Feb '06 - A Playhouse of Toddlers

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CantSleepWontSleep Thu 10-May-07 22:22:42

Message withdrawn

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PhoenixGirl Thu 10-May-07 22:24:41

Graffeski Thu 10-May-07 22:24:51

A burglary

Frizbe Thu 10-May-07 22:25:03

Not a clue!

Graffeski Thu 10-May-07 22:25:09

A pillage

Frizbe Thu 10-May-07 22:25:20

lol or a mess?

SoupDragon Thu 10-May-07 22:36:32

That's a bottle of cider

Frizbe Thu 10-May-07 22:37:59

PMSL, a sign of things to come eh soupey
Righty I'm off to bed, need my beauty sleep

PhoenixGirl Thu 10-May-07 22:41:10

Awwww that is so cute lol

Night Friz

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 10-May-07 22:49:57

Oh what a classic - fantastic .

So, the playhouse begins , starting to take shape and end of day 1 .

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PhoenixGirl Thu 10-May-07 22:50:41

Just been looking and if i've counted correctly this is our 18th post natal thread

PhoenixGirl Thu 10-May-07 22:52:44

Bloody hell thats massive. We could def have a piss up in there

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 10-May-07 23:01:56

It will be even bigger when it's finished - there's loads to go on the outside yet.

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KelBelle Fri 11-May-07 00:11:57

Havent had a chance to catch up with you all yet but ....... lots of snogging, lots of touching but nothing else yet!!! Will keep you informed!!! will log on tomorrow and catch up with ya properly!!!

2boysmacca Fri 11-May-07 06:57:58

CSWS that's bigger than my house! You do realise that in today's climate, this is probably the only house she may ever own you are setting her up for a fall. What if her husband-to-be is too tall to fit in the house?

Jel, is this what your shed will look like

Oh I really ache.

Have the hygienist this morning. Going to take the boys to Toddler Group, leave them there whilst I go and have yet more torture.

Another 4.30 wake up call. What has happened to him. 5.30 I could cope with but 4.30 is still night time! Better put ds2 in his travel cot and go and have a shower before the drive men come. I need to move the car from in front if the drive too.

Jelley Fri 11-May-07 07:08:30

soupy. She is gorgeous, but not a baby any more

I don't know about the shed being that big, our house is smaller than that!

Come on Kel, more details Did you have a good night???

Flamesparrow Fri 11-May-07 08:18:12

Were you posting halfway through Kel???

Love the pic Soupy

That isn't a playhouse!!! Its a bloody holiday home woman!!!

munz Fri 11-May-07 08:19:38

<hijack alert>

flame - do you still use your sling for DS? what's it like? i'm after one for me DS now but not sure on the one to get.

mustrunmore Fri 11-May-07 08:20:12

F**k me! That house My Mum says, can she come and live in it?! I would seriously just claim that as your reading house now, before dd thinks its hers!

Have woken up very happy today; only one boy woke once and dh went to him, I only got up for a wee once, and I had lovely dreams...

Seriously cute photos Soupy Still doesnt make me wish I had a girl though!

A Mum at nursery had her baby yesterday. Cant say the names on here just incase but she now has a boy and a girl with rhyming names. Is it just me that thinks it really doesnt work?

I want to have a gym again

Flamesparrow Fri 11-May-07 08:40:03

Yes I do, but poss not the best for starting out at this age - a less stretchy one is better for an older child... I've got a list somewhere. will look after school

munz Fri 11-May-07 08:40:44

cheers chick, (would want it to do for a no 2 as well I think (well will tell DH that )

Chloe55 Fri 11-May-07 08:59:09

F**k me CSWS!!!! Have you got a mortgage on that house???? I would have loved something like that as a kid - I just had to make do with my magical snowy land, filled with reindeers and snow bunnies which was in fact my wardrobe It's amazing how our imaginations work as a kid, I can still picture that wonderful land.

Kelbelle - we need details (well to an extent )

Ds woke at 4.30, then 5.30 and finally I got out of bed with him at 6am - I have spent an hour and half doing iron this morning already! and that's just nanna's, still have shit loads of my own to do but off to work in a bit.

My abs hurt, must have had a good workout at the gym yesterday

2boysmacca Fri 11-May-07 09:07:09

I've had to put ds2 back to bed. He protested, but I just let him cry it out. I've just been naughty and had a 2nd cup of tea already (I limit myself to 2 a day) and am watching the Wright Stuff while ds runs around racing cars

How excited is dd CSWS? I just showed it to ds and he said 'wow, I'd quite like one of those too mummy'

SoupDragon Fri 11-May-07 09:25:51

It's a granny annex isn't it, CSWS??

SLing-wise,I've just switched BabyDragon from the pouch to the Hippychick seat as she kept wanting to get out and walk. Or rather run away.

2boysmacca Fri 11-May-07 09:33:15

I've just sold my hippychick as ds2 hates being held

Lots of excitement here. Next door has taken delivery of bricks so the boys have not only been watching the cement mixer go round and round, and the trucks emptying hardcore onto the drive, but a hydrolic lifter has been next door. The joy of having boys

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