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April 2007 - A polar bear holding a glass is quite impressive

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EllieK Sat 01-Sep-07 21:30:54

courtesy of Katy grin

nappynuttynormabutty Sat 01-Sep-07 21:34:22

Hey Ellie, wondered where you'd got to...

EllieK Sat 01-Sep-07 21:36:34

I have been having no life grin

Just couldn't be arsed to shift my backside as far as the computer chair, I need a laptop blush

WestCountryLass Sat 01-Sep-07 21:47:33

It's been a bloody nightmare in my house...Leo has been unsettled for a week or so with really bad wind at night, DD getting over chicken pox (very stroppy), i've had the bastard of all toothaches....DH away ya de ya de ya de....went to the dentist and i've got an absess in my tooth, tooth not been right since had sinus infection following flu when pregnant with Leo, woke up this morning and Leo has got chicken, two, three, breathe....

UnderPesha Sat 01-Sep-07 21:49:40

Hello! smile

(Got it working now ellie smile)

EllieK Sat 01-Sep-07 21:50:01


and breeeeeeeeeathe


oooggs Sat 01-Sep-07 21:50:12

wow wcl - chicken pox, poor babe and so young

oooggs Sat 01-Sep-07 21:50:37

hi pesha you and children all ok?

WestCountryLass Sat 01-Sep-07 21:52:19

I know, poor love is only 5 months It was bound to happen really though as DD snogs his face off nearly all day and they always bath together and she usually ends up sleeping with us so...

oooggs Sat 01-Sep-07 21:58:45

yes dts don't stand a chance if ds1 gets anything cos he is a 'smother brother' grin

UnderPesha Sat 01-Sep-07 21:59:52

Kids been pita all day but all asleep now so I'm better. No idea where dp is, somewhere in a pub with footie mates hmm not sure I'm that bothered really! blush

Beginning to think pnd maybe back but no big shock really, last year was first year since i was 13 I've not been depressed so is a return to normal really! Will sort it though, I did it before I'll do it again. Only really mentioning it to explain my occassional selfish posts/absence/not-very-chattiness!! No hugs needed grin wink

WCL - sorry to hear leo has chicken pox, what a nightmare. Although hopefully him having it this young means it wont be so bad?! Thats the theory anyway hmm

Hi oooggs

WestCountryLass Sat 01-Sep-07 22:00:47

She can't leave him alone! He is like a big dolly, she takes his nappies off when he's done a poo and brings me the evidence, meanwhile Mr Pooey is wriggling his way across the lounge leaving a trail behind him!

WestCountryLass Sat 01-Sep-07 22:06:11

Pesha, not sending you hugs but suffice to say am hoping this case of depression lifts for you. I also feel the same about my DH fairly frequently hmm

UnderPesha Sat 01-Sep-07 22:15:19

PMSL at him wriggling along leaving a trail grin

DS1 also cannot contain himself around ds2, just wants to hug him and kiss him and squeeze him all day long. And dd wants to pick him up and carry him around like a dolly hmm Poor boy doesnt stand a chance does he?!

WestCountryLass Sat 01-Sep-07 23:00:08

It is sweet though

weeonion Sat 01-Sep-07 23:11:21

upesha - no hugs smile but thinking of you. xoox

wcl - that is a bummer of a time for you. they say bad luck comes in 3's but you have it all at once. xo

elkiedee Sat 01-Sep-07 23:38:45

Sorry to hear so many of us seem to be feeling down one way or the other. I had a nice afternoon/evening but missed dp, he's now back in London but of course pretty stressed, I expect he'll be back up in Kings Lynn several times in the next few days, perhaps longer. I'm pretty shattered now since I was up at 6 so goodnight!

StealthPolarBear Sun 02-Sep-07 07:37:42

Hi everyone
Wow- a thread in my honour, thanks ellie How are M & J?
CD, what's wrong? You sound so down. Will text you when it's a decent hour ... oh hang on in Dippy-land that was 2 hours ago
Pesha, so sorry to hear you think your PND might be back. No hugs, but - you know
WCL hope your family bad luck is over soon, sounds like you have loads to deal with at the moment
weeonion, oooggs and elkie how are you? elkie, hope you had a good night's sleep.

CaptainDippy Sun 02-Sep-07 09:17:49

Lots of over-enthusiastic sisterly love going on here ..... already found various food stuffs in my 4 momnth old's mouth hmm and muchly smothering going on at all times ..... Sigh ....

Morning! Need to hve shower, but thoguht I would pop in to see how everyone is doing. I'm still feeling low, but trying to focus, remain positive and snap out of it ..... everything just seems so relentless here, ykwim!!?


nappynuttynormabutty Sun 02-Sep-07 10:26:16

WCL - sounds v hectic, hope you're all ok.

Pesha - sorry to hear you think the pnd is back but I guess it's better that you get it sorted than let it go undiagnosed. Thinking of you x

CD - sorry to hear you're feeling low too. Sending you (((hugs))) and just want to remind you that you do a fab job looking after your 3 dd's and a dh wink.

Elkie - hope your dp's mum is doing ok.

Hi to everyone else!

Well I'm going washing machine shopping today <<<boooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiing>>> but as Ellie will tell you my current machine is sooooooooooo loud (it's got worse and I have a feeling it may be about to die!!!) so am going for a quiet one this time. Then dh is taking Erin swimming while I do some studying!

nappynuttynormabutty Sun 02-Sep-07 10:27:41

So if I'm on here this afternoon...tell me to GET STUDYING!!! grin

leakyR Sun 02-Sep-07 11:03:37


At PIL so no hope of catching up last thread.

No hugs, but positive thoughts to all you ladies that are down or stressed.

WCL - Chickenpox! Poor little thing.

Elkie- hope MIL improves and DH isn't too stressed/worried.

I'm knackered. Tried giving G a dream feed at 10.45 last night. He then proceeded to wake at 12.15, 1.15, 3.15, 4.20, 5.30, 6.45. Dh got up with him at 7.15 and I got and hour and a half undisturbed sleep. FIL has just been out for a walk with him to get him to nap this morning. He fights sleep during the day so I fully expect him to be a whingey grizzle pot today.

Probably won't be on again until Wed night/Thu morning. Hope your week goes well/better smile

StealthPolarBear Sun 02-Sep-07 11:24:45

What an awful night leaky
norma, if you're reading this get studying!
Dippy, you just sick of the same old routine every day? Poor you xx

Lucewheel Sun 02-Sep-07 11:44:31


Just had to take dh to hospital. He fell down the stairs in the middle of the night. Am at home, 3 out of 4 dc's have got a virus so feeling very sorry for myself.

(sorry for self absorbed post but I am finding it hard to concentrate whilst waiting for news sad, haven't told anyone in RL)

StealthPolarBear Sun 02-Sep-07 11:49:17

Ah lucewheel do you have any idea what he's done?
Do you want my mob no to txt me when you have news & i can post?
Do you have help? Who can look after dcs?

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