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March 2007 - can't keep up

(990 Posts)
eidsvold Mon 18-Jun-07 08:06:34

Hi all -miss a few days due to nightmare things happening at home and I can't keep up now - so started a new thread. Perhaps thought we could remind each other when babes were born - I have lost track at who is the oldest etc.

Been busy here. Prac nanny is okay but hard work - feel like I can't totally relax in my own home etc. She is not sure how to deal with /take dd1 - making it hard. Dd1 had major meltdown after swimming the other day and then at hospital appt, then nanny took eyes from her for a second and she is finally found out on the footpath beside a major road and a sensible and lovely man brought her back. Unlike hospital volunteer who managed to stop dd1 taking a lift anywhere but when she could not get dd1 to hold her hand - she just left her It is clear the minute you speak to dd1 she has special needs FGS. poor nanny student was beside herself.

Saturday dh was gone all day on training exercise and dds only wanted daddy - long day. I managed to get out to a trivia night - MY TEAM WON - i found the questions very easy and answered most of them ( not bragging- just surprised my brain still functioned) I took dd3 - she would not go to sleep - come 11pm still wide awake and beyond over tired... got her home - to see dd2 in bed with dh cause she had an explosive puke that covered everything in her room. She was still up at 1am puking and I had dd3 still crying as she was exhausted.

so long rant - long few days - I am wrecked!!

dd3 - 12 weeks old.

eidsvold Mon 18-Jun-07 08:08:38

oops - forgot to mention picked up dd1 from kindy today - cue another meltdown - me slapped in the face and trying to stop her idea what is setting her off at the moment.

Shrinkinglily Mon 18-Jun-07 08:20:15

Eidsvold -you poor thing, sounds like you were run ragged!
Never mind you've all arrived safely to today, deep breath and hopefully things will start to ease.
I understand how it must be hard having someone else around but you are giving her fabulous experience, and hopefully what goes around comes around.

Fox, good luck for today!

I have a tricky day ahead too, dd is getting her booster jab at 11 and Hasan getting second jabs 11.15 dh came up last night to help me, thank goodness.

TheBlonde Mon 18-Jun-07 08:22:28

Hi Eids - Sorry to hear DD1 is not happy at the moment. Hope it passes soon

TheBlonde (DD 12wks, DS 2y4m)

TheBlonde Mon 18-Jun-07 08:23:12

Hi Lily - Hope the jabs are okay

Mossy Mon 18-Jun-07 09:24:30

Well Bertie has his 1st jabs tomorrow. I'm terrified!! The heel prick was bad enough, but a huge needle? I think I'll ask mil to go with me else I'll go to pieces!

Diva, just a thought. When we get around to our meet-up I could bring my dress. It'll be too big for you but it would give you an idea of the material and how it looks, what do you think?

I'd better get the sellotape out to get the pet hairs off it!!

Eids sounds like you're having a testing time of it at the moment, I hope everything improves for you.

Bertie is 9 and a half weeks old.

Shrinkinglily Mon 18-Jun-07 09:42:25

Mossy, I think the heel prick test is worse. The jabs are over with very quickly. Good idea to bring mil though. I wonder if our stress communicates to the baby? with dd I was stressed up to high doe about it and dd howled for half an hour after jabs. But with ds2 and Hasans last jabs, I was much calmer...taking it in my stride at this stage and they only cried for a minute.

Anyway I've just had a call from the drs to say they have a powercut and to postpone which is annoying, was all geared up to getting it over with!

hasan is 12 weeks 4 days (i think.)

foxcub Mon 18-Jun-07 10:26:16

Oh here you all are LOL!

Morning all

off to kick ares in about an hour

hope the babies are all well

foxcub Mon 18-Jun-07 10:26:29

or even "arse"

sazzybee Mon 18-Jun-07 11:14:35

Morning all

That sounds like a nightmare few days eids - hope you manage to figure out what's upsetting your dd1 soon and that the balance between nanny being hard work tips into being useful soon.

mossy - someone (think it was dolly) suggested to me that you could give them calpol before the jab so you could try that? Be prepared for yells - Elliot didn't react to his heel prick at all so stupidly I thought he'd be all mellow and he screamed. Also he reacted and I didn't realise until I undressed him some time later and felt terrible because I'd been squeezing his thigh and it was all red and hard. Bad mummy Hopefully bertie won't react but just want you to know to look out for it to avoid feeling horrible and guilty like I did!

My parents are coming tomorrow to look after E while I go and see my boss to find out if there's going to be a decent job available for me on my return They are doing a big restructure of our team and my colleague has also left so I want to make my position clear or I'm going to come back from ML and get given a shite job that no one else wants.

Fox - hope your meeting goes well this am. Did you see that drama on bbc2 last night? Was about a woman who gets shafted when she goes on ML.

Right - must get on with the cleaning as my mother will think I'm not coping if the house is a tip and then will want to come and stay for weeks on end

divastrop Mon 18-Jun-07 11:50:57

hello all.

have to go and take Elsie to the docs in a minute,shes got a nasty cough.

fox-hope you kick butt today

eids-sounds like youre having a hard time of it.hope thigs improve for you soon.

rosy-Elsie still hasnt had her jabsi bet i get another appt tomorrow or something now shes ill again.

MOssy-that would be great.its hard to tell what things are like from a picture.when are we going to do the meet up?

oh bugger,just seen the time...

eidsvold Mon 18-Jun-07 12:04:59

foxy - hope it all goes well for you - have been keeping up with your saga...

Mossie - second giving them some calpol/paracetamol about 20 minutes beforehand - worked for all of mine.

With out flus and chest infections etc DD3 has not yet even had her first set of jabs - hoping to get them done this week - just did not want her to have her vaccs whilst our house was so germy - hopefully the cold snap as killed off the bugs for now.

left dh with the babes to put to bed tonight - went to cafe for coffee and cake and read a trashy mag - feel better. Think I might go and have a bath - shouldn't really due to water shortages and the push for us all to have 4 minute showers to conserve water - I need some water to conserve my sanity.

dd3 is still a dream - so easy going and even when she is stressed or upset - she is still okay. thankfully I think I would have too much on my plate if dd3 was as demanding as dd2 was.

NewMum24Gem Mon 18-Jun-07 13:02:52

Hey divastrop my DS has a nasty cough and cold. Doc wont give anything, says babys have to learn to fight the infection. I got some snuffle babe for him which is basically like vicks but for babys. thats helps a bit. He sounds really rough. Its hard to listen to bless him especially when he coughs.
Hes getting huge now. Learned to roll over now but he cant get back! very amusing to watch! lol

My ds is 15 weeks and 1 day. Got his 3rd set of jabs soon. Not looking forward to it coz he has to have 3! 2 was bad enough for him. With his last 2 jabs he came out in a rash on his right cheek.

Piffle Mon 18-Jun-07 13:13:17

oh here you all are
Mossy I sent dp with Finn for his jabs [wuss alert]
as it happened dream baby, barely noticed, came home fed and slept and never missed a bloody beat
My other two were always cranky after their jabs
Think( should check that lol )Finn has his 2nd lot this week (crap mummy alert)

Eids it always occured to me that a nanny would be hard work as I would never feel like I could relax, hope she learns loads - sounds like she is on a crash course LOL at the puking grim grim grim

Bugaboo been held up until tomorrow, have no pram now and my wrist is the size of a tennis ball so am off to docs tomorrow to beg a splint - it's affecting bf as I need it to support my left boob and it hurts SO much....
must dash and find dd

divastrop Mon 18-Jun-07 13:15:28

Elsie has an ear infection and the cold has gone onto her chest,though she hasnt actually got a chest infection as such but is wheezy.i have been given antibiotics foe her,and have to take her back wednesday.

newmum-this is about the 6th or 7th cold Elsie has had,but the first time shes needed antibiotics.she has had nasal drops in the past though,when her bunged up nose has made feeding difficult.

i dont think dd2 is very well,either,shes lying in her travel cot feeling v.sorry for herself

muppethasakitten Mon 18-Jun-07 13:17:51

just got back from Samuel's 2nd lot of jabs... god i hate it... he cried at second one but not too bad... threw up after calpol & had temp after 1st lot so dreading today...

... think he's 15 weeks today?

sorry to hear you've had a rough time eids... you don't think dd1 could be reacting to having the new nanny around do you? I remember you saying once that she didn't like change much...

good luck with respective bosses foxy and sazzy

NewMum24Gem Mon 18-Jun-07 13:43:56

hope elsie gets better soon.
this is the 2nd cold my DS has had, first one at 5 weeks. I dont like hearing him growling when hes breathing but there is nothing else to do!

sazzybee Mon 18-Jun-07 14:07:21

(((all the ill DCs))) Hope they all perk up soon. Poor elsie having to have antibiotics Must be so horrible being ill when you can't explain how you feel

I think Elliot might be unwell too - he has been sleeping for 2.5 hours! I keep going in to look at him to check he's okay. We went to a garden party where he was getting passed around a lot and there was music and lots of people and he didn't sleep much so hopefully he's just a bit knackered from all the excitement.

I am having a mare with everyone today. My neighbours are accusing me of trying to rip off the house to pay for improvements to my flat because I have claimed on the buildings insurance for the windows damaged in the burglary. And I have had to chase my boss and the job I would like is something he needs to fill 'imminently' so I will be stuck with the crap one when I go back to work. My mum says she'll look after E if I want to go back now but he's only 3 months old and it's too soon!

I might have a good cry and see if that helps.

kittywits Mon 18-Jun-07 14:40:23

Sazzy, that's a pain about your neighbours. People can get very funny about these things. I was once joint freeholder of a building with three flats in it and there were always wrangles over the insurance.
Hope Elliot is just tired and not poorly.

Diva, poor Elsie , hope the ab's clear it all up soon. I guess that's why she's been off her milk?

Eids, that sounds like a parenting nightmare. `hope things start to calm down now for you, fingers crossed.

Foxy, let us know how you got on

Mossy, you're sounding a lot better now, do you feel more on top of things?

Ronnie's 10 weeks and 1 day and already starting to grow out of 3-6 month baby grows , stll quite skinny thoiugh!

Chocolatepenny Mon 18-Jun-07 15:48:29

hello everyone just wanted to ask has anybody got a teether yet? I started another thread to ask mumsnetters as I think my babes is teething at just 3 months, websites are a bit general they say 7 months. Sorry I can't do links but would like to know your experiences?

foxcub Mon 18-Jun-07 16:26:24

Choc - Monti's mouth is like a waterfall sometimes and he knaws his hands but no teeth yet

Eids - you poor thing, what a nightmare day! Bet you were glad to get that day over and done with. How long is the prac nany with you for?

Mossy - I give calpol before jabs as it take sthe edge off the pain. Also, I find infant nurifen much better than calpol. When Monti had his, I had to give both calpol and nurofen afterwards as calpol didn't work (you can mix them)

Sazzy - what a headache re the neigbours - you'd think they'd be more sympathetic wouldn't you? I hope you get your job sorted - I hate having to think about work while on mat leave. Good luck anyway

Met boss today and he has retreated a bit on the reloaction of my staff - saying he's now willing to consider various other options. Its not a done deal but looks more positive. He also agreed to process my payrise and backdate it to November!! Also, is offering a bit more than originally discussed.

Me thinks he is shitting himself

Mossy Mon 18-Jun-07 17:10:07

Thanks all for the advice re: jabs! I'm still dreading it... but mil has agreed to come with me; I couldn't bear the thought of going on my own!

Foxy it really does sound like you kicked some "ares" get in!!

Kitty I do feel a bit more on top of things, the prozac helps as does dh's better attitude. I'm starting to forgive him now. Can't believe how much bigger Ronnie is than Bertie - Bertie's only just in his 0-3 clothes now, and Ronnie's only a few days older!!

Diva re: the meet up... when were you thinking? I'm okay any time, as there's only me and Bertie, but there are more of your brood so it's up to you really, and hopefully Morocco is coming too?

Sazzy... right, I am getting off my fat arse and doing those CDs for you. Sorry for being so crap!!!

Right, off to settle Mr Crypants!!

foxcub Mon 18-Jun-07 17:30:35

Mossy the worst bit is having to hold your baby's leg still while big nasty nurse sticks log needle in !!

divastrop Mon 18-Jun-07 17:39:22

chocpenny's teething thread

mossy-i think it will have to be the first week in august when ds and dd1 are at my mum's,as i cant really expect dp to look after all of them while i go off on a jolly(fair enough when i was in hospital but thats different).i will be bringing Elsie only.

i bet you are on holiday that week or something...

sazzy-what unsympathetic neighbours!

kitty-i suspected her ear was hurting,as she would start to feed then start wriggling etc like she was in pain.hopefully the ab's will work quickly.

i got out all the 3-6 months clothes about 2 weeks ago,and most of them are too small now.dd2 was a standard-size baby and was in 3-6 till 6 months.Elsie is going to be a large one like the time ds1 has a growth spurt he'll be going into men's clothesand hes already a size 5 shoe.

fox-good to hear your boss is crapping it

divastrop Mon 18-Jun-07 17:43:43

jabs dont bother me since i watched 2 doctors and a nurse try and get a canular into dd2 when she was 2 weeks old.they had to try to find a vein in her head at one point.she wasnt having any of it though,and they gave up and put her on oral sedation instead!

what made me laugh is,after going through all that,when she did have her first jabs at 8 weeks,she screamed the place down

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