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March 2007 - breakaway thread for lardy ladies

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DollyPopsOut Wed 16-May-07 16:58:46

Thought I would start a separate thread for those of us on the March thread who are trying to lose weight etc so we can support each other without troubling the others with our food talk etc.

I'll start - have lost 8 1/2 lbs through Weightwatchers since DD2 born, with about another 2 stone to go.

Have done OK today, although I had 2 biscuits at a friend's house this morning. Not enough exercise either.

By the way, anyone from other months / years etc most welcome to join in

Let's see if we can help each other back to our former selves (or thinner in my case - my former self has ranged from a 12 to a large 16 over the years and I am aiming for the lower end again )

foxcub Wed 16-May-07 17:41:58

Well I managed to walk to the library rather than drive

I eat Ryvitas instead of bread. Anyone remember the advert: "In the inch war, Ryvita helps you win"!

Bread's v fattening and really bloats the tum out.

How can I give up chocolate though????

muppethasakitten Wed 16-May-07 17:47:21

Well am i allowed to join? I think i've got about 1 and a half stone to lose... don't have scales in the house but use other people's in their bathrooms when i visit!!!

I ate a whole family bar of chocolate today and 3 jammy dodgers - however, I did book a riding lesson for next week and I am trying to do Callanetics 3 times a week in my living room... an hilarious sight if I say so myself. However, did it after other 2 pregnancies and by god it sucks everything back in.

Am a size 14 at mo... normally a 10.

kittyhas6 Wed 16-May-07 17:47:31

I've got into the v. v. bad habit of munching on bread everytime I'm in the kitchen. It's SO comforting. i would be interesting to see if going a while without it will make feel less bloated.

muppethasakitten Wed 16-May-07 17:48:38

Foxy... giving up chocolate is impossible... fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly... women gotta eat cocoa based products.

muppethasakitten Wed 16-May-07 17:49:11

Kitty - do you just grab a bit of bread on its own and eat it.... isn't it a bit dry?

kittyhas6 Wed 16-May-07 17:49:27

muppet, I do callenetics in my living room!! Well, I haven't stated yet, but did it the other times. it does work, bloody kills though

kittyhas6 Wed 16-May-07 17:50:33

Oh no, no, I cover it with butter .

TheBlonde Wed 16-May-07 18:03:34

Just popping on to say I will be joining you as have rather a lot of flab to lose

sazzybee Wed 16-May-07 18:44:38

Count me in too - I have to disabuse myself of the notion that I deserve cake every day.

I managed to stop myself buying a pair of size 16 jeans today - I will not give in. I'd like to be a size 12 again which is probably a couple of stone but I don't do scales. I'll just know when I'm thin enough

kittyhas6 Wed 16-May-07 19:07:10

Right I need to say to all of you that after my breakfast toast I will not be eating bread and that I will not eat everytime I go into the kitchen!

I will come here everyday and fess up if I've been a weak willed good for nothing bread muncher OR I will come on and shine my bread- free halo

muppethasakitten Wed 16-May-07 19:11:34

Yes Kitty, and I also pledge to confess all my chocolate eating shananigans... trouble is alcohol has loads of bloody calories doesn't it?

kittyhas6 Wed 16-May-07 19:23:23

Muppet, that doesn't count 'cos it's an absolute necessity after the daily toil , it's medicinal don't you know!

CallieNewMum Wed 16-May-07 19:57:38

On the bread front, quite a few years back I was trying to help what I thought was IBS/candida overgrowth linked in with bad period pain (although it was really endometriosis but I didn't know it at the time). Anyway, I went on an anti-candida diet, which involved cutting out wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, caffeine ... I was slim to begin with, and I wasn't trying to lose weight, but I did drop about five or six pounds, which was quite a lot for me. The bread/wheat thing was definitely a big factor in that, because it does bloat you out, and secondly it's difficult to find carbs to replace it in quite the same way. I used to have porridge for breakfast - the best thing to have if you are trying to lose weight or just stop feeling hungry and snacking in the pm in my opinion cos even if you still feel as hungry at lunchtime as you would normally, you will be far less inclined to snack in the afternoon IME. I had lots of potatoes and used to have rice cakes instead of bread. Anyway, hope that's useful.

foxcub Wed 16-May-07 20:27:09

Callie - Me too!

I stopped eating bread precisely 9 weeks ago when I got breast thrush. My god I lost so much weight (people have been saying "you look thinner now than you have for years") - I now think bread is v fattening and bloating.

Can vouch for the merits of porridge and eat porridge for breakfast every day and buy loads of oatcakes and ryvitas. Porridge for brekkie means I only feel like salad for lunch and don't feel hungry in the arvo.

My vice is: whenever I am in the kitchen, I either grab a square of 85% cocoa black chocolate or I grab an oatcake and cover it with hummous. Believe me oatcakes/hummous is very satisfying for carboholics

Muppet/Kitty - can u recommend a callenetics DVD? Sounds very effective

I have come down from a 16 to a 14 since giving up bread and am aiming for a 12 but not sure how to get there. Used to be a 10 until aged 34 when my metabolism slowed down and I went to 14. Have been 16 ever since my first DC (but now a 14 yipee)

BTW do pelvic floors actually work?

divastrop Wed 16-May-07 20:44:46 name is diva and im a breadaholic

muppet-i also want to lose 1 and a half stone and get back to a size 10 from a 14.

i weigh myself in boots on the electronic scales once a week(i did even when i was pregnant)and i also have bathroom scales and i really should put them away as i get on them every time i go to the loo.

i have got into the bad habbit of eating a slice of bread when im waiting for the baby's bottle to warm up in the middle of the night.if there were biscuits in the kitchen i would probably eat them instead!

im worried as ive been told the tablets im on can cause weight gain(even though my appetite has been reduced by them sofar),i really hope they not allowed to drink alcohol with them which is very boring

kittyhas6 Wed 16-May-07 20:57:28

Diva No alcohol and possible weight gain, doesn't sound like the road to happiness

Ok I really really will lay off the bread now. I know I have a candida overgrowth as well. That's amazing Foxy, it really made that much difference to you? Has it helped with the candida too?

divastrop Wed 16-May-07 21:03:09

kitty-weight gain was listed as apossible side effect of prozac also but i lost weight on it.

Shrinkinglily Wed 16-May-07 21:06:32

well I bought some jeans today,size 14 and I squeezed into them with my rolls bulging over the top and wore them all afternoon until finally this evening I gave in and changed into my slacks with the elasticated waist What a relief!

I am just eating humungous amounts of everything, full fat milk, cheese, bread and sweet breads all covered in butter, LOADS of chocolate, biscuits, fruit juices, rich sauces, fry ups....

SO...tomorrow I'll have porridge for breakfast and see how I go.

muppethasakitten Wed 16-May-07 21:24:45

porridge it is for me too...

Foxy - I have the original callanetics video by Callan Pinkney in all her 1980's glory... i honestly think she sampled her accompanying soundtrack from some 1970's porn film!

You can get them on ebay for not much - or you can get specific ones for "problem areas"

look at this

Shrinkinglily Wed 16-May-07 21:29:54

Can one have golden syrup, sliced banana and double cream on ones porridge? No?

sazzybee Wed 16-May-07 21:41:00

LOL shrinkinglily - I'm sure the porridge cancels out the golden syrup and cream

I eat special k for breakfast with dried fruit and nuts sprinkled on the top. But I do eat a lot of bread. And biscuits. It's things which are easy to eat when you're bfing. Well that's my excuse

spongecake Wed 16-May-07 21:58:17

hi there,fantastic idea, can i join? i was 14 stone at docs just before my c-section, and down to 12 stone 6 weeks later. i have 3 stone to lose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight...haven't eaten bread for 4 weeks, no potatoes except in emergencys

am still wearing maternity jeans nd tops and can't get my own jeans over my thighs. i did nip out for a run the other morning at six, after bf, but felt was wearing childrens jogging clothes and bizarrely dp trainers as have NO IDEA where mine are only got 10 mins as panicked dp and baby would wake and no mummy!

am trying to do pilates every day but can't fit it in - how do i lose the muffin top? can't bear dp to see me naked anymore, which is a drag and affecting everything i do.

divastrop Wed 16-May-07 22:07:51

rosy-i wear my jeans untill bathtime every evening then on go my 'dossy trousers' as i call them(ie stretchy trackie bottoms).

i had to get a new bra today as my large norks were causing back pain due to being unsuported by a bra that was 2 sizes too small.fitting room mirrors are not my friends

sponge-i know what you mean about being seen naked.i cant relax as im too self concious about my flab waving around

spongecake Wed 16-May-07 22:18:33

diva, i tried on one of my bras from Before Baby and it only goes round half my ribcage. i think you are v brave venturing into those changing rooms with lots of mirrors.

my scales are in the cupboard, might see if i can get them out. i banned them when i was prgnt!

there is brioche in my kitchen. i sneak bits of it when i get up in the night to bf

SHIT- undid my bra as things hurt and just realised milk everywhere. byeeee.......

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