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The thread continues.....

(135 Posts)
Coriander73 Thu 17-May-07 15:22:15

Here it is Wuzz!

compo Thu 17-May-07 15:24:20

have we started a new thread?!

Coriander73 Thu 17-May-07 15:42:49

Oopss no compo..well yes but not for our Sep was a group of ladies that were on another ttc chat thread! We chat very little to be fair but we wanted to try & catch up & see where everybody is etc hence moving it from ante natal to post natal..I'll catch you on Sep!!!

wuzzlefraggle Thu 17-May-07 18:43:33

oooo, i found it cori! lol

so hows you and your LO getting on?? info info and more info needed

Jenswish Thu 17-May-07 19:37:28

Yo dudes!!

Anyone here?

wuzzlefraggle Thu 17-May-07 19:40:32

I am! kinda lol hows u?? miss bun-in-the-oven

Jenswish Thu 17-May-07 19:42:18

sick, knackered, sore boobs and I've got the flu (which I don't do very well)

How bout you MUM?

wuzzlefraggle Thu 17-May-07 19:47:03

getting bad morninf sickness are you?? awww, poor preggie lady!

hehe @ mum. im good thanks. tired from being a personal clown for anna 24/7 i swear her first mini sentence will be " Entertain Me, Mothering Wench"

so are you thinking pink/blue, names etc??

Jenswish Thu 17-May-07 19:49:36

DP wants a boy (can't cope with a girl) and name is: "Matthew Frederick John Miller" Matthew cos we like it Fred cos it's DP's grandad's name and John cos its mine.

I like Melanie or Melissa for a girl

wuzzlefraggle Thu 17-May-07 19:51:11

cool, so you have it all figured then! laaarvly names btw. We decided on Anna Elisabeth

oooo, im so excited for you Jen!! how many weeks are you then?

Jenswish Thu 17-May-07 19:52:10

have no idea cos my AF's were never right. I reckon between 5-8weeks. can't get with the docs yet either so.... will just have to wait.

wuzzlefraggle Thu 17-May-07 19:54:56

have you told everyone yet, or are you going to wait?? its great to see you back on MN too...ive missed chatting to you girly!!

typical, i get what i think is half hour to meself, and anna wakes and dh rings saying that he's nearly home lol. I'll be off and on through the night i expect, and i'm on regularly anyways...just incase i dont post for a while

Jenswish Thu 17-May-07 19:58:10

I've told a couple of people but not many (no family) just a couple of close friends incase something goes wrong.

I'm going to find something my stomach actually fancies so speak to you later.

wuzzlefraggle Fri 18-May-07 10:36:39

Hi people

hope everyone is well.

Anna is having a nap lol. phhhew!

Cori, how old is your lo now then??

laughalot Fri 18-May-07 13:34:22

Aaah jen I was so happy for you congratulation I cant beleive finally its happened for you and great names you have picked. I had lauren on the 14th jan feel free to look at my profile for pics of my babies .

Hiya wuzz I take it anna is taking up all your time try and have a 2 year old and a newborn .

wuzzlefraggle Fri 18-May-07 16:14:40

lol, hard work eh, laughalot? just had a peek at your profile and your little 'uns are beautiful!

Jenswish Fri 18-May-07 20:57:55

Hi people,

Ok bad day today... been sick ALL morning, left work at 3:30 cos I couldn't take it no more and had to stop twice on the way home (1/2 hr journey)

My head has been killing me and the cold is just annoying.

Hope your all ok.

Laughalot - your LO is abso gorge, hope mines that cute!

Jenswish Sun 20-May-07 18:04:50

gosh this has been quiet for a while! where are you all?

wuzzlefraggle Mon 21-May-07 13:16:30

here i am! been up to my bloody eyeballs! lol

hows the ms jen?

hows everyone doing?

Jenswish Tue 22-May-07 19:00:00

MS on its way out, I only get it when I drive to work so getting better.

Got slightly panicked today cos I got AF pains and when I wiped it was reddy bloody. Refused to worry though cos there's nothing that could be done anyway is there. Then i got pains in my left hand side (sharp pains) and I worried it was an ectopic but realised that it was cos of the way I was sitting. Just worrying bout nothing really.

Headaches have gone and cold is going, just blocked nose.

Anyway enough babbling hows u?

wuzzlefraggle Wed 23-May-07 14:36:13

Im sure alls fine jen. have you managed to get a docs appointment now?

Im good thanks. Anna is coming up for 7 months old! its flying by! Oh and Big Brother starts next wednesday woohoo! will you be watching?

Jenswish Sun 27-May-07 18:48:14

i don't think i'll be watching BB this year the last few years have really put me off.

As for docs not yet, DP is going to register me on Tues and tell them i'm pg and need the earliest app available. Esp cos of the bleeding.

I was just saying on the "DUE IN" thread that i'm finding myself pulling away from the thoughts of the baby and pretending it's not real, I don't know if this is a safety mechanism cos I'm so sure this one isn't going to last either.... but hey.

Glad to hear anna's all good and you are too, have you got anything planned for the bank holiday?

wuzzlefraggle Sun 27-May-07 22:55:05

jen, im so sorry that you are feling that way about your pregnancy i really do hope and wish that this one works for you, hey, lots of women bleed in pregnancy and the baby is fine, maybe you should go to a hospital if your worried though. they can and will do early scans, and you are certainly entitled to one.

naaa, no plans as such, we just play each day be ear really.

me and dh have almost been married for a year! i cant believe it.

how are all the pets doing?

Jenswish Mon 28-May-07 13:17:47

Pets are all fine, we're thinking that we've got to find the rats new homes if this baby stays. It's not fair to keep them cooped up all this time.

I'm not going to start looking though until the 20wk scan.

wuzzlefraggle Mon 28-May-07 16:49:59

Hope that all goes well at the docs tomorrow jen do you know how far gone you are ? have you done any more pregnancy tests lately?

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