August/ September 2019 babies #2

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kyles101 Sun 24-Nov-19 01:25:42

Thread number 2 for our August / September 2019 due date babies.

DS is having a regression on nighttime sleep since moving over to combi - seems to want to wale at 1am whereas before would always go through until 3am...

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iano Sun 24-Nov-19 07:30:30

@kyles101 thanks for the new thread! I hadn't clocked how close to the end we were. Were you EBF before and now combi? I have no advice but lots of sympathy.

Thanks also to you and @Fortheloveofscience for the advice re centiles.

I'm not sure how long DS is. Our trust don't measure length anymore. He looks in proportion to me just big for 10 weeks. He's about the same length as his little friend who is 15 weeks and maybe a tiny bit chubbier...

I'm probably worrying over nothing but Dr Google and a friend scared me. She said she got a telling off from the HV when her baby jumped one centile. HV said she should be careful as baby should track and jumping centiles indicates she is too 'fat'. blush
She thinks the HV didn't believe her that's she was EBF and thought she might be giving too much formula.

I might brave a visit to a HV clinic and get him checked or ask the nurse at his 12 week jabs.

Stroan Sun 24-Nov-19 08:32:29

I don't know what he weighs now but was creeping up from the 50th to almost 91st last time. He's visibly much bigger and has grown out of some 3-6 months clothes at 14 weeks. He's also grown out of his star wrap so I need to find something new to keep him wrapped up in he car seat.

Total contrast to DD who was combi fed and gained about an ounce every week, she had the HV panicking. DS is EBF and I can't quite get my head round the fact that he's doing so well.

Poor little thing has Bronchiolitis now though, we had to take him to OOH last night as he was wheezing. Not bad enough for hospital thankfully, the doctor said it has been a day of bronchiolitis cases. Poor babies, these winter bugs are awful.

Stroan Sun 24-Nov-19 08:38:48

@iano I genuinely wouldn't worry. The percentile charts are an instrument of torture designed specifically to make new mums worry. They are based on tiny samples too, I know very few babies who tracked one line consistently and they are all happy and healthy pre schoolers now. There's a much bigger picture than growth charts. Plus, if he is EBF, what are you supposed to do about it? He's just finding his own line.

DD droped from the 98th at birth to around the 9th. She a robust but petite 4 year old - I maintain that she was just finding her own line and was never supposed to be 98th percentile.

DustyDoorframes Sun 24-Nov-19 10:08:26

Oh no @Stroan re bronchiolitis!! V glad it's quite mild, hopefully it will pass quickly.
Totally agree re centiles- going up the centiles is only an issue if you are FF, please don't worry @iano !

Dyra Sun 24-Nov-19 11:02:36

Oh poor little man. Hope he gets well soon Stroan.

Good to know about truth about the centile charts. Stupid worrying things. Still, I'm going to quietly fret until Alice is weighed sometime this week. HV was supposed to weigh last week, but was poorly herself, so she'll rebook for sometime this week.

db92 Sun 24-Nov-19 12:35:30

Really hope little one gets better soon @Stroan .

Re babies gaining weight, DS was born on the 9th centile and had gone up to 25th by 9weeks. We've been diagnosed with a cows milk allergy this weeks so I'm so surprised he's gained as much as he has.... makes me wonder if he'll shoot up another centile now he's on prescription formula?

kyles101 Sun 24-Nov-19 12:51:37

@iano yep, from ebf to combi at around 11 weeks, so a week ago. Got fed up of my hv constantly fretting about my ds weight, only putting on about 20g per day. Think he's putting that on an hour now and she'll tell me he's overweight next one I see her 🙄 she would have had a heart attack at your dd @Stroan. I agree with you about them putting too much emphasis on them.

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easterbuns1 Sun 24-Nov-19 13:40:00

Thanks for the new thread. I don't always post as don't always have much to say but I do try and keep up reading when I'm on here.

@iano my baby has jumped from 25th to 75th percentile for weight since she was born, not sure about length as she's not been measured. My older dc were the same, both huge chunky babes with 3 chins and rolls for days, they are now both strapping tall, slim children and have been since they started toddling. I really wouldn't worry.

Horehound Sun 24-Nov-19 13:41:38

I don't out much stock into these charts...every baby is different. I wouldn't worry unless there was a significant drop in weight

Littlehouseinthebigcity Sun 24-Nov-19 21:00:49

@iano With my first the HV assures me that you can't over feed an EBF baby and that they can't be overweight so hopefully that can reassure you a little smile

iano Sun 24-Nov-19 21:54:05

Thanks all for the reassurance!! I probably just make big babies. Must stop googling at night blush
@Stroan sorry to hear about the bronchiolitis! It's awful when they are all wheezy and sad. Hope it clears out soon.

Stroan Sun 24-Nov-19 22:19:21

Thanks everyone, he was admitted to hospital for observation today but they let us come home with the option to go straight back to the ward if we are concerned. I feel validated a little as I knew he wasn't right, hopefully he turns a corner overnight.

@kyles101 they weighed DD every week and it definitely contributed to me having mild PND. Now they've cancelled all weighing clinics and really discourage weighing in between the standard checks. We can't win!

I hope you didn't feel too pressured to combi feed and that it's a solution you are happy with. I don't always find HVs to be truly on board with BF, they seem to like knowing how much milk is being consumed...

Geegrl19 Mon 25-Nov-19 02:18:54

Hope little one on the mend @Stroan, poor baby

@kyles101 like @stroan says, I hope you're OK with the combi feeding. I thought 20gms a day at this age is average for a ebf baby? Correct me if I'm wrong! You really do get different views from all angles don't you that plant little seeds of doubt 😕

yevans Mon 25-Nov-19 08:52:46

@Stroan hope he has a better day today!!

8 week jabs for us today. Not looking forward to taking my baby to get stabbed..(for her own good, I know). Think I might cry as much as her haha! Anyone have any tips for afterwards? I've got Calpol on hand

Stroan Mon 25-Nov-19 09:51:31

@yevans it's so much worse for you than them. Cuddles and milk in the waiting room after and then a lazy day. DS is always sleepy after his.

yevans Mon 25-Nov-19 13:55:45

So she's been sleeping for nearly four hours after! She usually feeds (bf) around every three hours. Should I be waking her up for a feed at all??

Stroan Mon 25-Nov-19 14:00:55

If you feel comfortable that your supply is established, then I would let her sleep.

kyles101 Mon 25-Nov-19 15:57:27

@Geegrl19 if that's correct I'll be really annoyed with my hv. She said 30g per day is the lowest healthy gain. I just couldn't really deal with the stress and worry so it just seemed easier to switch. It definitely brought my mod down and was impacting my enjoyment of this time. I am still bf at night and once during the day, and ds gets really excited when he sees he's going to be getting the good stuff so that's lovely.

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Dyra Mon 25-Nov-19 16:01:36

Let her sleep. She'll be ok. It probably won't be long until she starts going longer without a feed anyway.

Dyra Mon 25-Nov-19 16:10:49

20g a day sounds about right. Alice was weighed this morning and has put on exactly 280g since her last weigh in a fortnight ago. She's hovering around the 25th centile line (then and now), and the HV we saw at the weigh in clinic was happy.

I think you can definitely be annoyed at your HV kyles.

DustyDoorframes Mon 25-Nov-19 16:55:25

Oh @Stroan that's so stressful!!! Hopefully on the mend today?

@kyles101 HVs can be appalling on breastfeeding, or sometimes brilliant. It's luck of the draw... Kellymom (excellent and authoritative breastfeeding info site) has this on growth rates-
20g per day sounds a bit below where you want it, but not masses. If you want to go back to ebf I'm sure you can build your supply up again- especially if you are feeding lots at night! Are you eating, drinking and resting lots? All help with supply!

@yevans leave sleeping babies lie! If you start feeling a bit overfull you could wake then?

Hello @easterbuns1 !

Has everyone found us? @Megan2018 ? @IVEgottheDECAF ? @boodles101 ?
Thanks for the thread Kyles!

kyles101 Mon 25-Nov-19 16:59:23

No wonder our breastfeeding rates are the lowest in the country then. I'm seeing her Thursday I might ask her to clarify

Is it normal for them to be visibly uncomfortable when passing wind still at this age? DS is 12 weeks tomorrow.

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yevans Mon 25-Nov-19 16:59:40

She woke herself up for a feed in the end and was super grouchy and restless. But she's gone off again so hopefully she will soon sleep it off!!

yevans Mon 25-Nov-19 17:00:59

@kyles101 pretty sure I read somewhere that it takes at least three months for them to get used to the sensation of wind and pooping so hopefully it will begin easing up soon?

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