June 06 - now they are 1....

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blobsmummy Tue 10-Jul-07 14:10:23

Oh, I do hope I did this right and you all find me!

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vbab78 Tue 10-Jul-07 14:37:45

Found you.

foxymagoo Tue 10-Jul-07 17:11:25

found you too!

re: having another - I have daily debatea about this too but my morning sickness/scary early weeks memories are still too vivid BUT at the same time I hope I'll be alot more relaxed and not panic that dc2 is waking up after his/her nap after 45 mintues when the book say he/she should be sleeping for 2 hours

We've kind of decided to start trying @ ds's 2nd birthday..

I do worry about all the risks now that I'm (ahem) heading towards late 30's... but if you thought about all that you'd never have one in the first place.

Financially it will be tight as I'm part time just now so will get mat leave on my 3 days but you just have to go for it!

RachelPross Fri 13-Jul-07 17:13:18

hello all, how are we all, I'm fine and so are DH and DD. We have survived the house move and are currently living in a semi complete house with plaster dust and no carpets. What fun.
Need a bit of advice. DD has dirtied every single nappy I've put on her today and I'm convinced that isn't good...not just cos of the smell factor but perhaps because she may have a tummy upset. 4 times today...we aren't talking eye of a needle job but she's managed proper front to back nappy fillers! Health Visitors are closed for the weekend. What would you guys do? Do I keep feeding her and have it reappear 2 or 3 hours later the other end or stop feeding her for 24 hrs and have a v unhappy baby on my hands??? She seems happy other than the resulting very sore sore bum. Help?

vbab78 Fri 13-Jul-07 20:03:33

RachelPross - My DS is doing the same as your DD and has been like this for a couple of days. He does seem fine apart from the bad nappies I just keep making sure he is fed and watered.

The only other bad thing with DS at the moment, 3 nights straight, he has been a nightmare to get down for bed which is completely the opposite to normal. I think he may be teething bad because of the nappies, wanting comfort and the fact he has started with a terrible runny nose. These have always been the signs in the past for a tooth coming.

I hope things get better with your DD. Got to go DS screaming.

fay68 Sun 15-Jul-07 16:10:44

Found it!
not getting broody at all as already have DD (10), DS (1), me (38) and also vivid memories not only of ms but serious hyperememis for 6 months.
That's it for me in this lifetime. Will take me at least another 10yrs to prepare for onslaught of grandkids.

Finona Mon 16-Jul-07 01:48:36

Good new thread!! I wasn't really ready for no.2 when DH said to me that he hadn't enjoyed DS's first year that much. If we were going to go through another year of hell (according to him) we might as well get it over and done with. Off the pill and one period later, PG with No. 2!!!! 2 years and 2 months between children.

FWIW, it's a lot easier giving birth 2nd time round. Foxy, I had to have mat. leave on 3 days a week pay, but managed. Isn't it up to 9 months maternity pay if you're local authority/NHS etc?
Vbab - hope things are better.
RachelP - I'd keep going. Docs in my experience ask the following: is LO eating; passing water; has temperature? Slap on the 'bum cream' to protect her and see how it goes.

Has anyone heard from Was Wondering recently?

blobsmummy Mon 16-Jul-07 10:11:28

Nope, not heard from WW lately.

Finona - Congratulations! That's exactly our philosophy. I had a hideous pregnancy, dreadful birth and hated with a passion the first few months of DD being around, so it seemed like 2 years of my life had been wiped out. We might as well go through it all as quick as possible again and then I can put that part of my life behind me.

Off to the hospital on Wednesday to get blood tests done to confirm my secondary infertility. You would have throught I'd have got used to needles by now...

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vbab78 Tue 17-Jul-07 08:48:19

Hello ladies. My DS has been a nightmare at bed time for the last two weeks solid and on and off for a couple of weeks on and off before that. Found a new tooth on his bottom right popping through yesterday, one of the big ones. It has been the worst teething we have had yet!

On a weird note though it has made me think to maybe try for a baby this year so that I can handle stuff like teething while I am young enough and have the strength! Only thing is me and DH agreed to try after my 30th in Feb 08 and he seemed pretty stuck on that for him being ready, he has just started a new job and when we think is ok for DS. But I have also read that a good age to have a 2nd child is before toddler two's! Not sure what to do, really confused just for a change.

blobsmummy - good luck on Wednesday. Thinking of you.

Waswondering Wed 18-Jul-07 21:55:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mitchell81 Thu 19-Jul-07 08:23:41

Haven't been around for awhile, We moved house and the TO DO list seems never ending. DS is doing well, walking around the furniture, walking with us holding one hand. So I am sure it won't be long till he takes his first steps. I seem to have replaced mumsnet with facebook for afew weeks. We have booked a holiday to Portugal which I think should be a great holiday by the pool.
DS still has 2 formula bottles, does anyone know whether we can use bottled water?
Sorry about those of you having problems with DH. Also been thinking about baby number 3, Firstly thought I would start trying in Sept 2007, but now I think sept 2008, will be a better plan. But who knows what will happen as haven't been on the pill since I had DS. I seem to be waffling, sorry. Hope everyone is well.

foxymagoo Fri 20-Jul-07 14:35:56

...and he's off! ds is now officially toddling! Just happened over a couple of days he can now get himself up and wander off. He's dead chuffed at his new found independence but the child proofing needs to go up a notch!

We had his first settling in session at nursery this morning (he is going every Friday from Aug.) I stayed with him for 10 mins then asked if "mummy could pop to the shops and would you like to stay and play" to which he nodded. Came back an hour later and he was having a great time so that was a huge relief as although we go to playgroup I'm there and the days I work he has his grannies one to one.

He just seems to be gowing so fast and its great being able to almost chat with him now

Is alibobble on hols?

blobsmummy - how did the tests go?

I'm off to look at the Blooming Marvellous site - thinking of getting ds one of those mini beanbag chairs..

blobsmummy Fri 20-Jul-07 21:35:21

WW - hello ! Ooooh, how exciting that must have been to watch your mum receive an award! Good luck with the camping...

DH is walking Snowdon tomorrow but the forecast looks pretty awful. Good thing is that he's put on a bit of weight recently, so no danger of him being blown of the mountain!

Mitchell81 - sorry, don't know about the bottled water thing. Your HV should give the best advice if you contact them though.

Foxy - child proofing is the bain of my life at the moment! Good that he settled into nursery though. I can leave DD with all the family, but her little face drops and she bawls if I leave her with other people. The nurse at the hospital was very good - I didn't feel a thing! I'm such a wimp! I won't get the results until next week, but thanks for asking.

DD has had nasty virus the last couple of days and she's been really lethargic, but today she suddenly switched to being completely better - how can they do that? . She's been bouncing of the walls with energy today (literally) but it's good to see her back to her bubbly self.

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trinity1 Sat 21-Jul-07 21:56:30

Hello everyone To all you mums thinking of having another baby I would say trust your instincts. Had DD on 16th June 2006 and have 6 weeks to go before DD#2 makes her appearance! Obviously she wasn't planned and I was struggling a bit with post natal depression but I am really looking forward to being a mum 2nd time round. Pregnancy goes so fast as you are so preoccupied running around after a toddler!

Went to Mothercare the other day to order the tandem buggy with DD#1. When they realised how close in age the babies would be they answered in 2 ways: 'Good luck (you'll need it)' and 'they will be so close in age it'll be lovely for them' so not sure whether they're compliments or not...!

As the due date gets closer (2nd Sept), I admit I'm slightly apprehensive about how DP and I (mainly I) will be able to look after 2 children under 18mths, revisiting the sleep deprivation again and labour (12 hours last time). Not to mention how hard it was on our relationship last time round. Definitely our last child (for now!)

Good luck to all those who have decided to try for another Will keep you posted on how it goes - eek! xxx

vbab78 Mon 23-Jul-07 16:16:16

Hiya. Trinity I am so excited for you. Do you know what the code is for the buggy you have bought so I could have a nosey on the web?

Me and DH had a lovely relaxing weekend because my mum and dad had DS for a couple of nights and DH surprised me by taking me to an Italian for dinner as a belated anniversary surprise. Fingers crossed me and DH are on the mend. We have discussed babies ... DH is happy to try as long we can afford another child because I may not return to work after if the money doesn't increase or work don't accommodate things. Also DH said because we have had some rough times recently he would like to just enjoy us being ok for a few months first. I understand how DH feels but at the same time I feel it is the right time "for me" which I know is selfish. But my emotions are conflicting also because my practical side keeps saying I need to time things so when (if) I return to work DS would have started school and we would only have one lot of childcare rather than 2 but then my emotional side says "I'm ready". ARGH.

1st night in weeks last night that DS went to bed not screaming. We changed his bedtime routine by 30 mins so bed at 7.30 after a bath and drinking milk whist strapped into his highchair watching his favourite DVD. We have found that if we strap him into the chair he has sit and calm down rather than continuing to play. To be honest I need to give my mum and dad credit because they figured all this out when they had DS to stay and he was no trouble. WHY COULD I NOT FIGURE IT OUT!

DS had his HV check and she is over the moon with his progress and said not to worry about him not walking yet. I can't believe how quickly his speech is coming on. He is now 23lb 14oz which is a good steady increase. Also nervous about DS MMR on Thursday but the HV said I have nothing to worry about.

blobsmummy Mon 23-Jul-07 16:52:51

Vbab - glad things are looking up for you.

Trinity - my friend has just had her 2nd DD and her first DD is only 18 months - she seems to be doing fine at the moment. The birth for her was sooooo much easier and quicker second time around, so keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Mitchel - Don't use bottled water!!!!! I found out the reason why - a lot of bottled water has a high level of salt in it which the kidneys can find hard to deal with. They recommended using boiled tap water which would kill all the bugs in it anyway. Just an idea, but how about buying the cartons of formula that are already mixed up? That was so much easier for us when we went away.

DD also got MMR tomorrow.

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Mitchell81 Mon 23-Jul-07 17:31:22

BM; Thanks will be taking some ready made formula, but worried about our luggage allowance and the weight. Thanks good to know about the bottled water.

Mitchell81 Mon 23-Jul-07 17:32:22

and good luck with the MMRs, DS had his 2 weeks ago and was fine with it.

trinity1 Mon 23-Jul-07 17:59:10

Hi everyone. Vbab78, The buggy we've opted for is the Jane' Twin Two tandem in Marine. Its pretty costly but my in-laws have offered to buy it for us. Have gone for a tandem as we would never get a side-by-side buggy around the shops!

Am nesting at the moment and being a hormonal pain in the ass! DP doesn't know what to do for the best so has opted to keep out of my way as he recalls what I was like with DD#1. Am packing bag for hospital too now! Went 8 days over before so hope this little one is very different.

vbab78 Mon 23-Jul-07 20:33:29

Trinity - love the buggy.

foxymagoo Mon 23-Jul-07 21:08:56

evening all - I love the new Jane range of colours - esp. the marine its gorgeous. My navy M&P pram is looking a bit tired these days!

ds also gets his MMR tomorrow then straight to playgroup - hopefully.

Trinity - are you on the due in Sept thread? My SIL is on that - due on 7th Sept..

trinity1 Mon 23-Jul-07 22:18:37

Hi foxymagoo. I am on the due in September thread, but definitely feel more at home here as everyone on the June 06 thread helped get me through my pregnancy with DD#1 and her first year - almost feel like an old pro now! Am due on September 2nd.

vbab78 Fri 27-Jul-07 09:46:03

Hi Everyone. DS had his MMR and Prevenar jabs yesterday and seems to be ok. So glad that is over. Was so stressed about the MMR.

He seems more sleepy today. I say this because he got up at 7 as normal after a full night's sleep but has just gone back at 9.30!

vbab78 Mon 30-Jul-07 12:51:35

I hope everyone is ok.

Does anyone know at what age it is ok to put you child from a cot/cot bed to a bed? DS is currently 13 months and I was thinking of moving him to a bed like the 'my first bed' in 6 months or more but I am unsure.

blobsmummy Mon 30-Jul-07 14:52:20

Vbab, my friend put all of her kids (she has 4!) in a proper bed (with a guard rail) on the day before their 1st birthday and she said that they were fine. Another friend also found her DS slept better in a bed rather than a cot from 1yo. My DD still changes positions a gazillion times in the night from one end of the cot to another, so I daren't put her in a bed until she stays still a bit more. I probably won't worry about it until she's 2, or I can't lift her in the cot anymore!

Blood tests have confirmed that I have secondary infertility, so I'm off to the hospital in a few weeks to see the consultant and hopefully go straight on the clomid. Really hope that it works quickly. My doctor was absolutely wonderful and was so reassuring. He said that for his first two kids his wife had to go on clomid, but she had kids number 4, 5 & 6 just by him walking through the door!

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