September 2004 babies!

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dinny Sat 11-Sep-04 15:58:56

Apologies if anyone has started this - I can't see one anywhere. Thought we could all meet up here to discuss our newborn darlings.
My little man is doing well - this is day five (I think!). He is feeding well but my nipples are sore - am sure my latch is OK but I suppose it can't be. MW comes tomorrow so will ask her. He's got lots of wet and dirty nappies so milk must be going down OK. He feeds lots in the day and then about 3 times between 8pm-8am. Slept from 2.30am to 8am today. Feeling proud of self as managed trip to playgrund this morning with him in sling and dd in buggy. Managed a 45 min play and about 30 min walk and he slept the whole time. It's as scary going out the first time with him as it was with dd!

Anyway, will stop whittering! Had a few tears (mine) yesterday as I was looking at him and thinking how lucky I am to have two lovely children. Couldn't stop crying. Hormones, hey?
How are the rest of you doing? Wonder who'll be next to pop? Highlander has her section on Monday, I think.....

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Seabird Sat 11-Sep-04 16:58:50

Ahh congratulations dinny!

My #2 isn't due til April but it's lovely to hear you're so happy with your 2.

highlander Sat 11-Sep-04 19:13:56

aww dinny, you sound soooo happy!

DH can't wait for similiar trips next week!

jacksmumto1 Sat 11-Sep-04 19:56:37

Hi Dinny!! Glad to hear all is going well!

My little chap (as ds1 is our little man! ) is now 10 days old! First few days at home where very hard - bleeding sore nipples despite being told that latching was fine and baby blues... My 'official' MW was off but I managed to get hold of the MW who looked after me with ds1 - she got me sorted and thankfully things are now going well. Still got sore nipples but Lansinoh cream a godsend! Not been out much - just one short trip since I came home.. SPD still causing problems but I plan this week to try and get a bit more active.

Ds1 adores his new baby and constantly trying to give him cuddles! He (Ds1) has adapted to ds2's arrival really well and I'm SO proud of him!

Looking forward to hearing about all our new babies!!

dejags Sat 11-Sep-04 20:18:13

You beat me to it Dinny. Glad to hear that things are going so well.

Tate is one week old today and we are also doing really well - it has been such a different experience second time round. He is a very, very relaxed baby. He didn't cry at all after he was born and rarely cries now. He grizzles when he wants feeding which may cause some problems at night... DH is deaf in one ear which means that in order to wake him you need to be pretty loud. Tiny Tates grizzles don't stand a chance of waking DH so I am doing most of the night feeds - I am so in love with him that I don't mind right now but ask me again in six weeks time and it may be a different story

We are mixed feeding because of my breast reduction - it really is the best of both worlds for me. I get the closeness of bf, he gets some of the benefits of breastmilk and DH can help with feeding. My boobs were really sore until yesterday but seem fine today.

Don't worry Dinny there have been plenty of tears in the house dejags in the last week. It takes my breath away when I look at my boys together, DS1 absolutely adores his little brother and has been an absolute star...

Before you all feel ill because of my sugary post, I can report on a less than satisfactory experience..

DH and I were feeling a little housebound today so decided to take the boys out to Bluewater. Well if that wasn't the stupidest idea in the history of the world (BW on a Saturday duhhh!) - we ended up rowing very loudly in the middle of Bluewater after forgetting all things we needed at home. We did end up making up for it by leaving pronto, heading for the nearest child friendly pub and having a beer and a bite to eat though, so not a total disaster.

Also whittering now... could talk about babies all night at the moment

Glad the babies are doing so well...

littlemel Sun 12-Sep-04 00:30:02

Wish I could join in this thread now....5 days overdue, not long I know but it feels like forever and I am dying to be all happy and loved up with my baby - very jealous of you girls!!

highlander Sun 12-Sep-04 02:02:11

would you guys recommend the Lanisoh cream right from the start? Mears said not to use it until I need it, but the mere thought of cracked nipples makes me wince!

jacksmumto1 Sun 12-Sep-04 11:34:17

Dejags... does your dh wear a hearing aid in his "bad" ear? The reason I ask is that my dh has super hearing and never hears either ds's cry at night unless very loud BUT I am profoundly deaf in both ears and keep a hearing aid in my better hearing ear in order to hear if they cry! Might be a possibility for the occasional night if you need a break at some point? OR if you contact your local social services, you can ask to be supplied with a special baby monitor (free on loan) for dh to use - it picks up the babies cry and makes a small pad (which you place under the pillow) vibrate - very difficult to sleep through if it is under your pillow!! Might not be a problem for you but solutions are available if you need it!

Highlander - I think I would have some Lanisoh cream at the ready just in case I needed it - rather than have to send dp's or dh's out to an emergency chemist like I did! It is expensive at £10 for a small tube and the chemist may not keep it in stock BUT for me it was a godsend and I wish I had had it in hospital when my nipples started to hurt.

Good luck Highlander for Monday! Littlemel - it will be you soon - make the most of these last few days - they won't happen again for quite some time!

dinny Sun 12-Sep-04 21:14:40

Highlander, I took Lanisoh to hospital with me. Glad I did as it's very soothing.

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highlander Mon 13-Sep-04 02:23:39

thanks for the tip - I have the magic cream packed

I hope there's plenty milk in there - my boobs have taken on a life of their own in the last 2 weeks!

dejags Sat 18-Sep-04 14:18:16

Where is everyone? I hope you are all well and still enjoying the babies...

Jacksmum - thanks for the tips DH is looking into the vibrating baby monitor...

Update on us:

DS2 is 2 weeks old today and such a lovely little man. He doesn't cry - just makes grunting sounds when he wants feeding. He is feeding 3 or 4 hourly with one or two five hour stretches during any 24 hour period. He is feeding once or twice in the night and is quite good at going straight back to sleep as long as he can sleep on one of us. We are co-sleeping at the moment which I am loving but I can definitely see that it won't work once DH goes back to work next week - Tate will have to start going in his crib (yet to be used) ...

Don't know if anybody else feels this way but I feel incredibly sad that I will never be pregnant again. I look at our precious boys and am so grateful that they are with us - the thought that I will never know the elation of giving birth again is quite difficult for me to come to terms with (strange but true, considering how much I complained when I was pregnant )

Hopefully the dreaded postnatal depression will not strike this time round - I have had some tears and was very tired and emotional last night but I am overjoyed at being a mother of two and loving every minute so hopefully I will be spared

How are you all doing?

dejags Sat 18-Sep-04 14:19:25

Just wanted to add:

Thank the good Lord that I can sleep on my stomach again - never thought I would see the day


Demure Sun 19-Sep-04 12:19:12

So good to read all about the new ones....

Sid is 2 weeks on Monday, and it has been the best 2 weeks ever...

He is feeding every 3-4 hours (inc. night time) and he has a "difficult" period between about 5/6 till 10/11, we don't mind as were up anyway (though meal times have been a bit difficult)...

DS1 used to scream the house down from 10pm till 2am, much more inconvenient!!

It's ten years since we had a baby in the house, but it all comes back like it was yesterday....Such a joy after lots of MC's and years of being told I would never have any more..

Take care all, keep the stories coming they are both interseting and reassuring.

Saddy Sun 19-Sep-04 17:00:38

Hi, thanks dejags for the invite over here - I am so overjoyed at being a mommy, but like you am fearing any post natal little fella (danny) is delicious, he is sleeping well at night and goes back to sleep after a feed pretty quick. Mind you, its the middle of the night nappy changes that catch me out - talk about a powerful little hosepipe . I had a little freak out yesterday by Baby Dans rash, rand everyone in the world with childrenm turns out to be milk spots

I have alw3ays wanted just one child, a feeling I still have now, so I know I too, will not be pregnant again. (yep, I know people say feelings change, but I am not sure mine will, its taken 7 years to get baby Dan, and I feel eternally blessed I want to give him my all) Glad to sleep on my tummy again too.

Have weighed in this weekend (gave it 2 weeks!) I have 12Ib to get to my Dec 03 weight! (That said I was on a diet of sort just before then) and 1 stone 2Ibs to get to my happy weight. So, as soon as Dh goes back to work I am planning to dedicate an hour a day to a workout!!!

((hugs)) to all the precious little ones and their mommies,
Saddy X

highlander Sun 19-Sep-04 22:02:26

ooh, what planet am I on? DS is getting over his jaundice and now scoffs like a trouper every 3-4 hours with a feeding frenzy between 12-4am when he's on the boob every hour.

The feeding is fine, but it makes me miserable having to get out of bed and change him in the middle of the night. He's soaking with every change and more often than not there's poo as well. And I STILL forget to cover his willy so he usually sprars everywhere, necessitating a full clothing change!

He's a wee star during the day though, so I get lots of nap opportunities.

I can't believe how fab it is being a mum. If only they could bottle this feeling the world would be a better place

highlander Sun 19-Sep-04 22:03:03

sorry, that should be 'sprays everywhere'!

Saddy Mon 20-Sep-04 11:57:43

Oh highlander, your post made me smile! I am so glad I am not the only one that gets sprayed in the middle of the night!! I can belive how far he sprays it!! I thought I had cleaned up the other night onlt to realise the following morning he had got it to the radiator! LOL

I too wish they could bottle the feeling.

littlemel Tue 21-Sep-04 12:49:46

I cant stop smiling and going on about how much I love being a mum - isnt it great!! Although every time I look at baby Lilly I get all emotional and worried that something bad is going to happen to this normal??!!
She is a little angel - wakes up every 3 hours almost on the dot during the day for a feed, and then sleeps 6 hours at night without waking - so far at least!! She is just starting to stay awake a little longer after her feeds and be more alert. She was a week old yesterday.
I on the other hand am feeling quite shit - I had a few after pains after the birth for the first 2 days and then they went. Now since yesterday I have been getting a similar pain to a contraction but not as strong - but it lasts for an hour - anyone else getting this? I assume its normal??!! (i know nothing!)
I am also really sore down below and feel very bruised all the time and even worse when I wee - which my midwife seemed quite shocked to hear I was still feeling.
Anyway enough of my moaning!! Glad everyone seems to be enjoying their babas!!

highlander Tue 21-Sep-04 21:28:51

littlemel, I too have at least one 'moment' a day when I'm sobbing my heart out, for fear that any harm should come to my son. I hope that's normal!
I'm getting quite strong contractions with each feed; I keep telling myself it's good for the old uterus to spring back down into shape!

Got the first 'weigh in' clinic tomorrow. I'm pretty sure DS has regained his birthweight, but DH is warning me not to get too competitive about it!

NottsMum Tue 21-Sep-04 22:05:59

Hello all

Just spotted this thread and wanted to say how happy I am since DD2 has arrived safe and sound (if 8 days late). She's now 15 days old and feeding like a trouper. So far she's only had me up twice for more than one feed in the night so I am a very happy mum I want to kiss and cuddle her all the time but have to restrain myself as DD1 has been SOOO jealous. DD1 is much better now and has given Katie lots of kisses and cuddles over the last few days although today she was not happy when the Health Visitor came and got quite cross with me. She's only 3 though, so the shock must be quite hard hitting despite us preparing her for her new baby sister.
DH and I have spent a lot of time with her and repeatedly told her what a fab sister she is and how much we love her, so hopefully it's sinking in!

I'm currently trying to keep myself awake for the 10.30pm feed - I can't wait to be in the land of nod but if I sleep now it'll be even harder to wake up to feed Katie.

In fact, it's great having time to browse MN again, I've hardly been here in weeks and I was such an addict when I was pregnant!

jacksmumto1 Wed 22-Sep-04 20:25:22

Hi everyone!! Glad all is going well for you all!

Ds2 is 3 weeks old today - it's going so fast! He is such a good baby (not that babies can be bad at this age!) and still sleeps most of the day and night - just a few tiny spells of wakefulness. He is going differing amounts of time between feeds... we seem to have some feeds 2 hours or less apart and then we will go 3-4 hours between other feeds...

All though the baby blues have gone... I still find myself getting weepy - I know some of it is tiredness but some of it is due to trying to cope with a two year old having "naughty" spells - not tantrums as such but "naughtyness" - the only way I can describe it... He is a little jealous obviously but in general is loving to ds2. Ds1 does however 'attack' ds2 occasionally but it's usually when ds2 has been asleep for quite sometime and I've been giving ds1 my sole attention... not what I expected and dealing with it all is overwhelming... Seeing my HV next week (thankfully I seem to have a good one this time...) and we have arranged to talk about it all... BUT in the meantime if anyone has any suggestions... I would be grateful!

dinny Fri 24-Sep-04 21:12:17

Hi everyone, haven't posted for ages as have been pinned to sofa by my little man - feeding constantly. He appears to be a demanding little soul (like his big sister) and hates being put down/is very wakeful and alert and can't drop off to sleep. AARGH! So I am knackered and findind it hard at the moment. He's feeding well but I have a cracked nipple which isn't getting better. He put on a whopping 12oz last week so muct be doig something right I suppose. Am feeling a bit flat - can't ever imagine being able to cope with two kids.

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dinny Fri 24-Sep-04 21:12:18

Hi everyone, haven't posted for ages as have been pinned to sofa by my little man - feeding constantly. He appears to be a demanding little soul (like his big sister) and hates being put down/is very wakeful and alert and can't drop off to sleep. AARGH! So I am knackered and findind it hard at the moment. He's feeding well but I have a cracked nipple which isn't getting better. He put on a whopping 12oz last week so muct be doig something right I suppose. Am feeling a bit flat - can't ever imagine being able to cope with two kids.

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Saddy Mon 27-Sep-04 13:08:53

WOW. 3 weeks and two days since little Dan came in the world and you know, I am not sure if time is racing by or not! The days and nights seem to just merge into a blur!!! If anyone was to ask what I have actually done I couldn't tell them!

I love being a mom. The tearful hormones are settling down (Bar that I broke down to *crazy* on the radio the other morning) and I have lost just over half my preggo weight 12Ibs to go

Dan has shot up to 8Ib4oz since birth and is so long legged he is really fitting the 0-3m old clothes. At the mum and baby group last week though I couldn't get over how big the 6m old babies looked! Like giants babies!

Hope everyone is ding Ok and treasuring these special early days,


dejags Mon 27-Sep-04 19:18:35

Hi all,

Glad to hear you are doing well Saddy. Hope things start settling down soon for you Dinny - know what you mean about the tiredness though.

Tate (or the Tatie Monster as he is known) has had a cold so nights have been a bit of a mare. I think I had 3 hours very broken sleep last night and less than that combined the two nights prior to that. Still I can't complain - he doesn't grumble, just sounds as if he is about to choke, I can't believe how little he cries despite being in obvious distress.

Still not nearing any sort of predictable routine - but I am not fooling myself that we should be while he is still so young (3wks2days). I am trying to structure feeds which is going quite well so hopefully he will fall into his own routine.

Had him weighed today and he is 9lbs5 up from 8lbs5 at birth.

Hope you are all well.


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