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April 2007 - It's one year on, how life has changed! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mammyjoMcGonagall Mon 23-Jul-07 16:18:58

Well its one year exactly (hopefully ) since I started the first Due April 2007 ante natal thread. How life has changed in that year, for the better on the whole!

It makes me quite nostalgic to be doing this, as it means it is a full year since finding out I was pregnant with Ffion.

I would like to thank all the ladies on the April 2007 thread for all your support, laughter and general madness which has kept me going on many a rubbish day!! You are an amazing bunch of people and I am really pleased to have shared this journey with you all.

Here's to another fun filled year!!!!!!!

mammyjoMcGonagall Mon 23-Jul-07 16:19:20

Bugger, two seconds too early!!

mammyjoMcGonagall Mon 23-Jul-07 16:24:15

And I did a link too!!

mammyjoMcGonagall Mon 23-Jul-07 16:28:51

Oh come on, where is everybody?

NearlyHeddaslessNick Mon 23-Jul-07 16:31:12


oooggs Mon 23-Jul-07 16:44:06

hi mammyjo my birthing buddy can't believe it, a whole year and eddas is thinking of doing it again [nutter] lol

Our family is complete and I feel all emotional now

I agree that the support is amazing and long may it continue

NearlyHeddaslessNick Mon 23-Jul-07 16:49:00


Katy44 Mon 23-Jul-07 16:52:47

hi - I wasn't on the original thread (T hadn't even been conceived yet ) but am going to be on this one!
And I would do it again if I didn't have to go back to ork in April

Katy44 Mon 23-Jul-07 16:53:08

ork sounds interesting, shame it's just Work

EmmyKnackeredMuggle Mon 23-Jul-07 16:54:38

Happy birthday 'Due in April 2007' thread. I'd love to know how many threads we've had and how many words we've exchanged over the past year.

Echo MammyJo's comments - you are all amazing!

maveta Mon 23-Jul-07 17:03:25

hear hear. Don't know what I would have done without you lot seeing as I know exactly 0 people in my near, physical, vicinity with babies. Can't remember what date we found out but I guess it must have been around now weird, I didn't even make a note of the date??!

JoMa Mon 23-Jul-07 17:06:21

a challenge me thinks
number of threads I can do, number of words - no way!

Pinions Mon 23-Jul-07 17:11:13

Aaaah mammyjo - all emotional here too !

normabutty Mon 23-Jul-07 17:36:17

Awww MJ - that post is fab.

CaptainDippy Mon 23-Jul-07 17:53:08

Yes, it has been an absolute pleasure! Ooooh, all emotional now ....

Sexonlegs Mon 23-Jul-07 18:05:35

Oh MammyJo! What a lovely post - I am all welled up!!

I hadn't conceived either at this stage - think it may have been the same date as CD!

It has been a fabulous journey, and long may it continue. xx

bumble75 Mon 23-Jul-07 18:49:55

Ohhhhhh, lovely post Mammyjo!

I was still to conceive as well... L was anniversary baby, how much is she going to cringe over that when she figures that out, thank heavens that's still a few years away!

CD - doidy cup arrived today, thank you so much, the cheque is in the post.


mammyjoMcGonagall Mon 23-Jul-07 18:53:27

Thought you had all abandoned me!! I was quite emotional writing that post. Its a funny thing this thread, I feel like I know you all personally and yet I have only ever actually met one person (runny).

octo Mon 23-Jul-07 19:22:56

ahhhh its been such a long journey for us all - I can't believe we've got this far. I feel for the mums who lost their babies right at the beginning - such a hard time - and am proud to know all your yummy babies and you now - its so lovely. Dh still doesn't get it

Ernie can roll from his front to back - mainly because he does a skydiving impression - balancing on tummy with arms and legs in air then kind of rolls over - very cute ((((mummy goggles alert))))

Not good news with MIL - she has cancer in her lymph nodes - will find out what stage tomorrow. DH faffing about as you can imagine so won't be on for long.

octo Mon 23-Jul-07 19:34:02

we have made it onto the thread juxtoposition (sp) thread LOL

AngeG Mon 23-Jul-07 19:35:00

Mammyjo what a lovely post thankyou. I too feel emotional about our journey together over the last year. I found out I was pg on 26th July so only a few days from now. I am so greatful to have found this site and specifically the due in April 07 group.

Octo - Sorry to hear that it's no good news regarding MIL, thinking of you all.

Izzy has her fist firmly in her mouth and is covered in dribble just like many of the others. She can also roll from her front to her back, but not the other way yet!

Hope everyone ok and not experiencing any flooding problems.

oooggs Mon 23-Jul-07 19:47:12

I am sorry octo, hope dh is ok (as well as he can be)

I found out on Friday 4th August at 8.20am in a carvan site toilet in Cornwall (we were on holiday). DH had told me to wait until we got home (to save disappointment) but impatient me couldn't wait and then went back to the caravan grining from ear to ear

octo Mon 23-Jul-07 19:53:15


I think I found out about 7th August - rang dh at work to tell him so he could get over the shock before I saw him!

normabutty Mon 23-Jul-07 20:00:11

Octo - sorry to hear about your MIL, hope you are all doing ok and thinking of you. x

Hi to everyone. I'm v bored!!! DH is staying at a friends house (helping decorate) and it also gives me a chance to look after Erin on my own.

NearlyHeddaslessNick Mon 23-Jul-07 20:03:37

octo, so sorry to hear about MIL, fingers crossed for news on what stage she's at

bumble dd was an anniversary baby too, but when they work it out they'll miss the first two weeks so should be ok til of course they have their own kids and realise how due dates are worked out Mind you both of mine were 2 weeks late pretty much so they'll be a month out

I came to this thread quite late on (dec i think) but am very pleased to have found you all. Am well and truely mn addicted and now facebook and msn too thanks to SOME people you know who you are

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