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July 2006 - Happy 1st birthdays to our little darlings

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Ceebee74 Sat 23-Jun-07 07:48:29

In honour of Sophie's impending birthday this week, I thought I would start a new thread....

Wallace Sat 23-Jun-07 09:16:06

Can I have a happy birthday too (for yesterday)? And one for my dd who will be 6 tomorrow?

still v busy, but just wanted to share that Leo is saying his name!

I was sorting out stuff the other day and there was a pair of baby shoes. Leo grabbed them shouting "LLeelo!" (not that clearly of course) and tried to put them on. Also this morning he grabbed my book and I said "That's Mummy's book" He grinned at me and said "Leeelo!"

agalch Sat 23-Jun-07 10:08:29

Morning girls

It's pissing down here So much for getting out for a nice long walk!

Just booked tickets for my oldest/best friend and i to see Bryan Adams in July at Murrayfield woohoo!!!! Just realised my ds1(15.8) has already been to as many concerts as i have.

Have decided to start getting out there and enjoy myself.Really wanted to go with dh but my mum is away on hols then so no babysitter,poor dh.

DH has had a hellish cold for over a week and has now pased it onto both dd's.Wonderful! Eilidh dribbling like mad and chewing everything in reach(inc my boob OUCH)so hopefully teeth are on their way.

DS's finish up for the summer hols next Friday.Ds1 will be leaving on the Friday to go on hols with his gf and her family to Wales for 2 weeks,think hes not too keen on being away for 2 weeks now.He got his National Insurance card and is trying to get a part time/summer job and would rather work than be awa for 2 weeks.

Ds2 will be up at high school after the summer so he is looking forward to his last ever day at primary school.Heard last night that the leisure pool where school take them on their last day as a treat was on fire so looks like no treat for them at all

Am feeling bloody knackered now.Was at gym for an hour's workout and a swim/steamroom last night and didn't get home till 11ish and Eilidh is feeding loads through the night i think cos she's teething so looking like an old bag today.Just want 1 night of sleep and i'd be happy(ish)lol.

Better go iron my jeans,gotta go to shop for a few bits for lunch and dinner.

Hope you are all having a good weekend xxx

prettymum Sat 23-Jun-07 10:22:10

Happy late Birthda Ceebee and Happy early Birthday to your dd for tomorrow!!

leo can say his name!!! well done!! all junior says still is dadadadada and he tries to count aswell. we always count 123 before we tickle him and scream after and he tries doing that now too, count 123 and scream after!!

agalch- your household is certainly busy!!! have fun at the bryan adams concert!! ive only been to one concert, with my bestfriends mum and unfortunately it wasnt my kind of music, but limp bizkit were performing which was ok.

its not raining here YET so trying to decide what to do with ourselves. might go out to nandos later for dinner with dps cousin, im tired of cooking!

well hope everyone has a lovely day!

jacobandlysette Sat 23-Jun-07 11:41:19

hey everyone! at least jacob will be folowing the thread title before we have to change it [bloush] - almost cruising so not too bad!

must go in the middle of moving but fingers crossed it's going ok although dh and i had another screaming match last night which was, of course all my fault - I'm so lucky to have found the only living saint to marry, I really am

numptysmummy Sat 23-Jun-07 12:31:46

Hello all. Boobie better now except i still have a lump which is a bit worrying.
Harry is at a party today so quiet here with only 3 kids . My puppies are lovely - all getting big and their eyes are starting to open. Ella is obsessed with them! Bounces up and down shouting good dog good dog at them! Dh is at work today with the biggest hangover of his life [ grin] Serves him right,told him to stay home with me but no,had to play at being young again. Muppet.
P-ing down here again,getting sick of it now. Dd1 is on a wks residential with school nxt wk,hope it clears out for them.

JeanieG Sat 23-Jun-07 13:40:30


What is with this weather girls?

Happy birthday to Wallace and mini Wallace. Hope tomorrow goes well for her.

Pretty- Isn't it hard work trying to organise childcare. I used to have a nightmare whilst I was in work. I can't even remember now how on earth I used to manage during the hols.

DS did 2 induction days at his new school this week. He loved it, (mostly due to the fact that they have vending machines) but at least he didn't freak out being around so many people at once. So it's a start.

Why do kids (siblings) fight ALL the time? They are driving me mad. They only have to be in each others company for 10 minutes and they start by arguing a bit, then one throws a sly hit and so on.

KZ- glad things are going your way, it's about time. Also I benchmark Abbey on Roshi's behaviour as so far they have been really similar, temperament wise. So, as Roshi is 2 weeks older than Abbey, I am expecting some good sleeps soon. YAY!

Bloss-gorge pic of Toby. He is just good enough to eat.

Abbey has taken to standing by the baby gate shouting for Sian (DD1), who I think must be her best friend. She shouts "Shar". Have done a little vid of her. Will try to work out how to get it on.

Lysettes- am glad you said that, cos there is actually two of them I have one here as well. He (according to him), is perfect. NOT!!

Sorry about that. Not his greatest fan at the moment. Do you think it's too much to ask for a little bit of affection? I don't mean sex or owt I just mean I quick cuddle, hug and some type of positive remark/comment. GRRRRRR men piss me off!

right I'd better go before I tell you all my life story.

Hugs to all that I have missed.



madness Sat 23-Jun-07 19:51:07

wow, a new thread. Can't believe dd2 is going to be 1 year next month
All quite here as dh and dc are all watching Dr Who...
Well, had some visitors, so should do some tidying up and ironing and....

Twinklemegan Sat 23-Jun-07 23:49:19

Wallace. Wow that's terrific. I haven't even been listening out for Aidan saying his name yet - will definitely do so now. And Happy Birthday to both of you!

Ceebee74 Sun 24-Jun-07 09:17:17

Happy belated to Wallace and her DD - and clever clever Leo saying his own name.

Jeanie - I have the opposite problem with DH. He always wants me to show him affection but unfortunately if I do give him a hug or anything, he thinks it is a sign for some bedroom action so I just don't bother.

Josh still seems to have a runny bum and the nappy rash isn't clearing up either - so nappy changes involve him screaming in pain and me trying to comfort him - not pleasant atm. Fingers crossed it clears up soon.

Babysat for my 2 nieces yesterday (one is 5.5 and the other is 4 next week) - god it was hard work! I was trying to keep an eye on Josh as he was trying to explore everything at my sis's house and also trying to keep the 2 girls happy. I have SO much admiration for those of you with more than 1 lo. I only did it for 3 hours and I was exhausted!!

I have got the go-ahead from my boss to do some work from home over the next few weeks as overtime on Mondays and Tuesdays - how fab cos it will mean quite a bit of extra money which will come in so handy as we are only just managing to keep afloat at the moment. Not sure how I am going to manage as Josh won't sit quietly and play whilst I am working - guess I will have to do it during his naps and the evenings which is a bit of a bugger (but at least if I am working, DH can't grumble about me being sat at the PC all evening as he does now)

Hope you all have a good day x

HumphreysCorner Sun 24-Jun-07 14:36:43

Hello ladies

Happy belated B'Days to Wallace and little Wallace Well done to Leo-bless him.

Ceebee-hope you manage your extra work. I myself admire anyone with more than 2 children. Hope Josh improves soon.

numpty-glad your boob is on the mend, Sure the lump is part of it.

All those having DH problems. Mine moans I don't show enough affection but if I do he thinks his luck is in so I don't bother.

Well, Emma is poorly now. She complained that her mouth hurt and has now lost her voice. Tis very strange having a silent and non active Emma.

Have wrapped Sophie's B'Day present this morning-can't believe my tiny dot is 1 on Wednesday. Had two comments at dancing yesterday. 1) Has she had her 1 year check up yet? Yes. And they were happy with her then? Yes. 2)Is she walking yet? No, and not cruising either. She is all there isn't she? YES ! ! !

Enjoy the rain ladies.



AnnieAlcoholLeft Sun 24-Jun-07 17:59:10

Afternoon girls.
Just on for a quick moan! About nothing important as usual. I'm cooking Sunday roast, and thought I'd sneak a bottle of wine in the fridge earlier, so it'd be nice and chilled by now. Sent DH and DS out for a walk in the rain, while Kayley is having a rare nap. Popped open the wine, and...

it's fecking red...

DH bought a load (well six bottles) yesterday, and either put a red in for a change, or didn't realise. And I just put the first one in, assuming they were all white. Now I can see the dark bottle and the Shiraz written on the label... D'oh! And I'm not even pissed yet!
So a half a glass of red now, and another bottle of white in the freezer...

it's alright, actually...

(I'll drink anything...)

HC Hope Emma is better soon. Poor little thing. And Can't believe Sophie is so very nearly one!!

Hi Jeanie . Hope your DH hugs you soon. I'm also in the same camp as CB, a quick brush of hands, and he thinks he's in there! No chance... (not when he keeps messing up my wine!!)

Wallace, hope you and your DD had good birthdays. WOW! at Leo saying his name!!

Kayley yesterday did all the actions to Dingle Dangle scarecrow and some of wind the bobbin up, including pointing at the door/window/ceiling/floor at the right places!! I couldn't believe it as she usually just sits and watches DS... DS meantime was completely ignored while performing perfectly!!

Right best go look at the chicken, it's been in far too long.

Have a great evening girls.


TheGoddessBlossom Sun 24-Jun-07 18:23:51

I find weekends really really hard work, especially in the poxy rain. By Sunday night I long for Dh to go back to work so that i can swing into my routine without him. Isn't that awful? he got absolutely plastered on Friday night and kept waking up to cannon off furniture in our bedroom to find the loo, so each time I had to turn my light on so he could stumble his way to the right place, and H woke up several times for no reason, so totally knackering night for me. Then attempted my promised lie-in, but it was ruined by me having to ask Dh to get up with the kids, cue a mouthful from him because he was feeling so rough, and how exhausted he is working so hard all week.....So I got up after 20 minutes anyway. Then he just moans and moans and bitches and moans, and makes me cry, and the boys just listen to us arguing on and on and on.....

It did get better as his hangover wore off, and we went to his sister's for the night for a BBQ with all the family which is always fun, but yet again we are up at 5am, having had a late night, (including the kids, kept them up really late to see if it would make any difference - it didn't), the result being two very whingy kids (Toby was most unusally a shouty whingy nightmare today) so we have put them to bed at 6pm tonight. Thank god for that. Totally exhausted and stressed out, and i wish my DH just COPED better....

Rant over.



HumphreysCorner Sun 24-Jun-07 19:13:23

Bloss, Bloss, Bloss-massivo hugs to you ((((((xxxxxx)))))) I think I must have the only man in the universe who doesn't drink much. The odd bottle every now and again. Used to think he was a bit of a bore but really, it is quite a relief as he always drives and I never have to see a dark hungover side to him. I have seen what alcohol can do to people. You so deserve a lie in and I fully understand the feeling of getting rid of them to work.

Hope your boys are more settled tonight. Whatever time Em goes to bed she always wakes up at the same time but is more grumpy later in the day.

Take care you.


HumphreysCorner Sun 24-Jun-07 19:16:06

AlcoholicAnnie My world would have come to an end if I discovered red wine instead of white. I often freeze a 175ml wine bottle filled with Blossom Hill. I take it out the freezer when it is solid so it is ice cold! Yummy!


MaeWest Sun 24-Jun-07 19:26:00

Kinda know what you mean about weekends Bloss. DH is happy to drift around, check his email, read endless geeky websites. Doesn't seem to realise that if food doesn't get prepared regularly there is much whinging. Also I get cabin fever if I don't get fresh air - even a walk in the park is enough. Has your DH had the boys on his own for the day yet? DH is going to be looking after the boy for my first few weeks at work, am hoping it will be a bit of an eyeopener for him...

TheGoddessBlossom Sun 24-Jun-07 20:23:38

thanks HC, Mae. It's funny you should say that mae re having the boys on his onw, as he never ever does. He's not daft - he knows that would be, like, hard work, so why on earth would he want it to happen? H is slipping back into not letting him do bath of bed time, so even if DH is home at that hour of the day, I end up doing all of it anyway - so the solution last time was for DH to spend much more one-on-one time with him, and when I suggested it recently i got my head bitten off predicatbly "I DO spend LOADS of time on our own together!!!" er, watching Fifi and the Flowertots together while sitting on the sofa while I bath and bed Toby does not constitute quality father and son time in my book. He knows I am right, just can't bear to be told so. I know just what you mean too, about them just drifting around eexpecting them to be able to get on with their usual tasks regardless of childcare. Me having a shower = waiting until Toby is in bed for his nap, and H is sorted out and in front of Tikkabilla, DH having a shower is at will, whatever is going on, starting with a yell for me to come and get whichever kid is demanding his attention. It makes me so MAD! Especially when he gets cross with H for not sitting quietly in front of the tv. He doesn't WANT to watch telly Dh, he wants to PLAy with you, you know, you? getting off the sofa? participating in family life? one on one time? Sorry what was that, you're tired??? AND I'M NOT??? Give me strength....

Sorry. I promise that is enough ranting over DH. And he has just made me a lovely Chili Con Carne......

MaeWest Sun 24-Jun-07 20:27:42

Well, at least he cooks.... . Think you need to engineer an excuse to leave him with them tho, even if it's just for a few hours. He may know intellecually that it's hard work, but it would be a bit of a reminder. Enjoy your chilli

kamikayzed Sun 24-Jun-07 20:48:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kbaby Sun 24-Jun-07 22:37:43

HC- Cant belive that Sophie will be 1. How quickly has that year gone!
Bloss- sorry for your crap weekend. Why are men such pita, Dh stresses me out more than the kids because I expect him to do something and he doesn’t. At least when hes not here I know that no one is going to do anything. I second you on the fact that they just continue with life regardless. DH spent today on the PC with bloody Itunes while I cooked Ds dinner for the week and I had to keep shouting ‘DH come and get DS from my leg or he needs changing etc. The one day he looked after DS on his own he didn’t give him any milk/water or tea because I hadn’t reminded him!!!!!!Hope your week is better.

Cant talk for long as im shattered and ive only caught up on this thread.
Hols were fab but very hot 40c. DD loved the pool and DS liked crawling along the poolside while bending down and slurping the water off the paving stones(honestly he is gross) Hes now cruising and standing on his own. I bought him his first cruisers yesterday as he likes you walking while holding his hand. They are just so cute and small.
He still only says ‘dad’ besides the usual gibberish. My mum seems to think she heard him say ‘elia’ after DD but im not convinced.
Hes cut two top side teeth. He looks odd though as he still doesn’t have the top middle teeth so he looks a bit like Dracula.

Everyones babies seem to be doing so much more than DS. He will give kisses and takes his dummy out and hell also point to the light is you say wheres the lights but that’s about it. The only thing he seems interested in is destroying the house and fiddling with everything hes not meant to.

I finally had my period 3 weeks and 8 pregnancy tests later! I was so relieved still not completely convinced though as I still feel sick unless I eat but I think the GP will think im neurotic if I get her to send me for a scan when ive had a period and negative tests.

Will try and post some pics next time.
Actually that turned into quite a long message. Sorry

kamikayzed Sun 24-Jun-07 23:18:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

usandnosleep Sun 24-Jun-07 23:40:21

hi all

We all have our problems don't we?

All you can do is your best, you have told them what you think.
In my experience the more you mention something the less inclined someone is to action it.
I really feel for you {{{{hugs}}}}

I'm sat here with a glass of vino having just finished a stack of work. Dusting of the old brain cells is proving tricky
Have another pile of paperwork arriving tomorrow.
I'm actually going into work tomorrow and Tuesday, should be interesting as they are having a few staffing issues at the mo.

I'm going to take myself to bed , night all x

TheGoddessBlossom Mon 25-Jun-07 09:39:49

morning. calm here, as Monday with just me and the boys is in full swing.

Apologies for my moany groany stream of consciousness about Dh last night. Glad I'm not alone.

KBaby, Toby is not doing anything much more than your DS. He can open and close his hand when you sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which is very cute, he puckers up for a kiss, and he can nowpoint and wave but that is it. Only says Dada. Your holiday sounds brilliant, how lovely to be in the warmth! Glad you are not pregnant if you didn't want to be!

KZ - hmm some booked me time - it does happen very occasionally, but takes so much mentioing, boking, arranging and repeating that it has to be a real effort. TBH, booked me-time to me involves not getting up with the boys and having an hour extra in bed, and I struggle to get that so anything more is a bit out of the realms of reality atm. I do go out in the evenings occiasionally, when the shift is over and the children are asleep.

Anyhoo, the boys slept 12 hours straight, even Toby who didn't wake until 6am, first time ever, and I got 9 solid hours so feeling human again.

I can't imagine trying to work now. I'd be useless. God i am going to have such a confidence crisis when I do eventually go back to work, I'll be on here moaning on and on about that then!!!

Rain here again. I hope it is getting it out of it's system before we go away at the weekend. I have already starting outting things in boxes in preparation. LEarnt my lesson in the IOW and have packed a whole box already full of books, games, puzzles and toys and am DEFFO TAKING MY LAPTOP TO PLAY DVDS!!!


KZ - fab pic - I would rather be sick on myself than go to Glastonbury but I can understand the pull of the bands they were amazing this year.

TheGoddessBlossom Mon 25-Jun-07 09:44:08

oh and Toby is crawling and pulling himself up too, and can take a few steps if you hold his baby!!

HumphreysCorner Mon 25-Jun-07 10:28:34

Morning all

kbaby-so glad to hear from you and great that you had a fab time and AF arrived (phew!). Not so good to come home to all this rain and a DH that is not pulling his weight. Mine sat on the SOFA all day yesterday. Couldn't be bothered to say anything.

Bloss-all calm this wet morning then? Hurrah and well done Toby.

My friend used to go to Glastonbury every year and even persuaded her DH to go once. Every time I used to ask myself WHY ? ? ? Great pic though kayzed. I have to have a clean toilet, plug for my drier and straighteners and have to have a bath or shower every morning. Oh, and a dry bed. Have been watching some of the excellent bands on TV though.

Em insisted on going to nursery this morning so got the boat out and rowed us there. Honestly, no wonder we can't get insurance for flooding. Some houses near her nursery have got water swishing up to the front door.

Waiting for my boiler man to come and do a service but he lives near where they have the worst flooding and all the schools are closed so don't think he will show.

Hugs to all, Sophie is having a nap so going to have a cuppa. Thinking back to a year ago it was boiling hot and I was v. uncomfortable and having lots of twinges.


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