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April girls hit Brighton! And bring their mums along too . . .

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Bramshott Wed 23-May-07 11:28:42

As I have no brain and often no time to read all of the other thread, I thought I'd start a new one for SE meet up plans.

The questions:
1. Can we all get to Brighton? Is that the best place?
2. What weekdays could you do without big ones? Failing that, a Saturday.
3. Who fancies a trip to West Wittering with the big ones in the summer hols? Let's book it in early.

For me - Yep, Brighton good, although I don't know it very well so I'm hoping someone else will suggest where to meet. Also happy if others have other suggestions - Arundel?!?
Best mid-week days for me are probably Tues, Wed or Fri when I can book N in to her nursery for a longer session. Monday also okay but would have to make it fairly speedy to be back by 3.00.

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Wed 23-May-07 12:05:30

I am up for it! (Thanks for setting up the thread Bramshott, been meaning todo it for a while )

Brighton is good for me (would come by train) - Can do Tues / Thurs without bigger DD's in tow.

Would LOVE to do West Whittering in the summer with whole families too!

Best go - P is wailing ......

Sexonknackeredlegs Wed 23-May-07 13:01:59


Can get to Brighton I think but would get the train I think as driving there from Southampton is horrendous.

Can do any weekday apart from Wednesdays.

Would be up for a trip to W Wittering with the whole crew.

Need to run!

Emmymummy Thu 24-May-07 13:17:45

Can do any day really without Emily, but Monday, Weds and Friday are the best for me as Em has after school clubs. Otherwise I'll need to rush off earlier as need to collect her at 3pm on Tues & Thurs. Unless we pick a day that dh is off and he can collect her . Anyway, to save confusion I'll let you guys choose a day and we'll fall in with your plans.

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Thu 24-May-07 20:40:34

Right, we need some other girlies to make suggestions (Ange, WaspElly etc...) and then we can get organising ....

AngeG Fri 25-May-07 11:37:23


Tuesdays or Fridays are the only days I could do without Jake, Friday prob better because Tues I would have to be back by 3, but it is still possible.


Sexonknackeredlegs Fri 25-May-07 11:51:24

Looks like Fridays are best for everyone apart from CD. I know Waspelly said she was going to be able to sort out a childminder for Cameron on a Friday as I spoke to her last week about it.

CD, are you ok with that?

elkiedee Fri 25-May-07 14:33:13

I'd love to come if I can but can't commit to this, so please include me in any sending out details of plans, as it's just me and one baby and I'm on maternity leave for some time there's no real difference in days of the week. If you choose a Friday or other day that I can make I will give it a go. I'm in north London but Victoria BR station is not so hard from here - one tube or bus, then train to Brighton.


WaspElly Fri 25-May-07 17:18:50

Got me right there SOKL Fridays I can sort a sitter for Cameron & would fall in with other Soton mums for travel plans

<<Hijack - BTW what you & Ange doing next Fri? Hijack over>>

Witterings with whole family would depend on the weekend.

Cool - looking forward to it!

Sexonknackeredlegs Fri 25-May-07 18:06:43

Friday 1st June - I'm free! (said in the style of the late John Inman) x

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Fri 25-May-07 23:07:26

(Not really here!!) Friday 1st June - can make it - I'm sure I can come up with something to rid myself of my delightful older children!

Emmymummy Sat 26-May-07 09:59:29

I can't do 1st June as we have a birthday party that day. And it's still half term. But can do pretty much any other Friday after that.....

AngeG Sat 26-May-07 13:40:00

Sorry I can't do 1st. Got hair appointment in the morning and dentist in the afternoon.
I am normally free on Fridays.

Sexonknackeredlegs Sat 26-May-07 13:43:47

I can't do the 8th, but what about the 15th?

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Sat 26-May-07 20:01:38

Any Friday is fine by me!! 15th is good!

Emmymummy Sat 26-May-07 20:14:43

I can do 15th too.

ellenkpa Sat 26-May-07 20:24:02


matthew is on holiday then and i was planning to get away for a few days so i could do it then and come meet you all, if that's ok?

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Sat 26-May-07 22:00:53

That would be absolutely fab honey!!!!!! Would love to meety ou & your lurvely boys!! Where would you stay???

EllieK Sat 26-May-07 22:16:48

It'll be me and just my newest boy, no idea where we'll stay, haven't worked that one out yet!

WaspElly Sat 26-May-07 22:22:47

Awww you rotters - Jon's Offshore race is to St Helier weekend of 15th, and as it's our 1st wedding anniversary we were planning to make a weekend of it; He, I and the Little Miss.

Other Fridays all fine...!

Just go for greatest numbers <<seethe seethe>>

EllieK Sat 26-May-07 22:31:13

we could always join you on your romantic weekend away

could you go on to him after?

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Sun 27-May-07 07:14:54

Awww, WE - Bottom.

Ellie - have spoken to DH & you are welcome to stay with us - if you can put up with the complete madness!!

EllieK Sun 27-May-07 08:04:44

that's settled then

now where is it i'm going

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Sun 27-May-07 08:54:54


CaptainDippySuperBoobs Sun 27-May-07 08:55:38

"Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside, Oh I do like to be beside the sea......"

Don't forget to bring your knotted hankie & "Kiss Me Quick" hat .....

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