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Sterilisation at time of caesarean

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hoppyfarmer Tue 14-Aug-18 20:27:32

Hi ladies,
Anyone out there opted for sterilisation when they had a c section?
I have a chequered pregnancy history including 37 week stillbirth and miscarriages. Fortunately I have a lovely daughter and am 20 weeks pregnant again now. I definitely, definitely, definitely do not want any more children after this one and even if the worst happens again in this pregnancy I still don't want to be pregnant again. My husband feels the same but says he won't go for a vasectomy. Won't mention my feelings on that! cough bastard cough
I'd be interested to know how easy you found it to get hospital to agree.
Cheers m'dears.

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bloated1977 Thu 23-Aug-18 19:51:12

Most hospitals won't do it. They like ultimately check your new baby is going to survive before sterilizing you and also your tubes are generally swollen up inside you so when they clip them, they can move once the swelling goes down and therefore you can become pregnant again.

BikeRunSki Thu 23-Aug-18 19:56:50

I thought it was s myth that this was ever fine, for the reasons given by bloated?

Your DH needs to man up!

BikeRunSki Thu 23-Aug-18 20:38:27

OP, I found this leaflet, which basically supports what bloated1977 said.

nervousseacreature Thu 23-Aug-18 20:43:55

I thought about it but decided against it as consultant said the failure rate was fairly high. I guess as swelling is going down and everything is all knitting back together, your tubes could too, possibly still meaning you could get pregnant.

My consultant also said that as the first year of a baby’s life is the most dangerous (not sure if this is true but it’s what she said) she would advise waiting a year or so before doing anything permanent like sterilisation or vasectomy. I’m going for the Mirena coil which dh is looking at vasectomy in the future.

Grasslands Thu 23-Aug-18 20:50:22

i had it done 30 years ago very happy it was done, no complications and no pregnancy worries.

mummadave Thu 23-Aug-18 20:55:14

I was supposed to have this done at the time of section for my 7w old daughter.
She had other ideas and I went into labour at 35 weeks so never had a Caesarian.
Consultant was happy to have the discussion with me and I persuaded him I really really wanted it done. I'm 28.
Husband not keen on vasectomy - with a quoted risk of 10% for chronic testicular pain I guess I can see why!grin

hoppyfarmer Thu 23-Aug-18 21:19:33

Thanks ladies. I can't have a coil or the pill so it'll be hideous condoms if they won't do it.

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Ashleigh1375 Sun 09-Sep-18 06:39:57

My little sister was sterilized during her section, that was 12 weeks ago, so it is possible, she was 26 at the time now 27, it's not something I have looked into as I want more kids, so I don't know the risks or complications.

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