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bedtime songs

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Emzy5 Sat 01-Sep-07 19:24:22


don't know if this is the right place fo this post but here it goes anyway!

my ds is 10 weeks old and my friend, just had a dd, gave me a copy of a cd (used to be on vynil) called 'all aboard'. it's full of old kids songs like teddy bears picnic and nellie th elephant. i was listening to it with my ds and track 22 is a song called 'morning town ride'. coincidently my dad used to sing it to me and my bro and sis when we were little. he passed away 1 and a half years ago. i don't really believe in afterlife but hearing that made me feel close to him. now i try and play it or sing it to ds when i can so it becomes part of him too.

do any of you have special songs with your dc? if not please can i recommend train whstle blowing?

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