Anyone know of any mother baby groups in colchester or live near by

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kjas Wed 23-May-07 13:45:00

Hi Everyone,

i'm new on here, i live in colchester having moved here from london. my little lady is now 10 and half weeeks, she is my first.
i have got to the point of getting bored at home and wondered if there is anyone near by or knows of anywhere that can keep me occupied and meet other new mums,
i could drive into london every day to keep me occupied but that is killer on the petrol. other half works so its mainly just me and bubs for the time being until i go back to work myself.

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kirsty12 Sat 08-Sep-07 21:51:43

hiya i am kirsty and i have also just moved here to colchester from london. i used to live in dagenham. i have also go a baby he is nearly 6 months. and im getting so bored. if you find a childcare service can you please let me know. thanks a lot. my email is

i would also like to make some new friends as i aint got any here.


nicki1977 Wed 03-Mar-10 23:09:22

Hello every one, im new to this site so just having a look. can any one reccomend any good baby groups singing, dancing etc to meet other mums. i have a 8 month old baby living in colchester and would love to meet up with other mums 4 chats and coffee etc im 33 with my first baby and need to meet other mums.

MovetotheMusic Fri 20-Jan-12 13:30:38

There is a new Pre-School Dance Classes starting in February 2012. A parent & Toddler Class and a Baby Ballet Class.

Page on facebook has more details​MoveToTheMusicDanceCl​asses email is

Great fun, good for development and fantastic way to meet other mums!

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