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Reflux at 8 months still

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NotSoThinLizzy Fri 10-Aug-18 15:44:40

My wee one still has reflux at 11 months we are due to be seen by a specialist on Wednesday. It's hard going hopefully you'll get some answers 😊

Lndnmummy Fri 10-Aug-18 15:33:17

Have you tried Oneprazole?

Jelly67 Wed 08-Aug-18 19:27:59

Hi that's awful, I don't have any advice as mine is only 7 wks but I'm finding this Facebook group good as there's lots of experience on it so you could ask there too:

Amina8 Thu 12-Jul-18 21:56:05

Maybe you should do a x-ray of the tummy. My sisters little one had extremely bad reflux and it wouldn't go away. Turns out when they did an xray, she had a problem with her intestines and had to have surgery. After the surgery her reflux has gone completely and she's a much happier baby. She's 6months now and all this happened within the last month

TheLittlestPanda Wed 11-Jul-18 07:49:20

Does anyone have any experience of this?
My DS was diagnosed with silent reflux at 5 weeks. Initially on gaviscon but then switched to ranitidine.
By 12 weeks we saw improvement in his symptoms and he was a much happier baby, although if we tried to reduce the doseage the symptoms would return.

At about 5 months, he started getting regular reflux, so being sick a lot and this has continued until now.
The doseage of ranitidine is so high that the pharmacist questions us and in one case wasn't happy to give to us. We've also been back on the gaviscon the last month with no real improvement but DS had been struggling with constipation.

DS is a small baby, has dropped centiles consistently but as he "presents well" and hits milestones hv unconcerned.

GP initially said he should grow out by 4 months, then 6 months, then once he is eating solids and crawling.... We've passed all of those times without improvement.

I just don't know what to do.
The medication does not seem to be working, and he has been on it practically his whole life. I almost feel that since it isn't doing anything maybe I should stop it? I'd go back to gp but he'll just up the meds like he does every time.

Just after other experiences or advice really.

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