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August 2006 - one year on!

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sarahlou1uk Wed 15-Aug-07 18:31:59

new thread for all us 2006 girls!

crossmonster Sat 05-Sep-09 11:04:14

Olivio! Congratulations! Hope you're able to get some sleep! I can't imagine having a little one again, actually I can - my dd STILL occasionally wakes me up at night! (although she does sleep through more often than not).

Well, dd started nursery on Thursday. It's the pre-school attached to my ds's primary. I stayed the whole time, albeit mostly in a different room helping to sort out the dressing-up boxes. She really enjoyed herself and we went back the next day, and I left her for the whole of the half day. I was very nervous, as she's only ever had a babysitter a handful of times (really, only about four of five) and she'd only just met the staff at nursery, but I was so pleased when, on my return, they reported that she'd been completely fine and hadn't cried or anything! I was so proud!

BHM - good to hear you're finally getting your ds to use the toilet. Wish my dd was at that stage. I had to abandon potty training completely - although she could easily stay dry, she just refused to 'go', even after many hours! (I'm talking from morning to evening, with lots of drinks). I was very annoyed that she's had to start nursery still in a nappy, but I'm hoping that seeing other children using the toilets will help her psychological block. I know she could be quite capable of doing it, she's just incredibly willful. So she's going to nursery on Monday in training pants with a bagful of spare clothes!

You think you know the ropes after you've gone through all the stages with the first one, and the next one comes along and you may as well be a first time parent, because they're so different! (well, in my case anyway) Kids, eh?

Hope everyone else is doing well!

hoppybird Sat 05-Sep-09 11:37:33

(that was actually me LOL)

olivo Sun 18-Oct-09 09:38:43

anyone still around?

hoppybird Mon 26-Oct-09 13:18:16

Me! I'm here! where is everyone else?

BloodRedTulips Tue 27-Oct-09 18:35:23

Sorry, i lost this thread for ages blush

Congratulations olivo.... hope things are going smoothly and you're enjoying your expanded family grin

Things have been insane here, dd started school and 4 days later broke her leg at a birthday party shock Not the start to her educational career i'd planned! Things are settling down a bit now, she's been doing full days for a couple of weeks since she's been able to use the crutches and hopefully in a week and a half she'll be free of the cast.

Caleb started playschool and seems to be loving it. He's very much into Ben 10, Secret Saturdays, Batman and anything else with fighting in it grin He's gotten huge, he's heavier than dd and almost as tall and goes from one extreme to another ... he's either plonked on the couch glued to the tv or barrelling around the house like a possessed beast. He's a bit put out with Aaron since he's become mobile and started snatching toys and what with dd getting so much attention lately too he's feeling a bit needy i think.

Aaron is the child i should have had first so i could have had time to enjoy him wink... he's a very cheerful, inquisitive baby, extremely chilled out and mobile since 7 months old shock he's been walking on hand and feet rather than crawling and has now started cruising and randomly letting go of the furniture and standing by himself so i think there's a strong chance i may have a walker at 9 months shock

I'm studying and OU science course so the few minutes of peace i get from the rabble are taken up with that, worth it in the long run though.

Hope everyone and your families are well, i'll try and pop in more often blush

olivo Wed 28-Oct-09 20:51:51

hello, i thought you'd all abandoned me grin
Tulips, how do you find the time to study shock? all respect to you! lovely to hear about your family, it sounds hectic but good fun! hope DDs leg gets better soon, such a shame when she'd just started school.
all is well here, DD2 10 weeks today, can't believe it is going so quickly. She is gorgeous and i am lovng spending time with her. DD1 is a great help and adores her little sister.

ho9pe everyone else is well. drop a line when you have the time. smile

BloodRedTulips Wed 28-Oct-09 21:39:28

wow, 10 weeks? shock

it goes so quickly when they're tiny doesn't it? i hope you're getting time to enjoy dd2's babyhood... i'm so sad i seem to have missed most of ds2 being tiny and now he's practically a toddler!

not sure how effective my study methods are with whining, screeching kids all around... i guess my assesment results will tell all... [eek] i'm loving the course though, i haven't studied science since school and i'm remembering how much i enjoyed it now smile

BigHotMama Wed 02-Dec-09 18:06:22

Hi everyone, thought I'd come find you as havent had time to come on here in a while. We finally moved house and its lovely, we have a garden and space, ds is loving having his own bedroom. Just takes us longer to do housework lol.

Olivio glad your loving your new bundle, bet she getting bigger by the day. Lovely to hear dd1 is helping you too.

Hope your dd is ok Tulips? Bet she's a whiz on the crutches now. Sounds like breaking bones is everywhere, my dh has been off work since Septemeber with broken arm, only just started driving again. Good on you for studying, cant imagine how your getting time for it though lol. I thought I was mad doing my GTP with one child let alone 3 shock.

I'm just so tired all the time the course is really intense, looking forward to 2 weeks off at xmas.

Jackson is loving preschool too and tells me lots of strange stories about the other kids. I'm sure he has memorised the register being called out as he knows all the kids names lol. He has settled well in new house and is pooing everyday on the toilet like there had never been a problem.

Hoppy, hows your dd getting on in her training pants? Bet she'll be doing it in no time - it just seems like a life time doesnt it - felt like ds was never going to be doing poo on toilet then all of a sudden he just started going on his own no problems. Stick at it hun!

We are going to see his first nativity next week - he is a mince pie bless him. He loves to sing and dance think he will def be on stage when he gets bigger.

Hope everyone is looking forward to xmas x

olivo Fri 29-Jan-10 09:28:55


TulipsInTheRain Sun 21-Feb-10 14:46:58

Hello all.

Busy here as usual.... i was landed with a job on the playschool committee (treasurer) so the few minutes a week i'm not doing course work or dealing with kids/shopping/etc i'm balancing fecking accounts and doing quarterly returns.

dd's leg healed brilliantly, you'd never know she'd hurt it now.

Caleb has been a whinging whining non sleeping vomiting nightmare all week and ds2 hasn't been much better (although more cheerful!)

ds2 is 1 now shock and has been walking since just before 11 months grin

BHM... congrats on the house move, sounds lovely... the space is totally worth the extra cleaning isn't it? grin

BigHotMama Fri 12-Mar-10 20:14:58

Hi ya girls, its come to one message a month now on our thread awwwwwwwwww.

Your ds2 is one already oh my god thats ridiculous. Why do children make life go by even faster? Glad your dd's leg healed well tulips.

Lol Olivo looks like you changed your mind about putting a comment on here then? Hope all is well in your household chick x

Am going to be an aunty again as my little sis is pg with her first. Cant wait grin.

Ds is a little darling, he really knows how to sweet talk his way out of being naughty by saying I love you so much mommy or your my little precious ha ha makes us laugh so much but also can be a little bugger when he doesnt get his own way. Went to his nursery today to watch the children sing a mothers day song, then they each gave mommy's a gorgeous card and a potted daffodil. But then the teacher told me his pretend sword fighting earlier had got a bit out of hand so had to have a word with him for being a bit rough with another boy blush.

whoopsididitagain Tue 20-Apr-10 21:33:24

Hello girls it's been way too long I'm on fb and Twitter if you wanna keep up search jayjaylillynor jayne miss mardell

well cj is swimming now bless her all thanks to the x dh and his new partner who are expecting there first baby next week
she's a well rounded intelligent billigerent individual far too like mr god help me when she's older lol she goes to day nursery three times a week loves to read and hates writing

I'm hoping to go London Zoo for her birthday as she is animal mad

I'm still single still working as hairdresser still loving having too many shoes

Hope yr all well xxx

olivo Sun 16-May-10 14:50:02

hello again! yes, sorry i did mean to post something way back!! lovely to hear from people, amazing how time has flown - can you believe our los are starting school soon?

i have recently started back at work after 9 mo off with dd2- it's hell! DD2 only wakes oncea night but dd1 is up several times and has recently started getting up at 5a.m she's just had chicken pox so i mawaiting a few days till she has no excuse and then we really have to get tough as it's killing us sad

dd2 is gorgeous, growing so fast, looking like she's going to crawl every day but not quite getting there! she adores dd1, who is really good with her most of the time. dd1 is as funny and energetic as usual but is very prone to the most major strops! hopefully school will beat that one out of her (not literally!). She has already started with 'i'm not wearing that dress/blazer/coat' grin 3 going on 13.....
please tell me yours are similar....grin

BigHotMama Tue 15-Jun-10 10:06:19

Lol Olivo, ds can be like that if I give him the choice so now I only ask him if I got time to barter. Cant imagine having to go to work when your lo's are getting you up at all times you must be knackered hopefully things will settle soon.

Whoopsy I'll try find you on FB as I'm a regular on there. Nice to hear your dd is swimming - is that without armbands? Wow thats fabulous, ds has had about 5 swimming lessons and cant believe how confident he is getting in the water. Still in armbands for now though.

What is everyone doing for their lo's 4th Birthday? Anyone having a party? THinking of having ds' friends over from school and having a fancy dress garden party x

micku5 Sun 04-Jul-10 16:29:46

Hi all.. it's been a while since I've been on the post natal thread so will have to catch up with everyone's news.

Can't believe Talia is going to be 4 soon. Don't know if you remember she was born 6 weeks early (due date was 31st august) and she was born with Di George syndrome, hole on the heart. She was very ill for about 18 months or so, constanstly in and out of hospital but the last 2 years have been good.

She has a moderate speech delay but she copes very well and has made loads of friends at her pre school who will also be moving with her to big school.

olivo Sun 05-Sep-10 20:50:14

hello lovelies! is school going? Nightmare for us, but hopefully we'll get there eventually. Also just had dd2's first birthday, can't belive how quickly that has come around!

Micku, great to hear how Talia is doing.

good luck for those first days at school smile

SummerRain Wed 27-Oct-10 14:36:35

blush I can't believe it's been so long since i posted here!

Caleb is loving school, however it has thrown up some issues that we were trying to ignore with regards his coordination, muscle tone, spacial awareness and balance, as well as difficulties he has with learning new routines, concentration and willingness to cooperate with the teacher. He's going to be assessed for dyspraxia soon which tbh i've suspected for years. He's as bright as a button though and now that the teacher has started doing reading and letters with them she's realised that and has stopped giving out that he's too young for school and realises why we sent him this year.

Apart from that we're all plodding along fine. I got a certificate in natural sciences fromm the course i did last year and am ploughing into the next one now.

snowboo Tue 01-Feb-11 00:50:45

Hey ladies!!!!
Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I posted!
Trying to catch up now, which I'm guessing is a bit mental at 00:43.... But Austin has just climbed into my bed as he had a nightmare and now I'm wide awake!!

Looks like the bigger they get the less time we all have for anything, or is that really just me? Austin is very clingy and won't let me out of his sight. He also hates school which has been a bit draining for us, he doesn't like noise and finds the canteen almost impossible, poor sausage.
How are you guys finding it? Have the lo's settled in better than Aust? I do wonder if its just him, very sensitive lil man.

Haven't really got much to report, we're moving house at some point this year, I can't believe the amount of rubbish we've collected over 5 years! Shocking really.

Anyway, wriggly has finally settled so I'd better get some sleep, I'll only regret it for the school run!

Hope you are all well and hope to hear from you all :-)

BigHotMama Wed 13-Apr-11 12:29:40

Hellooooooo! Got mumsnet in my phone now for easy access and yes it's been far too long since my last post.
Jackson is settled at school and enjoys playing with the boys especially wrestling or Ben 10. He loves to play on his trampoline and is figure mad.
Hoping to start trying for a baby in next few months so that's going to be exciting just hope I can catch quickly.
I am now a fully qualified music teacher which is hectic but am really enjoying it especially half term holidays ;-)
Lovely to hear how everyone else is doing will do my best to look at thread more often x x

SummerRain Tue 19-Apr-11 11:05:38

Hey BHM.

Glad everythings going well for you. Good luck TTC grin

BigHotMama Sat 04-Jun-11 09:10:21

Thanks summerain - am 6 weeks pg with number 2 so shocked and excited, had planned to start ttc in July but caught earlier not sure how wink x

olivo Mon 15-Aug-11 20:01:52

BHM - congratulations, hope all is going well with your pg smile I can;t believe my little one is 2 this week! It all goes so scarily fast.

Hope everyone is well; we are fine, struggling a bit with DD1's sleeping issues as it has now been 6 months, but we'll get there one day. i love the way they play together but am scared at how similar they are!

BigHotMama Mon 29-Aug-11 17:22:49

Thanks olivo the pg is going well at moment am almost 19 weeks so now looking forward to next scan. Belly is huge already shock

Can't believe your youngest is 2 that's madness and yes it's scary how time flies our pfb's are 5 now and about to start year 1 argh!

Hope everyone is well x

olivo Tue 08-Nov-11 16:09:28

BHM, just wondered how your pg is going - hope all was well with your scan, and that you are feeling ok.

Hello to everyoen else too, if you're still around!

olivo Tue 26-Feb-13 20:21:01

Anyone still around?

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