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Baby hair loss

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PhoebeBear Sat 26-Oct-19 23:10:25

Not really sure which topic I should post this under.
When my baby boy was 3 weeks he had cradle cap, I read online to use some baby oil and soft baby bristle brush to get rid of it... it removed all his baby 'fur like' hair from the top of his head. He is now 11 weeks and it is growing back and looks blonde. However, the hair I didn't brush out at the back of his head is like a auburn colour (almost ginger in the light) with some brown in it.
Is it possible he could be a blonde and may lose the auburn hair at the back? Or at 11 weeks is he settled on the colour? Thank you in advance. Pic from 2 weeks and now

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stepbystepdoula Tue 29-Oct-19 07:35:06

Colour can still change. Also as the head grows, hair coverage sometimes doesn't keep up at the same rate, so can appear different shades. ❤

PhoebeBear Wed 30-Oct-19 05:36:02

@stepbystepdoula thank you for that advice , that's very interesting! I suppose that's why he has the different shades in hair colour

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