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help potty training dd

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tjacksonpfc Thu 28-Jun-07 08:03:53

hi all i really need some help im potty training dd ready for her to start nursery in september shes 2.11 now and will not use the potty we have been trying for over 3 weeks now and she just holds it in till she has her nappy on for bed time any tips please im going mad.

LilianGish Thu 28-Jun-07 14:40:02

Have you tried bribery? I offered dd a smartie every time she did something in the potty. Also curious as to how she can hang on for so long - does she really manage to go without a wee or poo all day? I had a problem with ds where he would happily wee in the potty/toilet but not do a poo and like your dd waited til he had his nappy on at night. That wasn't such a problem - he could go to school (French maternelle) and he never had an accident and eventually came round to the idea of going on the toilet. Incidently once she starts nursery I'm sure the problem will sort itself out as she will want to be like the others - both mine started school at 2.5 having the odd accident, but within a week were absolutely fine.

tjacksonpfc Fri 29-Jun-07 07:56:03

she has always had a poo at night so we get up to that in the morning which isnt a problem whilst she still wears nappys at night we are going for the option of everytime she does a wee in the potty she gets a sticker and if she gets 10 she gets a presant

LilianGish Fri 29-Jun-07 10:00:35

So is she dry in the day more or less? If so I don't think you have too much of a problem and the rest will come with time - I think being dry/clean at night is not going to happen so quickly especially if dd is a deep sleeper. My ds has only just stopped having a nappy at night and he is now 4.

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