May 2007 Postnatal, sleep and smiles only please babies!!!

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Mrsjaffabiffa Sat 25-Aug-07 13:20:18

Thought it was time for a new thread. smile

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SKYTVADDICT Sat 25-Aug-07 13:35:13

Hi all

DDs back from their hols. One load of washing out and another in. Thank goodness for good weather.

DD2 really missed me and C she says and we have had lots of hugs which is really nice.

Thinking of all those with friends/family with problems. Hugs to you all.

Off to try and sort out someone to take up DD1s blazer sleeves as I am crap at sewing.

LWandLottie Sat 25-Aug-07 14:06:17

Oh I'm so sorry for all of you guys with friends who are ill. sad How awful.

Sky how sweet of dd2, I to am crap at sewing. Having said that I have never had to sew anything grin

Well C's been much better today and yesterday was fabulous. She's been a little dream. Am just doing her passport form, need her dads details so have been grudgingly trying to get in contact with him. He sent me a nice email with some of the details I need and said sorry for how things were left last time. The last time we met (2nd time he has seen C) he was a complete cock and I told him to f**c off!

Can I ask those of you who have done your babies passports how long they take? We go on holiday in just over 6 weeks, will we get it in time? And will I need to get it countersigned? Also need to get C's full birth certificate which I'm narked about. When we got her registered I asked them if I needed the full certificate for any important documents, i.e. a passport! 'Oh no, you wont need it!' I'm huffing and rolling my eyes at the memory right now!

Mrsjaffabiffa Sat 25-Aug-07 15:59:21

LW, you will need to get C's photo signed for her passport. You may want to do the check and send service at the post office for it before you send it that way you won't waste time with a problem. You will probably be Ok for time but you need to do it sooner rather than later oh and they do do a 2 week priority service now but you pay more for it.

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Pebblemum Sat 25-Aug-07 17:47:08

LW I did Alana's passport form on line, they then check it, print it out for you, and send it back. That way you know it is all correct and dont waste money having the Post Office check it for you. Alana's form only took 2days to get here. You then send it back, signed and with the pics. Found it a lot easier than writing it out myself grin

What a lovely hot day it has been. Hope its the same tomorrow, MIL is having a 'garden' party (to show off her new garden).

Ive been so bored today, went shopping with my sis this morning but since then done naff all. Ds1 went to the library with his friend and ds2 has been playing with his friends in the garden but its been so nice i feel i should have been doing something. Instead i ran the hoover round the front room and read the paper sad

Really fancy a BBQ but havent got one lol

Lupins71 Sat 25-Aug-07 20:01:03

LW sorry cant help with passport, glad C has been better

A has been a nightmare!!!!!!!!! he wont stop moaning and crying, apart from nurofen i have tried everything i hve a real thumping headache and am tired, he is soaking his clothes with dribble poor little love

Hope ev1 else is well

LWandLottie Sat 25-Aug-07 21:08:40

Lottie's been really dribbling as well! She has been for a few weeks now. I have a constant bib around her neck because of it, ruins the look of her outfits lol! grin

Well she's been really moany tonight, must have spoken to soon earlier. I need to revise and, like Lupins have a really sore head because of her constant crying! sad

aprilmeadow Sat 25-Aug-07 21:28:27

Peace has just been restored in our house! Our friends are down from Glasgow - they are godparents to Ella, or will be tomorrow.

Been to Legoland today which was great especially as the weather was so good - even got burnt Picked up all the food that i had ordered for tomorrow and managed to get family memebers to agree to cook some bits for me so that i dont have so much to do in the morning. Got to get to the hall at 10.30 then have about 45mins to set up before heading over to the church and greet all of our (65+) guests.

Have managed to sell all the baby clothes, maternity clothes & breast feeding tops on ebay - got about 100 quid!

juliewoolie Sat 25-Aug-07 21:31:45

Hi all,

god am with you on the whingy dribbly babies. Its all being made worse by having to take A out in his buggy everytime he makes a noise as my DP is still in hospital and obviously the other patients dont want to hear a crying baby. Feel under alot of pressure really hope they let him come home tom. And am really pissed at our parents not one of them has said they would come up to visit and take the little munchkin out for a couple of hours to give us a break and bring him back so I can feed him.

Sorry rant over. smile

LW 6 wks should be plenty time to get the passport back you can use the check and send option at the post office and that helps get the application back quicker.

HOpe you all get a good nights kip and that we are all feeling a smidge more positive tom.

scootermum Sat 25-Aug-07 21:56:16

I would ring them and ask them need all the help you can get..poor DH..backs are no picnic..

LWandL/Lups..teeth do you think with the babies?Im sure I can see a white speck in M's gum but 11 weeks is surely a bit early do you think?At what age can you start to give Medised?grin

Have been to see my bf today who is home from South Africa, where she now lives, for a few weeks..she has never met Mae before obviously and L was tiny tiny the last time she was here so she was in for a shock!Both girls very good whilst we were there, but since we got home have been terrors..L has only just now gone to bed, as she refused to go at 7, 7.30, 8...even though she was dead on her feet..M is still grumbling..
I have had two beers to take the edge off grin

Driving home tomorrow to see my sick friend..he had his op today and the hosp say it was 'successful' and he is 'comfortable', but of course they have to be cryptic I we shall keeping everything crossed..whatever the weather it will be chemo anyway which will be horrid in itself I imagine..sad

Well have a lovely christening Ella Aprilmeadow..Wishing you a gorgeous day..

Our neighbours are having a huge party..would it be totally lame to stick my head out of the window and tell them to pipe down?
Er yes Scoot it would...its only ruddy 10 to 10!

LWandLottie Sat 25-Aug-07 22:35:20

AM I hope you have a lovely day for Ellas Christening tomorrow. Is anybody else Christening their babies?

Scoot I hope you bf is ok when you go and see him tomorrow, how sad for him. I would have thought it might be to early for them to be teething, but I don't know. C's just cranky all the time, her fathers genes - not mine! grinwink

Julie, your poor dp! Am a bit shock that nobody has offered to come down and help you with A, even if it is just for an hour. I would but 1, I live in Scotland and 2, I can't even handle my own child at the minute lol!

Well I am feeling thouroughly sorry for myself and depressed. I just joined up to Facebook and tracked down lots of my old school friends who are all thin, gorgeous, well groomed, tanned, have clothes to die for, have amazing social lives, are getting on well at uni, seem to have loads of money, all drive and have cars, are in relationships with really nice, good looking guys, I could go on and on. I am currently sat here in a pair of pj's that are a gazillion years old, covered in baby spit and have half of my dinner down the front of my top because C needed feeding at the same time I was eating. My hair needs washing and is tied up like Caroles from Big Brother, and I have 2 stone of weight to loose- still. I can't remember the last time I saw another human being that I wasn't related to and the nice clothes I did buy for myself last month probably no longer fit.

I think it's only just now that the cold, harsh reality of not having the life I once did is setting in. I know I have Charlotte and I wouldn't give her up for anything, but I'm really finding myself pining for my old lifestyle recently. I'm 20 and I feel like everythings frickin collapsed! I really need to sort myself out. Sorry to go on when there are some of you guys who have really ill friends/partners. Like I said, feeling sorry for myself! And I'm lonely, I want a nice guy to give me a cuddle! Miss being in a relationship with somebody, you lot are so lucky to have nice dps/dhs! envywink

scootermum Sat 25-Aug-07 22:43:11

LW...I often feel like that..none of my friends have babies and are all out every weekend and size 8's..I feel very left out sometimes..but I have DH and am that bit older than you so I imagine its much worse for you hon..sad
Could you get together for a night out with some of your old friends, let your hair down a bit?(Always helps me to get out for a fact I try always to have something pencilled in every two months or so to look forward to)
I love my girls but everyone needs a break every so often..

You are welcome to come down here for a few days if you like..but you will have to kip on the sofa bed..grinNice night out in London, bit of sight seeing..might be just the it would make you feel heaps better as I am twice the size of you!

LWandLottie Sat 25-Aug-07 23:49:58

Oh Scoot you're so lovely! The thing is I know I have a lot to be gratefull for and I look at C and feel bad for the way I'm thinking. But then I remember that I only had her 13 weeks ago, which really isn't that long, and I guess I'm still adjusting. I think I just had quite a lonely time at uni because I was the pregnant girl who stood out because I was different. I have a geat family but I'm finding myself envious of my friends' lifestyles. I don't want to move out of my parents home because I love it here, but I think I'm gonna go mad at the same time because I have no social life.

Me and my best friend had spoken about renting a house together where I stay, so that I'm still close to my family. But I'd be so sad to leave here. But if I don't do it now, that might make it harder later on.

I think I just need to get these exams sorted out and set up my OU course and then I can focus on me a bit more. Make some plans and hopefully get into shape for my holiday in October. My HV has been coming round to see me cause they were concerned I was suffering from PND. They don't think I am but she said I seem to be suffering badly with things like anxiety, low self-esteem, no confidence and I'm very panicky. sad All good then ay hmm

Pebblemum Sun 26-Aug-07 00:43:38

LW I fully understand how you feel. I was 19 when i had ds1, the first of my friends to have a baby. I moved away for 6months to live with his dad so ended up stuck in strange place where the only people I knew where ExP's parents (we lived right next door aarrgghhh!!) we split up after living together for 5months (even though we had been together 3yrs we suddenly found we didnt love each other ooops)and i moved back home. I thought it had been bad living away from everyone I knew but when i got back home i realised that everyone I used to know had moved on. They were all going out having fun, getting jobs, buying houses and here i was living back at home with a baby. I loved ds1 with all my heart and wouldnt have been without him but at the same time i envied the life i could have had.
I'd given up so much for his dad, turned down the chance to work in America, devoted 3 years to keeping him happy, I lost touch with two of my closest friends because of him and it was all for nothing. There were times i would look at myself and feel so low but then one day it suddenly hit me that just because my life was different to my friends that it didnt mean I was any worse off. I saw friends heartbroken over failed relationships, i watched one try and try for a baby only to find out she couldnt have them and I realised how lucky i was. I didnt need a man in my life who would demand my attention, annoy me with his horrible habits etc because I already had someone in my life who would love me forever. From that moment i felt happier, i still only had a couple of friends I was in touch with but i made sure that once a month we would go out together so that I could be 'Me' and while those that were single always seemed to be on the pull I was more interested in having a great night, lots of drinks, dancing and laughs because I knew that when i got home in the early hours of the morning there would be someone there who loved me no matter what.

It took me a while to get there but once i did I felt great. Being a single mum actually become fun, I could raise my child how i wanted, there was no one to disagree with me, I knew that it was only me who could comfort ds1 when he was upset and I knew that no matter what his love was unconditional, I didnt have to make sure i shaved my legs every day or get dressed by 8am. If i wanted i could wallow in my pj's with legs like a yeti's and no one would say anything (well once i got my own place anyway lol)

I did have bad times dont get me wrong. Being a single mum is hard but trust me trying to keep a baby and a man happy at the same time is a lot harder, men are worse than kids.
Whenever you feel low that you arent in a relationship remember all the bad points from your previous one, and think of all the bad habits men have ie farting in bed, leaving the loo seat up, always having to re-adjust themselves at the wrong moment ie just as your elderly aunt has entered the room and caught him with his hands down his pants, the way they embarass you when they are drunk and the way men always think they are right even though we know us women are the ones who know everything winkand dont forget male PMT (100 times worse than womens). You will soon feel better lol.

Lupins71 Sun 26-Aug-07 07:52:52

AM well done on your ebaying, and have a lovely day today

Scoot not sure about medisaed but i gave Arlen nurofen last night - he was a differant baby, roll on when we can give medised tho grin

LW&W hugs to you - I know i am not a man, but sometimes a friendly hug might just do grin I think we all feel how you do at times - I know i certainly did with dd very few of our friends kept in touch, you WILL got you shape back, hate to say it took me 4 years but it will happen and life will get better - you are stuck up in scotland with none of your usual friends or social life around you you are bound to be lonely, I get thoroughly fed up witht he lack of adult company, you are not alone we are all here to listen, i know its not the same as sitting down with a beer and having a good natter, and I bet half those people who are doing so well are totally jealous of you for having C, thier lives are shallow compared to what you have my lovely (((((((((LW&L)))))))))) and as pebble has said its not all roses being in a relationship i often think it would be much easier being single, hope you are feeling brighter soon

Well after having total brainache last night i gave him some nurofen and plonked him in his bed, after 20mins he was a differant baby, happily kicking away and cooing so totay if he starts it will be straight in with the nurofen and will use the calpol to top up with if it gets that bad again, off to dps mum for feeding up today, nice to have a break from the house and cooking - hopefully they have some news on portugal

Have a good day all xx

juliewoolie Sun 26-Aug-07 09:06:27

LW you are doing great. I think it is prob hitting all of us who are first timers at this that our old lives have gone away. My bf in London has now set herself up in a totally different life since I got preggers and I have to say I do get VV jealous as I miss going out to parties etc. But then I have to think that she has said she is miserable, in love with someone who doesnt love her and goes out all the time as she doesnt want to be on her own. She is also desperate for kids.

I think we sometimes forget how magical it is having our LO's cause we get bogged down in the day to day round of constant feeding and nappy changing.

Also remember our LO's are only coming up to 3 months and the weight will come off eventually - well I hope so as I have about 2 grands worth of designer jeans in my closet that will be going on ebay! grin

On the annoying DP and bad back situation spoken to him this morning and he slept last night mainly cause he took 2 tamazapam he is turning into a druggie and the consultant came round at 9pm - youd think they would be round first thing, but anyway he thinks that as long as they give him strong drugs to numb the pain he should be good for our holiday. Am going to look into us getting a golf cart at the airport otherwise I will have to deal with luggage and A and buggies and from the sounds of it a stoned dP. msmile

Right AM have a lovely christening hope the sun is shining where everyone is will catch up later.

MKG Sun 26-Aug-07 14:41:33

LW the most important thing that I came to realize after having ds 1 is that when we become mothers we have to mourn the loss of our previous self.

Sometimes I felt like part of me died and in it's place was someone new that I don't always understand.

It's hard when you're the first of your group to have a baby. All of a sudden there is a gap between you and your friends. We lose friends when we get married and lose even more when we have kids. It's the natural cycle. It's also the hardest thing to go through.

You will be just fine.

MKG Sun 26-Aug-07 14:43:05

ON a more positive note, guess who slept through the night . . . .

Everyone in the house!!!

Cruz didn't wake up until 6am (which meant that my clothes and bed were soaked) I fed him and he is still sleeping (9:45 here).

I am feeling so good. I hope this is the beginning of a pattern.

cameroonmama Sun 26-Aug-07 17:16:55

Bonjour a tout le monde! We have returned..we got wet and soggy, had fun, got wet and soggy some more, went to the seaside and played in the sand, the sun eventually came out just in time to get a miniscule bit of pool action and then we came home. J has been the best ever baby, lots of sleeping through the night and being cute.

I haven't even begun to try to catch up, so will read through later, though I did catch sight of the word pregnant...

Scoot, I am so sorry to say that the supermarkets did not have any petits coeurs of the regular variety, but they did have chocolate ones! Bonus wink Send me an email stephensonkuk at yahoo uk with your address.

LWandLottie Sun 26-Aug-07 17:51:18

Hello smile

Cam hope you had a good holiday, shame about the weather not being fab everyday for you though.

MKG, woohoo! to C sleeping through!

Julie hope you dp's back gets better soon, heres hoping that you can go away.

Scoot, I hope your friend was ok today. Well as ok as he can be given the sad circumstances.

Lupins glad A was ok last night after a dosage of nurofen. Crossing my fingers for you that he is ok today.

Pebble agree that male pmt is much worse than ours grin

Thank you all for being your lovely usual selves. Suppose I'm still mourning my old life, but have to remember even then I had my ups, but a hell of a lot of downs! I'm very lucky to have C, even some of the girls I went to uni with have said they all envy me because I have her. She's babbling away to herself at the minute and I'm gushing with pride! To cheer myself up I did a bit of retail shopping online, bought a cd, The Way We Were on dvd, and a new game for my computer. Haven't got much revision done. Actually that's a lie, I've got NO revision done! blush

AM I hope you've had a fab day for E's christening.

Lupins was it you that suggested the presto? iF IT WAS THANK YOU! Am gonna save up and buy, love it! smile

Lupins71 Sun 26-Aug-07 18:25:31

LW&W someone I know on the for sale forum has one for sale - for £70 i think - do you want me to mention it to them, I was going to get it but its red and I know its silly but i dont do red buggies - I really want a pesto now too!!

Julie glad dp will be better (if not zombified) for the holiday

Cam glad you had a nice break - if not a little soggy

MKG well done to you all on a good nights sleep

Well Arlen is still suffering, have given him 1 dose of nurofen - we have been out all day at dp's mums to get filled up with yummy food - I ate pavlova and clotted cream & scones hmm did only have salad and seafood for lunch tho (knew what was coming hehehe), they have been looking at some nice houses for portugal - cant wait to get going everything feels on hold!

I still have wacking headache - 2 co-codamol and its still not shifted - that will teach me to sit in the sun - better go his lordship is stirring

aprilmeadow Sun 26-Aug-07 19:51:35

Good evening

The weather has been fantastic (can anyone remember the last Bank Holiday weekend where we had sunshine??) and the Christening was really lovely - have uploaded some piccies

Ella was an angel the whole way through and didnt bat an eyelid when the vicar poured the water on her head. She looked very cute in her 2 outfits. The first one was the gown itself (worn by me, my bro, my sis and ds for our own christenings) and then another lemon outfit for afterwards as i didnt want it to get ruined by baby vom. Mum wants to be able to use it for the next batch of grandchildren. After the service she fell asleep for 2hours and pretty much no one had a cuddle! 95% of the food got eaten and we were all done by 2.30pm. Poor little mite is suffering with a cold really badly - not sure if it has anything to do with having had the last set of jabs on Thursday.

Have put her to bed dosed up on calpol and just hope that she has a good night.

Will go and catch up on the rest of the chat x

MKG Sun 26-Aug-07 20:56:50

has anyone put there dc in an exersaucer yet? Cruz seems to be getting frustrated with his bouncer and swing. Play gyms make him frustrated (I think he doesn't like lying down unless it's sleep time). Tummy time forget about it. I think this kid just wants to move and see the world upright. I remember putting ds1 in his at 4 months, but I kinda think 3 months is a bit early, I'm just trying to think of other things that will make him happy. I really does like sitting upright though. As I speak he's lying on my bed trying to roll himself over to no avail.

LWandLottie Sun 26-Aug-07 20:57:34

AM glad you had a fab day, E is very cute in her gown! smile

Lupins, I can't buy one just now as I'll need to save up for it. Thank you very much for offering to contact the seller for me though. Not sure if I like the red either, but the black is! Like something with a bit of colour! hmm

LWandLottie Sun 26-Aug-07 20:59:51

MKG what about a bumbo seat. They're supposed to be from 4 months though I think. here

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