July 2007 - yet starting in June!

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Jamantha Tue 19-Jun-07 13:39:25

Well, I can't see a post natal July 2007 thread, so will start this, even though Charlotte, my DD was born 4.5 weeks early in June. I'm sure the other July ladies will be along soon enough.

Have had 2 nights at home now. Yesterday afternoon was fairly distressing as Charlotte wouldn't latch on, and if she did she wouldn't suck. But have got loan of electric pump from hospital, and support from midwives and now managing with comination of breast, expressed and formula milk, sometimes all three in the same feed. Finding it quite emotional, with all the issues associated with feeding one's baby, but trying to stay calm as found out yesterday that getting self into a state doesn't help anyone.

Dh has just gone out to get some things we're still missing, and I'm putting my feet up for a bit. Phil & Ted has just arrived so we might try a stroll down to the ante natal class tonight!

Any how, hope there are lots of lovely birth stories to come from July ladies, and that we can swap advice, give each other moral support etc over the coming weeks and months.

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daisyboo Tue 19-Jun-07 13:44:46

Jamantha.....post natal threads can be a bit quiet in the early days....my dd was born 5th June.....come and join us on the June one if you want until more of your lot have had their babies.

Congratulations on your LO......I hope your DD is doing OK, and that the feeding improves. No experience but i'd read that preemies can have a few problems with their sucking reflex.

Good Luck with her.....and enjoy being a mum!

daisyboo Tue 19-Jun-07 13:47:56

mind you....the june pn thread is still very quiet....which is why I'm here talking to you

Jamantha Tue 19-Jun-07 14:40:42

Cheers daisyboo. Will probably end up "hovering" between the two threads. Sucking reflex isn't the problem - it's strong. But she is so sleepy that we normally have to wake her to feed and have problems getting her alert enough to feed properly, even though we try undressing, changing nappy, wiping face with cold damp cotton wool etc. And then she gets so exhausted fairly quickly that sometimes she just can't be bothered to try for long enough to get a decent feed. But she's hungry and gets distressed that she can tell the milk is nearby, but can't get at it. We're told that things will improive with time though, if we persevere. But can be very hard on all of us in the meantime.

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daisyboo Tue 19-Jun-07 14:44:10

try and rest as much as possible. My dh has taken over all the household chores and looking after our ds, so i can concentrate on the LO entirely and it has made a huge difference to my mental and physical well-being.

if you need any advice, there are a few of us who are second, third and even fourth timers.

my dd responds to having her feet tickled when she's fallen asleep

daisyboo Tue 19-Jun-07 14:45:06

and remember...things will only get better!

weddingcake Thu 21-Jun-07 09:52:43

Jamantha...I still haven't had a chance to get on the internet and post properly. It's not so much the baby that's taking the time because with being prem and the jaundice he's also a sleepy one, but with trying to balance vistitors and getting done all the things we'd planned to get organised in the last month before he arrived.

My DH is also having to pop in and out of work because he's a school teacher and it's exam time - we'd been so proud of ourselves that this baby was going to arrive at the start of the school holidays!

Anyway just wanted to say SNAP with the whole feeding thing and SNAP to the trying not to get stressed about it but struggling not to. I've tried a hand pump the last 2 days but am off to track down an electric one today as the hand pump is too time consuming and has an annoying squeak every time you push down...DH reckons there's a market for a novelty one that makes a moo sound each time.

Hope today is a good feeding day for you and I promise I'll be back on here when I get 2 mins.

Take Care xx

PS I'm not sure the black rings under my eyes could be any bigger if they tried!

Jamantha Thu 21-Jun-07 19:06:50

Feeding been MUCH better today . Went to BF clinic and they showed some useful hints about how to improve our technique. Managed a really good feed when we got home and she is due for another one soon, so hopefully that will be ok too. Real test I guess will be late tonight when I'm tired...

Anyway, about to try first bath! Exciting stuff.

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weddingcake Thu 21-Jun-07 22:24:27

Have also had a good feeding day and bought a pump so hoping to be able to top him up with breast milk rather than formula from now on.

Tempted to maybe keep one feed a day as formula though just so a)I know he'll still take it in an emergency and b)if I make it the late night one I gather itll help him go longer in the night once he's bigger and doesn't have to be strictly every 3 hours. Expressing does just seem to be one more time consuming thing to do each day though.

He's also had slightly longer periods of being awake today which is lovely and I hope it means the jaundice is on the way out but I suspect our easy ride with a baby who sleeps 99% of the time is probably over and I guess this is where the true fun begins!

Hope bathtime went well.Poor Jamie didn't get a bath at all in hospital so it was one of the first things we did when we came in because the smell of cheesey tramp was quite overpowering! That's also when I realised I obviously didn't have a problem bonding with him because even smelling that horrific all I wanted to do was snuggle into him!

And how are you feeling? I don't really mind but all our wellwishers are obsessed with how J is doing and I keep wanting to be a bit petulant and remind them that my body has also been through a bit of a rough time!

Off to feed again...

Bodkin Thu 21-Jun-07 22:48:44

Just popped in to say hello and congratulations to you both. Hope the feeding issues sort themselves out over the next few days - but it sounds like you are both doing really well and coping with the unexpected early arrivals. Looking forward to joining you both in a few weeks time

Myfairone Fri 22-Jun-07 06:56:35

Jamantha and Weddingcake - Just thought I would pop over and say hi.
You both sound like you are doing fantastically!

Try and get plenty of rest and before you know it this thread will be full of us 'July'ers' having exactly the same problems as you guys and by then you will be our experts!

Lots of love to you and your little ones.


Jamantha Fri 22-Jun-07 07:34:44

Well I'm actually awake EARLY this morning! Bathtime wasn't very popular with Charlotte last night, but it didn't last long thankfully. And what a relief not to have been expressing all night!! She took feeds from me directly, though I suspect maybe not for as long at a time as she should have done as ended up feeding her more frequently through the night. But am so happy that she's taking feed from me I'm quite happy to up the frequency a little and hope that as we get better she'll take more at a time and the frequency will drop again.

Apart from some feedling hassles am worried by how well it seems to be going. People tell me I'm looking good. While my nights are getting disturbed I'm getting 3 x 2 hour sleeps in the night and a nap or two in the day and not feeling too bad. We had been told that super organised people find a new baby difficult and we were FAR FROM super organised, so maybe that's working in our favour in that we are haooy to go with the flow> But I am worried that it'll catch up with us soon and bite us somewhere where it hurts!

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MelissaM Fri 22-Jun-07 09:18:30

Hi ladies

Thought I would pop over too to see how you are doing. Hope the feeding probs sort themselves out - I am sure they will. People tell me it does take time and perseverance, so you will get there. Sounds like other than that you guys are doing great. Well done!

MelissaM Fri 22-Jun-07 09:19:58

Wddingcake, I can understand you getting p'd off with people only being interested in how J is doing. DH and I always make a point of asking how the parents are first (we've always been more interested in adults until now anyway).

Cyee Fri 22-Jun-07 09:49:43

Hi ladies, Just popping over to see how you're both doing - sounds you're both doing well.. as well as can be with new arrival, big body changes, minimal sleep and early bambinos! Take care of yourselves and hope to see you over here soon. Lots of hugs

twoplusone Fri 22-Jun-07 11:50:40

Hi You both seem to be coping fantastically.

Know what you mean when everyone is asking about the baby all the time. Your body has been through a lot also.

Hopefully you will have more company soon.xx

pulapula Fri 22-Jun-07 12:53:52

Hi Jamantha and Weddingcake,

I hope to be able to join you next Tuesday (if I can get internet access in hospital) as that's when my c-section will be.

I got really bad baby blues last time, but hope that with the support of other Mumsnetters, I will feel better able to cope. I am feeling really positive this time round, but am worried that I am setting myself up for a fall. It will help to know I'm not alone.

Speak to you soon!

Jamantha Fri 22-Jun-07 19:19:29

pulapula, the bedside tv thing they had in hospital when I was in had internet access. It wasn't cheap, and the keypad was poxy, but it was worth it to keep some contact with teh outside world, and definitely kept me sane. Hope you have something you can use to post and email with. It's lovely to get the congratulaitons directly rather than relayed via DH.

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abgirl Fri 22-Jun-07 21:40:42

I know, I know, I shouldn't be on here yet, but thought I would post the stats list here weekly too so you can keep up with the July ante-natal mums:

Babies born:
Date Name of Mummy Name of Baby Weight
13-Jun Jamantha Charlotte 6lb 15.5oz
14-Jun Weddingcake Jamie 5lb 13oz
15-Jun Auntymandy Boy 8lb 10oz
15-Jun Bertieboo Alexandra 4lb 11oz

Still waiting:
Due Date Name
27-Jun Beartime 39 +2
29-Jun 3flightsofstairs 39 +0
29-Jun Cakehead 39 +0
29 -Jun Justbeme 39 +0
29-Jun Foxybrown 39 +0
30-Jun Swift1 38 +6
30-Jun Dophus 38 +6
30-Ju n Trimum2 38 +6
01-Jul Gingertoo 38 +5
02-Jul Pulapula 38 +4
02-Jul Becks08 38 +4
04-Jul Theprecious 38 +2
05-Jul Relax 38 +1
05-Jul Cupcakesgalore 38 +1
05-Jul Stigaloid 38 +1
06-Jul Abgirl 38 +0
06-Jul Emmyb 38 +0
06-Jul Berrysmum 38 +0
07-Jul Pookey 37 +6
07-Ju l Greyclay 37 +6
07-Jul Mousemole 37 +6
08-Jul Helenmumof2 37 +5
08-Jul Cyee 37 +5
08-Ju l Kittenbaby 37 +5
09-Jul Flipflop 37 +4
09-Jul Nadinetd 37 +4
09-Jul Catstar 37 +4
09-J ul MelissaM 37 +4
10-Jul Cornishpixie 37 +3
11-Jul Catz 37 +2
12-Jul Dorisofdevon 37 +1
13-Jul Loujay 37 +0
13-Jul Breadandroses 37 +0
13-Jul Mrswaggsnapps 37 +0
13-Jul Mum2boys3 37 +0
14-Jul Firsttimer40 36 +6
14-Jul Hamptonnewbie 36 +6
15-Jul Bodkin 36 +5
15-Jul Tw oplusone 36 +5
15-Jul newby29 36 +5
15-Jul MarchBunny 36 +5
15-Jul Jendos 36 +5
16-Jul C utiebabies 36 +4
16-Jul Earlyriser 36 +4
16-Jul Gingerbics 36 +4
16-Jul Icklegem 36 +4
1 7-Jul fido 36 +3
18-Jul Keiralou 36 +2
18-Jul Saf1 36 +2
19-Jul Kyte 36 +1
19-Jul Vicky5 5 36 +1
19-Jul Biblio 36 +1
20-Jul Faby 36 +0
20-Jul MissusC 36 +0
20-Jul Princesspowers parkle 36 +0
20-Jul Agnesnitt 36 +0
21-Jul Miaou 35 +6
22-Jul Jennster 35 +5
22-Jul Bays mum 35 +5
22-Jul Tutter 35 +5
22-Jul Madmumnika 35 +5
22-Jul Chooster 35 +5
22-Jul Beyon ceen 35 +5
23-Jul Dewmeadow 35 +4
24-Jul Twink123 35 +3
24-Jul Huskygirl 35 +3
25-Jul Gr overegg 35 +2
25-Jul Caroline1852 35 +2
26-Jul Firststar 35 +1
26-Jul Bubble78 35 +1
26- Jul Weepiglet2 35 +1
27-Jul Lynneclynne 35 +0
27-Jul Leiselvontrapp 35 +0
27-Jul Glittercaz 35 +0
27-Jul Divaskychick 35 +0
29-Jul Tallysmummy 34 +5
29-Jul Myfairone 34 +5
29-Jul Typhoonsmum 34 +5
30-Jul Giulia 34 +4
31-Jul Littlepiggie 34 +3
31-Jul Justaboutmanaging 34 +3

weddingcake Sun 24-Jun-07 22:42:53

All very hit and miss - good day/bad day this end as far as feeding goes!

Since Thursday I've dropped the formula and have decided to trust my instincts as far as feeding him goes. He really struggles to feed for more than 10/15 mins as he just gets too tired so now he's a bit more alert rather than keep him to a strict 3 hour schedule I'm letting him dictate when he wants feeding as long as he doesn't go more than 3 hours in which case I insist.

If he was term then I'd far rather have kept to a routine but as he's not I think I'd rather let his body guide us as to what's right and worry about getting him into a routine when he's a bit more robust. I'm not sure but I think this way may also be boosting my milk supply because each feed now seems to be a good one (don't want to tempt fate but...) with continuous sucking as opposed to me having to keep poking him to encourage him

Having him weighed tomorrow so I guess that'll be the moment of truth before it's back to the drawing board for another plan. Each day is definitely trial and error at the moment.

I'm also quite proud that I managed 36 hours as a virtual single parent while DH went to his brother's wedding. My sister was meant to come and stay with me but she developed some 24 hour sickness bug at the last minute and all the other friends I could probably have called on at such short notice were also heading to the wedding so... it was just me and J home alone and although I was shattered by this afternoon I actually really enjoyed having him to myself!

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend -

Take Care x

JennsterFrogLover Sun 24-Jun-07 22:51:08

So glad to hear you feeding on demand Weddingcake. Sounds like you are doing just fine. Demand feeding and dropping formula will definitely boost your milk supply.

Jamantha Mon 25-Jun-07 09:05:31

glad things are going better for you WC.

Funnily enough I've taken much the same attitude since Thursday. We went to BF clinic which really helped and she hasn't had any formula since ... until late last night that is As she's started getting alert all by herself I'd taken the attitude that if she wanted she could have UNLESS it went more than about 3 and quarter hours in which case I'd be waking her and getting her to feed. Was generally fine but Sat afternoon she never fed for more than a few mins at a time before falling back into zonked out state, which meant she would be awake again very soon. Was very tiring for both of us. Sat night and Sun morning were better - good feeds with good sleeps in between - but Sun afternoon was getting worse and as she got tired she got worse at latching on so got less food so got more tired and by late Sunday night she was in a right frenzy and I was exhausted, so as a test of whether she was hungry and getting frustrated because of not latching on we tried formula. Downed 60 ml, slept well, then fed oK through night Had one sicky episode, but generally much better feeding every 2-3 hours, so at least I got some rest and we can try again today. Am worried though as a) she was too sleepy to be bothered with feeding at 8am, which was 3 hours since previous feed, so have let her sleep on a bit, and b) should get weighted today - last week she was same weight Monday and Friday, so really hoping she's gained over weekend. Anyway, sorry this has been such a long rant, am trying not to get too dispirited by it all, but it can be draining, and needed to vent a little. And guess I'd better now go see if an extra hour sleep has worked up an appetite for LO.

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weddingcake Mon 25-Jun-07 09:11:08

Vent away...and I'll do the same!

Think I tempted fate yesterday because last night was terrible with major latching issues,

Hoping today will be better and am as nervous about what his weight will be as if I was sitting some kind of exam!

twoplusone Mon 25-Jun-07 12:55:31

HI both,

re feeding tbh I demand fedboth of mine, even though as you have been told I was told with DD not to let her go motre than 3-4 hrs without a feed. I did though, if she was a sleep I never woke her, she always woke when hungry, generally was within the time frame, but if she went over was only an hour or so, so I used to leave her.. (she was a 36weeker weighed 4lb14oz)

i will defo be demand feeding again with this lo.

You both sound like ou are doing fantastically..

Just wish was over here on the ppn thread with you I really want to meet my lo.. just hit 37weeks yesterday.. Sorry if tmi but DH said I was feeling soft when we had sex this morning so hopefully that means my cervix is starting to soften..

Jamantha Mon 25-Jun-07 15:09:58

Midwife visit showed that C has kept the same weight. So hurrah that she hasn't lost any, but I'm rather sad that she didn't gain either. So, to make sure she is getting enough I'm back to expressing so that I can top up if I don't think she's had a decent enough feed, and if I can't express then use formula. Weighing again on Wednesday. In the meantime, she suggested that as the birth was very quick, particularly the second stage, that there may be some benefit from trying cranio-sacral therapy, as she's seen cases where baby's latch has been significantly improved from this. So I've made enquiries and hope that it might do some good.

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