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August 2005.....embarking on the terriffic Twos!!

(108 Posts)
queenrollo Sat 04-Aug-07 23:19:14

i've copied this list from an old thread, added in a few additions from the recent thread where appropriate except for fluffymummy because i am not sure when your little one's birthday is. Also not sure of names for the new additions so if you want to copy/paste and repost with corrections that's be great! We've had some fall by the wayside, but i've left everyone in in case they pop back in.

29th Kate100's Ben

1 Miaou's Calum
4 Bramblina's Jaxon
5 Mrsaek's Joseph & Queenrollo's Lemmy
6 Suzi's Logan & Tigerlion's Alex & MKG's ds
7 Tiggerintum's Thomas
8 Wilbur's Caspar & KMS' Finlay & Nat777's Missy
9 Kipper's Charlie & Nome's Rosalie
11 Jessajam's Milo & Pookey's Noah
14 Dazedandconfused's Max
15 Dazie's Max
18 Azure's Benjamin
22 EmMUK's Rachel
24 Lazyline's ds
25 Cakeheads' Amelia & MrsJetson's dd
27 Pancipant's James & Colinandcaitlinsmummy's Caitlin
28 Em32's Chloe
30 Josie's Rhianna

14 Twiga's Phoebe

queenrollo Sat 04-Aug-07 23:27:31

Belated birthday wishes for Ben, Calum and Jaxon......hope everyone enjoyed their big day!
We're having a party tomorrow for ds....only about 5 little ones attending though. Decided to just invite three children he actually plays with every week and my best friend will bring her little boy, other than that it's adults.
Ds has suddenly developed such a short fuse, and he's really throwing his weight around. It's mostly frustration but it's getting harder to deal with....i just can't distract him like i used to. I did pass my driving test on Thursday, so as soon as we have got a little car for me i can take ds out more.

Hope we have good weather tomorrow.....we're having the party outside!

suzi2 Sun 05-Aug-07 20:27:56

Thanks for the thread. And congrats on passing your test!

DS had his party today -only 2 friends for him to play with I feel really bad that he doesn't have more friends but we don't know anyone locally with kids the same age. I know loads of mums with much older kids, but none that he could really play with other than one of the ones that came today. Even toddlers group doesn't have any about his age (well, not that aren't wild!). He had a good time though. Spoiled rotten byt the relatives and ate too much... mostly cucumber not cake though

josey Mon 06-Aug-07 10:52:23

Thanks for the new thread and lets hope they really are terriffic

Well done on passing your test you must be so happy you will now have the freedom you wanted.

I dont know what to do for dds birthday, there are a few kids her age within the 6 houses that we stay in but no one really speaks I was thinking of inviting them to break the ice a bit but dont want a stressful day with folk i dont know

I havent been to the toddler group yet as one on the mums that i have spoken to told me unless i was brave dont go alone as no one at all speaks Im hoping to go with her after the summer she stopped going cause no one spoke and he oldest is just about to start school so they werent happy with her going. I know what she means about the not speaking as no one speaks at the school either.

The other thing is my MIL has invited herself down to stay and I really dont think any of my neighbours would talk to me again if they met her

DD has become even more stroppy than usual she always has been a strong willed baby but now she just rages, on the other hand she has become such a comic and when is in top form is really funny and makes me laugh so much, and I love the way she is stringing sentences together one with the odd made up word chucked in. I think i will just have to take some kalms for the next year along with lots of wine lol!

Happy birthday to everyone so far xx

suzi2 Mon 06-Aug-07 21:36:09

That sounds a good way to break the ice Josey. Chances are they're wanting to get to know you. We haven't really met anyone DSs age around here so there were only 2 kids at his party (one 1yr old and one 3 yrs old!). I felt a bit for him but he had a rare time.

I'd brave the toddlers... mind you it's like that around here so I tend not to go. I'm the only one chasing around after my child (and everyone elses) while their mums ignore whatever they're doing and blether.

bramblina Mon 06-Aug-07 22:25:19

Happy birthday Logan & Alex!

Go for it re the toddler group, talk to everyone, make a great effort even if they don't really co-operate but I bet next week they will be round you like flies round sh**e! Nobody wants to make the first move, then regrets it when someone else does! You'll have a great time. I'm saying this because ours are all off during the hols so we're longing for them! Going to a friend's tomorrow, but her ds is 5.

I keep meaning to say- measure your children! I read years ago that aparently children are half their adult height on their 2nd birthday! Ds is 88cm, quite a shortie only growing 1cm each month but last month stretched by 2. Still in 12-18m trousers though and most of them trail on the floor!

I have to laugh QR you wrote pancipants on the birthday list (unless you copy and pasted) and that's what I read for about a year! Sorry PP!

Get them up against that height chart now! When I told ds we were going to measure him he pointed at the book we use, ran to the chart with it and stuck it on his head!

suzi2 Mon 06-Aug-07 23:09:00

DS is a scant 83cm lol. Same build as DH.

Mind you, by that reasoning my brother was meant to be 6'4" and is 5'9"!

bramblina Mon 06-Aug-07 23:26:41

Well so long as ds isn't as short as dh's cousin (who also happens to be balding at 30) I don't really mind....!

queenrollo Tue 07-Aug-07 07:44:06

yes i copied and pasted!!

ds was measured at his HV check about a month ago and was 92 cm i think....

ds got loads of goodies for his birthday, and only wants to play with the Thomas The Tank Engine train set we got him (is it noisy? you bet it is!)

josey Tue 07-Aug-07 23:03:24

OK dd is 92 and a half cm's so by my making that will make her 6ft? if you discount the half cm. I did this with Ds and he is set for 6ft4 gulp dont fancy giving him a clip round the ear when he is in his teens I dont think DD will make that height though, going by the last 4 generations of women in my family we are all 3" bigger than our mams, Great gran was 4ft11 gran is 5ft1 mam is 5ft4 and im 5ft7 so 5ft10 will be a better height for dd than 6ft, there is nothing worse than trying to find a tall bloke to kiss especially in school lol! better not say that to dh before he locks her up already [hmmm]

Thanks for the advise, hopefully I will find the back bone to invite my non speaking neighbours and tackle the toddlers after the holidays. I know you are saying make a point of speaking but it is so strange here, i have said hello to people at the school and they just blank you, the new commers(as a lot of houses being built) stick to each other like glue and the born and bread just wont look at you, it took a month for ds friends mum to talk and she stays just round the corner.

suzi2 Wed 08-Aug-07 19:57:29

OM used to be so friendly Josey A talk to anyone sort of place

josey Wed 08-Aug-07 20:44:56

The strange thing is Suzie if you go for a walk or go into the shops, you cant get away from people talking hardly anyone passes without saying hello(mostly olderpeople), but inside those school gates its a scary place!

As today was such a lovely day I was cutting the grass while dd was having her nap and I bumped into my neighbour 2 doors up who has 2 dds one 3 and on 16weeks, so we got chatting and had coffee which was really nice, her Dh works away quite a bit and she has been feeling a bit isolated like me, so the ice is starting to break round about me alone the sun shining it has been a good day.

DD has sprung about 10 new words on me today as well and she giggles very cutely when I repeat what she has said and she realises she got it right. The best was with a toy watering can she watered herself then said, "they you go mum, mo" as she handed me that watering can to refill

queenrollo Wed 08-Aug-07 21:51:37

i've been going to mother and toddler for months and been the 'outsider'...although i do think having run a shop for 10 years i find it easier to make small talk with strangers. it still felt hard being isolated....we have one mum there (the one who organises it) who is very good at welcoming newcomers, if it wasn't for her the numbers would be much smaller. then when i did get talking discovered some common ground/mutual friends and now it's a much more pleasurable experience.
i do hope you make some friends i can drive i think things will be better for me, but it would still be nice to have someone in the town to just walk round to have coffee with.
it's probably the aspect of parenthood i'm finding hardest, because i thought i would gain friends when i was a mum, and it's been the opposite really.

suzi2 Wed 08-Aug-07 22:04:54

I know what you mean QR. I don't know anyone through Logan really. I feel bad for him too that he doesn't get a chance to play with others his age a lot either. But I've met loads of mums through Isla as our HV ran a post natal group and we've all stayed in touch and are meeting each week. Three of them are one street away! So I'm hoping I'll make some friends that way. Still would love for Logan to meet some kids though. When does that matter? He'll start nursery next year and I'm worried they'll all be buddies already and he won't have a clue how to play with others!

josey Wed 08-Aug-07 22:47:39

I will try the toddlers group when the schools go back as I think DS would kill me if i dragged him there

My neighbour also wants to go, but like me hasnt braved, alone with being busy just moving etc thought that excuse has worn think

Thats what Im worried about Suzi my dd only really plays with DS who is so much older, I wouldnt worry too much like you say they will meet other kids at nursery, as far as I know there is a pre nursery play group here so when they are registered they can join the play group which gets them mixing with the kids they will be in class with -Suzi have you registered Logan yet, Im sure my ds was registered about a year before he started( I know the English and Scottish are different thats why Im asking you) not sure which paper to read for the announcement either [hmmm]

josey Wed 08-Aug-07 22:48:12

oops an extra M

suzi2 Wed 08-Aug-07 23:14:00

They changed the system here a year or so back so that I now register Logan in Feb I think for next year. I can't remember the paper for here either! I must contact the nursery and ask again. I REALLY want mornings not afternoons!

josey Thu 09-Aug-07 23:46:07

I dont mind 2 much either way, as it will be drop off time for school if it was morning or pick up time for avo, when ds went it was Nursery 3 and it was avo only then Nursery 4 went in the morning to get them used to getting up for school which i think is a fab idea.

well I saw my neighbour again today and my ds (much to his disgust) played along with a 3 and 2 year girls, dd loved it, probably cause she had the back up of her big bro, but i feel alot better about life having had some adult company, lucky she and her dh feel the same as us so we may have made a break through with good friends(hope i havent blown it by saying so)

dd has been amasing with her words just now she has turned into a parrot im so impressed with the way she is pulling one word out of nowhere and in and hour can find a sentence, it just makes me smile so much when i here her.

josey Tue 14-Aug-07 18:32:31

Its very quiet are we all ok?

DD was at the hospital yesterday about her lip, it turns out is similar to a tonge tie, they are going to take her in and seperate the lip from between the teeth, I looks so much worse with the doctors special fork in her mouth

bramblina Tue 14-Aug-07 22:27:20

Oh Josey not nice. Though when it's all over you'll be so glad.

Today we took a walk on the road where we rolled our easter eggs (on easter sunday, obvious but just thought I'd add that in...) we haven't been since, and ds said "eggs down there. Eggs on floor, down there" I looked like this that was 4 months ago! He amazes me constantly.

Just thought I'd share that with you! Have the hv tomorrow for the birthday check up but have no worries so can't imagine we'll be there longer than 5 mins!

josey Wed 15-Aug-07 18:27:44

Yes its better to get it done now then she hopefully wont remember anything about it when she is older.

We went to see the tweenies today, dd loved it though she barely watches them at home, at the end she was shouting byebye twinins

josey Sun 19-Aug-07 15:01:28

Brambalina Just had the Ross-shire brought down by FIL Jaxon is sooo cute.

Wilbur Mon 20-Aug-07 15:21:16

Haven't been on this thread for ages - I always seem to miss it being in Active Convs. We've just got back from a lovely hol in France where we celebrated Caspar's 2nd b'day with a bbq and a fantastic pattiserie cake. He is definitely revving up for a bit of terrible twos, although some of the bad temper is due to his final set of molars, which I think are on the way. I can't remember when ds1 and dd got theirs but I think it was about now. C still doesn't say anything (he has about 8 words) which is just starting to worry me, but dd was also v late to talk, so I am hoping it is just one of those things. It's not helped by the fact that C has a cousin the same age who is practically giving public addresses already. lol. I'm hoping things will improve soon as he starts going to a nursery 3 morning a week from Sept - it's going to be v strange having all three kids out of the house for part of the week. What will I do with myself? Oh yes, work, I will do some work....

queenrollo Tue 21-Aug-07 16:35:27

Wilbur.....ds isn't talking a great deal either. he has been say 'oh-wo' for ages and this week has discovered how to make the 'n' sound properly so is now declaring NO rather a lot.
i'm finding him hard work at the moment...that is when we are in social situations because i never get to talk to anyone as i spend all my time chasing ds and retrieving him from cupboards/bbq's/car parks/climbing things he shouldn't be.

and i'm driving but too nervous to take ds out on my own!!

suzi2 Tue 21-Aug-07 21:51:06

Wilbur/QR, DS has only been saying things for 6 wks maybe? The words are coming thick and fast now though they're still need my interpretation a lot of the time! I really didn't believe all those people who said he'd just start when he was ready but he just did. He seems to come on better with things when DH is on holiday for a week.

DS is also rather trying at times... though he's also lovely. He's a lot of fun at the moment and he's starting to enjoy DDs company. He brings her toys and cuddles her a lot. I agree about the social situation thing. I meet a group of mums with babies the same age as DD each week and I seem to be the only one who's harrassed and working up a sweat! It's not as enjoyable as it would be with just a non mobile baby I guess. But I guess it's also boring for DS so I need to remember that.

DH is away on business this week and next and I'm finding it quite hard going coping with them both on my own. Speaking of which, DD is awake again... 4 hours sleep last night...

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