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April 2007 - Everybody wave to Mr Dippy!

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EllieK Sun 19-Aug-07 22:46:54

time for a new thread ladies

normabutty Sun 19-Aug-07 22:48:13

nice title

elkiedee Sun 19-Aug-07 22:50:08


elkiedee Sun 19-Aug-07 23:10:25

Goodnight all, including Mr Dippy

CaptainDippy Sun 19-Aug-07 23:10:39

Ah Ha!

Just texted Ellie to say I couldn't post on this thread, but now I can!

I am actually off to bed now so "see" you guys tomorrow!

LOL @ thread title ....

normabutty Sun 19-Aug-07 23:12:15

night Elkie & CD

EllieK Sun 19-Aug-07 23:12:45

harrumph. was just coming on to tell them you couldn't post and you've stolen my thunder

weeonion Sun 19-Aug-07 23:19:55

waving an egg whisk at mr dippy!

Pesha Sun 19-Aug-07 23:52:59


Just quick post so I can find this more easily in the morning!

Just spent forever trying to write myself a cv - need help on what I can write to explain my 7 year 'career break' and put a positive spin on it. I know the gist of it - maturity, life experience, finished my career break so not gonna bugger off on them to have more babies, enthusiastic,something else thats just fallen straight out my head - but dont know how to word it all for the best.
Im gonna end up working in macdonalds arent I?! Not that there's anything wrong with that but not exactly the mental challenge Im hoping for with a return to work. And i'm fat enough already!!

Katy44 Mon 20-Aug-07 08:31:52

Pesha, what kind of job are you wanting? I love job hunting! Sorry I can't help with the wording - maybe if you put what you're thinking we could make suggestions?

normabutty Mon 20-Aug-07 08:41:02

Morning folks,

Pesha - you can put stuff about the skills you've used while being a sahm...things like time keeping iyswim.

Sexonlegs Mon 20-Aug-07 09:13:10

Pesha, all sorts of skills:

being one step ahead!!

I woud be happy to have a look at your CV once you have something up together. You can email me

Morning everyone!

My love affair with having all the family back home is over! Incessant talking at breakfast from B, dh leaving crumbs EVERYWHERE (hate to think what he has been doing with the toaster while I have not been looking????!!!!) and K being totally dis-interested in her milk and thus taking ages to drink it!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

octoandflash Mon 20-Aug-07 09:17:58


Pesha - I think its okay to say that you've been having a career break to raise your family

My neck is buggered - am waiting for my physio referral.

Got up 6 times last night - so not full of the joys!

maveta Mon 20-Aug-07 09:22:06

Hi everyone.. well N must be having a growth spurt as he´s feeding every 3 hours - night and day [tired eyes emoticon] Also finally decided to catch up with other MN april babies and roll over and get stuck on his back - yes, on his back. Normal babies roll over and get stuck on their front but oh no, not mine. Lies there waving his arms and legs like a little beetle moaning to be picked up. So dh and I were each up about 4 times in the night. Yaaaaawwwwwwnnnnn.

He´s already back down for a nap though, resorted to vaccuuming the sitting room and bedroom at 10am to send him off Doing last minute tidying and cleaning today for my friend arriving tomorrow (so excited, so excited, so excited!!!) she´s allergic to cats and I have 2 so I always get dead nervous about cat hair and end up blitzing the place. I do this for my bil too and it seems to make no difference but you gotta try, right?

PMSL at the kitchen utensils thread- Eddas what beautiful kids you have, I did think the first two photos were the same! Spooky! And at getting asked for id - that NEVER happens to me! (not even when I was 14 did I get asked!!)

okay well as much as I would prefer a million times over to sit and blether, there is a house full of hairballs waiting for my avid attention. Yay. MWAH! to all of you x

maveta Mon 20-Aug-07 09:23:30

hi octo! btw - am loving this loreal sun stuff - really nice colour and so far - 4 applications later - no streaks! took your and wo´s advice and put it on last night so no smell now - hurrah!

octoandflash Mon 20-Aug-07 09:32:56

Hi Maveta

Have fun with your friend - my dh is allergic to cats and takes antihistamines wherever we go with cats - he says people cleaning makes no difference - if a cats been in a room at all he knows!

normabutty Mon 20-Aug-07 09:35:03

OMG am so pissed off right now...some of you will see why when you click active convos...seems I wasn't teh only one iykwim (if you don't you'll think it's a wierd ramble) but and

normabutty Mon 20-Aug-07 09:39:40

Should i post on that thread???? or just leave it...I know what they're on about...

maveta Mon 20-Aug-07 09:39:52

Octo - yeah I know, cat hair must just get everywhere and even if you can´t see it, it´s there... they do take antihistamines when they are here but still, looks good to get rid of the cat hair tumbleweeds that blow across the middle of the floor, y´know?

maveta Mon 20-Aug-07 09:41:18

sorry norma - don´t know which one you mean!

normabutty Mon 20-Aug-07 09:41:45

The dw's panties one...

Eddas Mon 20-Aug-07 09:42:56


normabutty Mon 20-Aug-07 09:44:21

well i'm guessing it's another woman he's been doing stuff with...cos the info on there is v true iykwim...

Eddas get on msn...

Eddas Mon 20-Aug-07 09:44:27

just read it and it is. erm ignore nutty i think. what an arse

CaptainDippy Mon 20-Aug-07 09:55:54


Norma - Arse. Tart.

Nice peaceful household for the moment, so catching up here and need to write some bits for the forthcoming NCT newsletter.....

Also need to eat some crap.

Can't remember anything I just read as usual!! Sorry about your neck though, Flash - I have a crappy, knackered neck too & it is a PITA! Hoep your referal comes through sooooon.

DD1 was supposed to be having her eye surgery this AM; but got called ON SAT to say the surgeon has called in sick so they have had to cancel his list .... Grrrr! Oh well ....

How is everyone today??

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