posture smile unfortunately im more the hunchback of notredame style.

suis Wed 12-Sep-07 23:54:29

I have a coorie pouch sling and I have used it constantly since DS was teeny tiny and he's now a strapping 22lbs at 7 months and I still use it all the time.

I pop him in it whenever he wants to cuddle up but I don't have time to just sit with him, I put him in it when I am just nipping into a shop for a couple of things, I put him in it when we go visiting people, I put him in it to go the post box, I put him in it when doing a hospital visit, I put him in it all the time. I wouldn't set out on a long walk, or an all day shopping trip, but whenever I want him close, or getting the buggy out would be a hassle, and DS is too heavy to carry further than the end of the garden, then my Coorie is perfect.

It take a mere moment to put on, totally foolproof, not a strap or adjustment in sight, very comfortable indeed (I've got a dodgy back too).

When he was small I could actually bf him in it, meaning I could walk about the house or sit to table for my tea and feed him at the same time.

He has always fallen asleep in it and still does, and when he does, I can lay him down and slip it off over my head without waking him and it just acts as a fleece blanket for him.

It also doubles as a cushioning pad under my travel changing mat, as a pram or buggy blanket, as a nursing cover, and once even as a makeshift nappy. Washes up lovely and virtually dry coming out the machine.

Best baby thing I ever bought.

jabuti Thu 13-Sep-07 11:22:06

oh wow suis! thank you for your post! thats what im looking for, something cosy and practical for my DD. i just showed your post to my DH and now he is convinced too!

im considering getting a huggababy. none of you have mention this particular kind... if anyone has any cons about it, please let me know! we are shopping for a sling next week.

Chirpygirl Thu 13-Sep-07 11:28:09

I have a padded huggababy, it's great but I couldn't use it for long as I bought it in the summer and it was too hot for DD.
What dress size are you [cheeky!], I would be happy to let you have a go on it and buy it if you want as I have loads of others now!
You would need to be a larger lady (!) I am a 20-22 and it fits me fine!

Yay! another convert to babywearing!

phdlife Thu 13-Sep-07 11:36:38

I bought a wrap when ds was... 6 weeks? and I was going insane because he would never ever let me put him down. Saved my sanity.

Then we went through a patch where we didn't use it much, laziness on my part I suspect. Stupid, though, as I developed tendonitis in both wrists from lugging him about. (He is a huge lump of lad.)

Now he is 5 1.2m, weighs 8.3kg, and we are using it lots again as he cannot bear to be lying down/left out of the action. We still put him on the front, sometimes on the hip, going to learn a back carry soon. Now it is saving my back, wrists, forearms... and keeping ds from too much screaming.

jabuti Thu 13-Sep-07 11:43:03

oh how nice chirpy! i actually thought about taking a look on ebay for a second hand one. i just looked at their website for sizes:

Small: Up to U.K dress sizes 8 or small 10 or people 5'2ins and under
Standard: U.K size 10-14(max 38ins chest ) people 5'8 and under.
Standard Large: U.K size 14-16, 5'10 and under (40 inch chest and under) Sometimes used for couples who want to share a sling or Breast feeding mothers who are over a C Cup in medium size.
Large: U.K size 18 + or men with 40 ins chest , 6ft and under
Extra Large: U.K 20 + ( 44ins chest) people 6ft and above.

im 5'9 (dress size used to be 10... 14 at the moment) and DH 6'1. i think we would need a LARGE sling to fit both of us. is that the one you have?

Chirpygirl Thu 13-Sep-07 11:48:11

I don't know what size it is TBH, I bought it second hand and it has no label, I think it is the large one! I was going to sell it on ebay but really can't be bothered!
If you want me to post it out mail me on rowieb@btinternet dot com.

jabuti Thu 13-Sep-07 11:48:27

you know, i noticed my wrist was really sore the other night and i couldnt understand why. then i realized it was from picking my DD up from her moses and putting her back during the night feeds. i would never imagine that my wrist would be sore from this movement! now i try to face the moses instead of being sideways when im getting her out and in.

are you working on your phd and taking care of your baby? it must be hard!

jabuti Thu 13-Sep-07 11:49:15

cool, mailing you now chirpygirl.

Chirpygirl Thu 13-Sep-07 11:52:41

Ooh, that's why I got rid of my moses! I took the side off the cot and tied it to the bed (with cable ties!) so I could slide her over as I was putting my back out picking her up and down all night.

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