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Reusable Nappies

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whatamigoingtodo87 Wed 09-May-18 08:55:55

First time mum here and doing research into reusable nappies. Ideally, i'd like to go down that route with reusable cheeky wipes, but there is so much choice with nappies! Where do i start?

I think I've narrowed it down to bambino, but which is more advisable - all in one or two piece? I have a 3kg washing machine and can't fit anything bigger in at the moment.

If you went with reusable nappies - which brand, which type and anything else you think might be useful. I've watched loads on youtube, read all from the nappy lady and contacted local council and still im lost! Help much appreciated.

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Needmorehands Wed 09-May-18 09:19:32

I used reusables with all my older 4 and have bought them again for the one I hope to deliver in the next week!
I love cheeky wipes - so much better at cleaning than disposable ones, even without the eco reasons.
I much prefer 2 part nappies - mainly for containment with runny BF poos, but this time I've got quite a lot of close parent pop-in nappies 2nd hand. I don't like all in ones as they take quite a lot longer to dry.
I presume from your research so far you've got teh basics - that bamboo is more absorbent ( so good for older babies and overnight) where fleece is lovely and quick drying... You don't need a bucket of water to soak them in...
Does your local council run a nappy library near you? Different nappies suit different shaped babies so trying is definitely and advantage. If you use FB there are 2nd hand washable nappy groups you can ask for advice on and find some cheap ones to try

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