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Constipation- 8 weeks old

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ThreeAfter30 Sat 14-Jul-18 18:51:39

My baby girl is 8 weeks old and is having a complete nightmare trying to poo. We are lucky if she goes once a day and even when she does its soooo watery. Poor child just cant seem to go today, ive even given cooled boiled water/prune juice mix as advised by HV. Cant remember my other 2 having problems going.
Does anyone have any tips on how to help her?
Ive tried tummy massage, bum massage, bicycle legs and warm bath, nothings helping her at all sad

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charley39 Tue 17-Jul-18 17:17:04

Are you breast or bottle formula feeding?

Jelly67 Wed 08-Aug-18 19:24:32

Have you tried dufalac?

yikesanotherbooboo Wed 08-Aug-18 20:52:01

Is she actually called constipated? Just checking because babies( mainly bf) don't always poo incessantly. My DD only opened her bowels once a week or so but her stools were soft ie not constipated. Some babies also make a huge fuss, writhing and squirming before bo, if their stools are soft and reasonably plentiful they are not constipated , they are just getting used to the feelings involved in bowel opening.
If your baby's stools are hard then please ignore my thoughts!!

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