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Summer babies

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Mosret Sat 25-Aug-18 07:28:56

Starting a thread for any babies born this summer! How are you all getting on?
Ours was born in June, 10 wks old today. She's so cute and has started smiling and sort of giggling. She loves staring at black and white things and playing with her blanket. We're doing baby massage and she loves the little rhymes that go with it.

We had a tough 6 wks with colic and reflux where we were awake every 20 minutes all through the night. But now she goes down from 9pm until 2am and wakes about 2am, 4am, 6am for feeds.
In between she kicks and squirms and grunts all night but appears to actually be sleeping while doing so!😄

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Embracethechaos Sat 25-Aug-18 19:38:13

Hi, I started a June babies thread, my baby was born 19th June at 36 weeks. other babies I've been very lucky with sleep, we had to wake baby as a newborn, she got jaudice and sleepy. Now she's older and gaining weight well at her hv and gp checks I'm more relaxed about feeds and feeding fully on demand. She's more awake now but sleeps well at night, from often 10-2, for a short feed then sleep until 5-6, with the occasionally missing the 2am feed, if she doesn't sleep deeply until 11/midnight. Please don't hate me.

Embracethechaos Sat 25-Aug-18 19:38:44

Anyone on here from the antenatal group?

Embracethechaos Sat 25-Aug-18 19:41:23

My baby also squirms and startles a lot in her sleep, sometimes wakes in in a panic, I wander what she's dreaming.

lmx0 Sun 26-Aug-18 23:20:58

Hi @Embracethechaos ive wondered how you've been getting on?!

Embracethechaos Mon 27-Aug-18 06:18:01

Hi lmxo, went into labour on fathers day at 36 weeks after having a day out in Oxford, lots of walking and a treat coffee at dh favorite coffee shop and itsu, so lots to get baby moving unintentionally! I gave dh a father's day card saying baby can't wait to meet you and she really couldn't! Was a difficult labour as the baby had not engaged and I'm had no contractions before my waters broke. Labour ward was full when I arrived so after 30 minutes monitoring I was admitted to antenatal on iv antibiotics and had a very painful second 30 second monitoring in the middle of the night... They didn't have enough machines and the one I got was broken so agony against babys foot with no water. I was 2cm dilated by the morning when I was first examined in labour ward Monday morning but, induced in the afternoon after which I had gas and air then an epidural and gave birth after an episiotomy at 2:30 19th June. 18/06/18 would have been a more cool birthday but it took time to push her out, at one point I was told to stop pushing. Baby was born health and nearly 7 pounds so only technically premie. She's amazing really, her strength and drive to drink milk from both me and bottle in her first week. Dh is an amazing dad. How have you been lmxo?

lmx0 Mon 27-Aug-18 07:25:54

@Embracethechaos oh wow what a fathers day present!! And what a tough time you had!! But glad to hear shes doing well 😊 i also had a hard time i was induced 2 after dd due to babys growth slowing down in the last 2 weeks on the sat lunch time on the monday waters were broke got to 4 cm and things slowed down then sped up very fast pushed for an hour and a half but baby wasnt down far enough so tried forceps that didnt work so section it was which i was happy enough as i was exhausted they then discovered baby was back to back so my little girl was born on the 31st july and doing well are you still combi feeding?

Embracethechaos Mon 27-Aug-18 08:30:54

Hi, was combi, now I'm exclusively breastfeed with bottles of express going off in the fridge so I've started freezing if I express and trying to give her 5 day old bottled milk not to waste it then realising that's a but silly but I wanted a break from breastfeeding. After she protested with the bottle she latched straight on my boob and stopped playing with it which is the bit I don't like! Breastfeeding is so much easier two months in. At the beginning it made me really dizzy, allthough that may have been from birth and blood loss but cramping during feeding does not make it a nice bonding experience! I wanted her to sleep so I could put her down and freshen up. Now it's nice. My dh has not needed to feed her recently. she started spitting out expressed so he's now the entertainer and dd does tummytime on his chest. I'm lucky he works in a school so I've had that support but next week he's back to work. Most of my nct had c section (4/6),recovery can be hard. Towards the end of Monday I was hoping for surgery but afterwards glad of a vaginally as recovery was quick. Was it you who was also due 12th July like me? How are you feeding?

Embracethechaos Mon 27-Aug-18 08:32:04

Sorry, bad at maths, realised 31st is more than 2 weeks after 12th so was someone else.

lmx0 Mon 27-Aug-18 12:27:48

Oh good on you it can take a while to get used to cant it its can be very tiring and hard work eps if baby likes to cluster feed my LO has a habit of playing with me and it can be really frustrating and she gets frustrated but im trying to push through with it im combi feeding she has 2 bottles a day just to top up as i was feeling with her cluster feeding so much come bed time and lunch time she wasnt getting enough and was getting fussy also gives daddy time with her at bedtime and i can get a shower!! Ohh your so lucky to of had him home with you over the summer be nice to be able yo get into a routine as well when he goes back to work no i was due 26th

lmx0 Mon 27-Aug-18 12:29:29

My recovering has been good compared to some put im still a bit sore and if i try and do anything i feel it i just need to listen to my body and do as it tells me

Embracethechaos Mon 27-Aug-18 18:09:17

Pushing through is important but don't completly exhaust yourself. I was in meds for anxiety/insomnia in pregnancy that were upped after birth. I was due to have an op meeting with my mental health worker and obstieatician at 37 weeks vut gave birth first! Ops. I am glad I didn't have all the anticipation and planning but my meds were haphazard and messed about for the first week. Due to my few nights in hospital postnatally and no sleep Sunday night and sleep a few hours Monday after the epidural before giving birth at 2:30 then not sleeping until Tuesday evening when I took my meds. Then on Wednesday I was set on a breast express formula routine and dd needed phototherapy overnight. By Friday dd was fit to leave but I was very emotional as the ward had been busy all week and I'd had full psycatric assessments where they said my mental health was related to care. So I was sectioned for the weekend so they could monitor me with my meds change. it was actually really lovely as we were given the best room in the Labour ward that my dh could stay with double bed. Was like a hotel room, our first holiday. Back home my mum stayed and really helped with the breastfeeding, went to dd having a bottle once at night as my meds are a sedative and slept through the crying. As my body has now adjusted to the dose and doesn't knock me out and I've recovered from birth I now do all the feeds. Lmxo, hope you get breastfeeding established soon as it really is so much cheeper and convenient and healthy but don't feel bad giving a bottle. Mums know best.

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