AUGUST 03 - calling Marina, Katherine, Wills et al

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tortoiseSHELL Tue 11-Sep-07 11:07:38

Just wondering how all your little ones are finding school? Dd started yesterday, and ABSOLUTELY loved it. Came out saying it was 'fantastic' and even brought home a picture she'd drawn of 'grumpy old dad' (mwahahahah). She also did painting, and made a pizza out of playdough.

Ds1 said at hometime that he'd been worried all day because he peeped into her classroom at breaktime but couldn't see her, and he was worried she was lost (he is a bit of a sweetie at times).

BUT - how did your lovely little ones get on?

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Marina Tue 11-Sep-07 11:18:20

Ah, this takes me back to our fretful pregnancy days my dear...and now they are demanding ballerina lessons and screeching when you take their Well Done sticker off their schooliform so it can be washed grin
Dd was in the nursery of her school last year so now proudly vaunts her Old Lag status, nonchalantly showing the newbies all the ropes.
She is a bit hacked off to discover that there is more focus on learning to read and write this year, but much prefers the uniform (they looked like badly tied laundry bags in their tracksuits last year).
Having their big brothers there is a huge incentive, isn't it, and considering they can scrap like two ferrets in a sack at home (eg I need a wee-wee. I need a wee MORE than you! No you don't. YES I DO, etc, etc ad nauseam) it's so sweet to see these big boys surreptitiously checking up on their little sisters
Glad it went so well for her torty

tortoiseSHELL Tue 11-Sep-07 11:26:02

Dd has a really sweet uniform - they have a lot of choice, so I got her a lovely old fashioned grey pinafore.

Glad your two are doing well.

I miss our group you know! ALthough www's thread is a bit like it. And katherine and wills haven't been around much for ages.


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