April 2007 - just delighted to be fascinated by .........................

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JoMa Fri 27-Jul-07 20:18:02

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JoMa Fri 27-Jul-07 20:26:52

that's it. I come back. you all bugger off. bloody charming

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elkiedee Fri 27-Jul-07 20:36:55

I'm still here - welcome back! How was Hemel Hempstead?

JoMa Fri 27-Jul-07 20:38:20

didn't get there spent 3 hours on the M25 on the way down, and 4 hours on the way back instead

just read my mumsnet talk round up email, I see Katy is now famous

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oooggs Fri 27-Jul-07 20:41:04

Hi JoMa - glad to be back?
Katy famous? must have missed that

elkiedee Fri 27-Jul-07 20:41:59

Sorry to hear that, how long was the drive in total?

elkiedee Fri 27-Jul-07 20:44:06

Katy's quoted not once but twice in the email, on washing up and cervixes!

CaptainDippy Fri 27-Jul-07 20:44:07

I am here too! Should be packing though .....

Where in the Wall of Corn are you ooggs??

oooggs Fri 27-Jul-07 20:45:18

we are in Saltash Dippy, Twinkle is a bit further down - not sure where

CaptainDippy Fri 27-Jul-07 20:46:40

Doesn't mean anything to me, I'm afraid. You anywhere near Bude??

JoMa Fri 27-Jul-07 20:47:44

I'm gonna forward her moment of fame to you all, it deserves to be noted!

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oooggs Fri 27-Jul-07 20:48:51

yes please JoMa

Bude is about 1 hour away, we are near Plymouth. Love the Bude canal, so does ds1, we were there this time last year and I was carrying dt's but didn't know

CaptainDippy Fri 27-Jul-07 20:50:06

That would be cool, JM! How you doing, my sweet??

Ooooooh, perhaps we could come & see you?? Would be suitably random!!

elkiedee Fri 27-Jul-07 20:50:41

I've just read the thread on smear tests, a good read but rather unnerving when I'm supposed to be arranging one - I was about to do something about it when I realised I was having a baby.

CaptainDippy Fri 27-Jul-07 20:52:40

I've never had one!

CaptainDippy Fri 27-Jul-07 20:52:57

Spring Chicken, me!!

JoMa Fri 27-Jul-07 20:57:45

what's that got to do with it Dippy? I've had two

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JoMa Fri 27-Jul-07 20:58:25

Apologies if you get the email twice, sent it to hotmail people from my hotmail account too incase it didn't reach you from Yahoo

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Sexonlegs Fri 27-Jul-07 21:01:59

Thanks JoMa.

No smear CD??? Have you never been offered one?

At my 6 week check the GP reminded I was due one this November - what joy!

oooggs Fri 27-Jul-07 21:04:21

I thought you started smears when you were sexually active and every three years from then on.

Yes dippy random all ok here, could meet somewhere, text me - do you still have my number?

weeonion Fri 27-Jul-07 21:09:23

evening folks! hope you are all well and good news that sun may be on its way.

will try to do some personals but apologies in advacne if i miss anyone out.
liath - i am having trouble accessing my home emails but i am up for the book swap!
gmm glad the trip was good and charlie was star. have you heard from vio?? i was wndering how she / they are. ta for the loulee text.
maveta - caoimhe is gaurenteed to do a massive poo after we do massage - worth a try???
bumble - wayhey on public bf!!! good on you. how do you fee now? one we got over that hurdle - we have been feeding out quite a bit. for me - th eket=y is clothing! when i get back to scotland - maybe we coudl meet up in the capital??

octo -really thinkng about you all. hope you are all doing ok. xoxoooxox
pinions - the mini pill. not sure if yr gp would prescribe but maybe cileste? we used to give that out at our clinic for younger women who were cncerned about weight gain??

i aint gonna use hormonal contraception. we have manged on the billings method for 9 yeears so will be back to that. period hasnt really arrived as yet.

we went to the zoo today - a real family trip out and had a fab time. caoimhe slept for most of it but was an absolute star- charming everyone and has ended up with far too mnay cuddly seals, polar bears and lemurs!

still going with bf but have accepted that as long as i want to continue it - there will be problems. at long last - have had the diffs identified and all slots into pplace but to address this may take more intervention than i can give. we will seewhen we get back from holiday.

have a great evening xoxoxoo

JoMa Fri 27-Jul-07 21:13:05

In our area they start smears at 21 if you are on the pill, 25 if not

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Sexonlegs Fri 27-Jul-07 21:13:59

Bizzare. I too thought it was from when you become sexually active.

JoMa Fri 27-Jul-07 21:14:01

hope the hols are going well WO

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JoMa Fri 27-Jul-07 21:14:44

Maybe Dippy's doctor thinks her 3 were immaculate conceptions

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