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C Section recovery

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Kimberleigh Sat 05-Oct-19 21:17:46


Anyone else feeling/felt anxious about being signed off at the doctor?

Im 5 weeks into recovery. Apart from still tender and bruised, and slightly swollen, i feel ok. No actual pain and very mobile. Still trying to take it easy getting up and jot doing half the stuff i used to.

My wound is closing over very nicely.

However, im anxious because how does the doctor know how im healing on the inside??

I want to start riding my horse again (albeit very slowly) but i just dont know how the docs can give the go ahead for exercise when they cant see whats going on inside.

Anyone else felt/feeling like this?


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Skiaddicted Sat 05-Oct-19 21:19:41

I waited 12 weeks to get back into very physical exercise, building gradually and ive never has an issue but my recovery was very very good from the start

Kimberleigh Sat 05-Oct-19 21:21:26

Ok thanks.

Will see what doc says re riding, my plan would only be to walk for the first 4-6 weeks anyway. Fingers crossed I get the ok..! Im desperate to get back on!!

But if i have to wait i will smile

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Chillisauceboss Sat 05-Oct-19 21:24:40

You would be very very foolish to get on a horse. You've had major surgery

Dinosauratemydaffodils Sat 05-Oct-19 21:25:26

I worked on the principle if there was a problem it would become obvious fairly fast. I was back walking 3 miles a day with the pram by week 2 with my 2nd and everything held together.

Kimberleigh Sat 05-Oct-19 21:29:52

Chillisauceboss - dont appreciate that comment in the slightest. No need.

Me and my doctor will talk and if he agrees - i will ride!

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Kimberleigh Sat 05-Oct-19 21:33:43

I've been going for walks etc for 3 weeks, carrying baby in a sling, and I feel absolutely fine. Im not hoovering or cleaning or doing anything strenuous.

I just don't know how the docs can give the ok to drive etc when they cant see inside you!

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Chillisauceboss Sat 05-Oct-19 21:36:25

So you're anxious dr can't know how you're healing internally, anxious enough to post but happy just to take drs word for it. Just wait it's such major surgery and a fall from a horse would be devastating on your internal healing

lauryloo Sat 05-Oct-19 21:40:18

I've had 2 sections and I think riding would be a lot at 6 weeks.

I honestly would leave it a few months. A section is pretty major surgery

Kimberleigh Sat 05-Oct-19 21:40:23

Yes im anxious because this is my first section and I was hoping for constructive experiences

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Quickcook Sat 05-Oct-19 21:44:47

I felt the same. Anxious about what I should and shouldn’t be doing.
But I think getting on a horse would be unwise.
I did short walks and built up.
The core exercises I was given by the physio team and built up from there.
Don’t push it. Why risk delaying the healing?
It just takes time, and you will probably get twinges of pin for a while.
I didn’t hoover for eight weeks as I think certain motions really engage your core and that’s when it hurts!

Kimberleigh Sat 05-Oct-19 21:50:19

Yeah I see what people are saying. But when they say 6 weeks, it makes you think all systems go!

I will take it easy - but even after 12 weeks i will still wonder how they can say 'yep you're fine'

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Chillisauceboss Sun 06-Oct-19 08:33:25

I'm trying to be constructive and I think you're being overly sensitive about my comments because they're not what you want to hear.

I recovered very well after my section, I was walking to local shops and back with the baby in the sling after a week. After 6 weeks I felt 'back to normal' but even after a long day in my feet at 3/4/5/6 months afterwards I could feel the effect in my core and in my tummy.

You can get back to exercising, being active, maintain other hobbies but getting on a horse would be foolish. The risk of huge injury after a horse fall / bolt could be very very serious

Kimberleigh Sun 06-Oct-19 09:43:22

I'm not being overly sensitive, I already said I would wait if i had to..! I just didn't like your tone. They are better ways!

I was just after a bit of reassurance that the docs do know and they can tell if things are healing nicely, from Mums that have been through it.

This thread was never meant to be a debate about whether i will or will Not ride my horse. Whom I have owned all of her life and know like the back of my hand. I would only ride in walk with my sister on the ground to help should i need it. But i shouldn't have to explain all of that. Riding was just a passing comment because I would really like to. But if doc says no, then of course i wont.

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horsecrazymumtobe Sun 06-Oct-19 11:33:35

I got back on my horse 6 weeks after my c section with the intention of just walking but felt fine so had a walk, trot, canter and even say a little buck! Everything internally felt fine just very unfit! (Didn't ride during pregnancy)

My wound took a long time to heal as it got infected and I thought everything was ok at 6 weeks and had been 'signed off' by doctor. However I was so happy with myself after riding I completely forgot about my wound and lept off my horse without even thinking and pulled/ over stretched my wound causing it to split open again at the edge!

I was so cross with myself and was back at the doctors the next day and every day after that for 3 weeks having it cleaned and dressed! Has been such a nuisance and wish I had just waited another week or so.

I'm At week 12 now and pretty certain I'm fully healed. Did a post natal exercise class this morning and plan to get back on the horse this week.

So my only advise is be careful getting on and off!

Kimberleigh Sun 06-Oct-19 12:13:56

Thank you horsecrazymumtobe!

ouchy! That sounds painful. Glad all is well now.

I will absolutely most certainly be walking for at least the first 4 weeks as i plan to compete in the spring so really want to wean myself back in gently.

Thanks for the advice, shall be using the tall mounting block then!

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