Jan '07 part 12: FORE she's a jolly good fellow!

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NotAsThunkAsDreoplePink Sun 24-Jun-07 07:43:26

In your honour, IYKWIM

Good luck today DH, hope the weather's better than it is here!

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Nemo2007 Sun 24-Jun-07 07:51:33

DH hope you have a good day...god speed

hope everyone else is ok, dont know why I never seem to get time to post!!! I read, I go to reply then one of the trio..or dh distracts me...lol

NotAsThunkAsDreoplePink Sun 24-Jun-07 07:53:39

Hi Nemo, how is dh these days??

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Nemo2007 Sun 24-Jun-07 07:59:12

still a toss pot..but not as bad as he was. Suppose its like retraining an old dog..although this one HAS to learn new tricks..lol

NotAsThunkAsDreoplePink Sun 24-Jun-07 08:08:29

So long as he doesn't have fleas, Nemo...

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theUrbanDryad Sun 24-Jun-07 13:03:45

nice thread title 2Happy (or whatever your bloody name is!) tis subtle. i like it.

having an extremely bad day here - Zac very whingey, house cluttered and messy, dh irritating (but also sweet, which is more irritating) feel like i'm itchy on the inside. blah.

Shimmer Sun 24-Jun-07 14:10:51

Ahhh UD you beat me to it. Was about to come on complaining that Freddie has been a PITA all morning and DP has been moping around looking tired and annoyed on purpose all morning. AHHHHH!!! Wish I could wake up and start the day again.

If I was my mum (or any other old person) I'd probably blame it on this shit weather. It's supposed to be summer FFS.

JodieG1 Sun 24-Jun-07 17:06:21

Hello all

we're having a good day, just had a roast dinner and the older 2 are in the bath, dh bathed Ethan already. We were going to go to the fair in Town today but as it rained went to a soft play place instead. The kids had fun.

Had a good clean and tidy up yesterday and am now waiting to see how long it lasts for hehe.

MrsGolfPro Sun 24-Jun-07 17:25:58

Thanks 2Happy (please change back!!!)

Had a lovely evening at our friends house, child free. J slept at mum and dad's from 7pm-8.20am with no dreamfeed!!!!! WTF is that all about?? Do they have magical powers??!?!?!!

Weather is shite here too, must be something in the air cos my DH is tired (although not particularly irritating), J won't eat, keeps shaking his head like he's saying NO, won't eat and puked all over me. Took him to out of hous GP cos I was concerned his ear infection was coming back (shaking head and pulling ears) but it's not so must just be a tummy bug. I do get anxious when he is poorly - bet the GP gets sick of me

Not much to report other than I have lost 2lbs!!! (Having chippy.....sorry, I mean CHIP SHOP TEA to celebrate )

laughalot Sun 24-Jun-07 17:55:52

Lol chippy you call it what you want love

2Happy Sun 24-Jun-07 18:45:33

Oh alright, grumble grumble, back to boring old me

Think you are all right about the weather, and especially its effects on the Y chromosomes of the house, they're all flipping mardy today, grr. And it's not forecast to improve for a bit either!

theUrbanDryad Sun 24-Jun-07 19:02:38

2Happy - you can be whatever you like on the rest of MN but here you will forever be 2Happy.

still not feeling very happy. Zac had a temp of 38 this afternoon, so i gave him some Calpol and put him to sleep in our bed. when he woke up he was quite happy and smiley, till he knocked himself on the head with his rattle! gave him an early bath cause his temp was creeping back up, and he's now slumbering away in his cot quite happily.

i must say that being in a crappy mood has its perks. dh has been sweetness itself today, bless him. he offered me a cup of tea, and i shouted I DON'T WANT A CUP OF FUCKING TEA!! so he stomped off with Zac, did the washing up, then went out to get milk and bread (with Z) and brought me back chocolate buttons. he's also cooking dinner. perhaps i'll be a moody cow more often.

i'm trying to get the house sorted because we have a property inspection on Thurs, and they didn't check very thoroughly last time because Z was 10 days old! i've been sorting the front bedroom out, unpacking boxes from when we moved in, and the upshot is that i have a sewing room now! woot! it looks awesome, can't wait to get sewing. have got some lovely fabric from Ikea which i'm going to make a tunic with.

DH - how did the christening go? did it chuck it down?

MrsGolfPro Sun 24-Jun-07 19:22:10

<<<GPW dances round the room shouting '2Happy is back, 2happy is back, thank god almighty, 2 happy is back >>>

DH - sorry, forgot to ask how christening went too!! Hope weather wasn't too shit.

UD - poor Z That is how J's ear infection started so just check he doesn't start pulling his ears or shaking his head.

Feel loads better about 'the incident'. The thread is STILL going and I just think they are a touch sad to still be discussing it. Think I'll stick to the bum sex thread if I feel the need but I am quite happy just on here ATM.

Mrscarrot Sun 24-Jun-07 20:27:40

Ud- itching on the inside is a fantastic phrase, I am going to use that lots now!

2Happy <whispers> I also prefer 2happy!

Gp- The CO helped with F's ear infection, might be worth visiting if it recurrs? Remember that they will pull them at other times too, like teething and sore throats etc, the tubes are all connected, maybe he has one on the way.

theUrbanDryad Sun 24-Jun-07 20:36:12

Z also pulls/rubs his ears when he's tired...

JodieG1 Sun 24-Jun-07 20:56:00

MGP - glad to see you still posting Hope J is feeling better soon

UD - hope Zac is better soon, seems there's something going around as Ethan still has his cold and dh and my older two have been
sneezing all day as well.

My ds1 hurt his foot at the play place but it seems just like he's twisted it, he woke up before crying saying it hurts but
we're not sure if it's that or that he's overtired so gave him some calpol and he's in the spare room bed (dh still sleeps in there)
but if he mentions it tomorrow then I'll take him to the drs. Think I'll be there with Ethan anyway as his cough seems worse.

theUrbanDryad Mon 25-Jun-07 09:58:16

where are you all today?

2Happy Mon 25-Jun-07 10:19:18

Morning morning morning

Crappy weather again today. IL's have taken ds1 swimming so hopefully ds2 will let me get on with the huge long list of jobs I have to do today. Now I do love dh very much, and I freely accept that he works much harder than I do, but how come he was off all week last week and did nothing at all? I am crap at DIY and he always sighs at my efforts, but I am so sick of waiting literally YEARS for jobs to be done. I finally finished painting and rehung the cupboard doors he took off BEFORE DS2 WAS BORN the week before last, and in the whole week he couldn't manage to put the handles back on, so I'll have to do it and I know I'll make a pig's ear of it. Almost had an arguement last night (and we never argue) because he sat there watching tv as I was simultaneously bfeeding ds2 and writing all the fecking thank you cards for ds1's birthday and never bothered his arse to offer to do any of them (after I did all the ds2 birth thank you cards, the christmas thank you cards...you get the idea). Grrr. Men.

theUrbanDryad Mon 25-Jun-07 10:30:35

i wanted to stab dh this morning. i asked him to take the bin out on his way to the car this morning. in the time it takes to walk from the living room to the kitchen (about 2 seconds - we hardly live in a mansion) he forgot. also, early this morning, i got up to get a clean nappy for Z. i get back into bed (we change Z on a towel on our bed) and he gets up to go to the loo! IF YOU WERE GETTING UP ANYWAY WHY THE FECK DID YOU JUST NOT GET A NAPPY WHILE YOU WERE UP????!!!!!

eandh Mon 25-Jun-07 11:22:05


DH how did it go?

2happy - hurrah you are back

rgee bit late but have fab holiday

everyone else hello, had a fairly crap weekend DH extremely annoying v.long boring story but reading through the posts it seems it was the weekend for annoying/irritating men!!

Had Hatties hair cut today as she had loads when she was born then it really thinned out but she had loads of odd long bits so had it all trimmed to one length and it looks so much better. Ellie appears to be in a very happy cooperative mood today so making the most of it whilst I can (we went food shopping and I didnt have to tell her off once )

MrsGolfPro Mon 25-Jun-07 11:49:55

Quick post: Been to Asda today. DID YOU KNOW? They accept any coupons with money off if they stock the products in store - you don't need to buy the product you just hand your coupons in at the end of the shop when you pay. We saved a whopping £4 on various bits we didn't buy!!!!

Also, Asda open at 10am on a Sunday but you can shop (i.e. fill your trolley) from 9.30am but can't pay until 10am. Apparently it is absolutely dead cos not many people know this and assume the shop opens at 10am.

And that is all my tips for today.

Nemo2007 Mon 25-Jun-07 13:58:27

ohh thats good to know about Asda as I have a load of flash coupons I won on mn but there is only soo much flash I need.

How is everyone..I try to read through but the oldest two are fighting every minute of the dya lately!! When they arent fighting it is only because I have them walking for miles

Nemo2007 Mon 25-Jun-07 14:01:00

oh and DH nightmare weather for you yesterday hope it didnt spoil things..that rain was horrendous

Shimmer Mon 25-Jun-07 15:10:29

Woohoo it's the middle of the day and Freddie's asleep IN HIS COT!! With absolutely no screaming whatsoever! I have had real problems with his daytime napping the last few days. He used to have 2-3 hours sleep a day in 2 naps, one in the morning and one afternoon, and they'd always be in his cot so I could have some peace & quiet and MN time! But he's been very cranky the last few days and will NOT sleep in his cot... I've manged to get him to have a few short naps pushing him about (usually in the rain!) in his buggy, but that was it. But now i'm all again and am eating chocolate mini rolls from M&S to celebrate. They're better than the cadbury's ones... more chocolatey <fat pig emoticon>

Hmmm no chance of me loosing any lbs at the mo Wilkie But well done to you! I wish we had an ASDA near us. London is crap for supermarkets. I used to live in York and loved going to the massive ASDA there.

2Happy (glad you changed back!)Your DH sounds like mine! I often find myself in the evening trying to bath F., get his bottle warmed for when he gets out (and he's inevitable crying!), get supper cooked , get F. dressed and fed and check to make sure nothings burning in the kitchen, take F. into his room and settle him, rush back out and finish supper, tidy up so we don't have to eat surrounded by baby stuff... while DP sits watching TV He does do stuff if i ask him, but just a bit of initiative every now and again would be lovely.

One more thing... for those weaning. Do you give milk at the same time, i mean, immediately before or after food? I'm trying to figure out F's schedule now he's on 2 meals a day. Friends with LOs the same age all seem to space out their feeding and milk so they're seperate. So maybe they have pureed lunch at 12, then a bottle at 2, then more food at 4 IYSWIM. But I've been doing food then milk almost immediately afterwards... I think mainly because the purees F is having doesn't seem to fill him up so he still wants his bottle at the usual times. Any opinions on this?
So basically it's:
7 6oz milk
11 vegetable puree followed by 6oz milk
3 fruit puree followed by 6oz milk
7 6oz milk

(although often he wakes up really early & we squeeze another bottle in so he has 5x 6oz, rather than 4)

Ohhhh big post... sorry

pinkcandyfloss Mon 25-Jun-07 16:55:43

Hello all!
We have got colds here so feeling sorry for ourselves
Will be back later

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