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FEB 07 ***** A brand spanking new thread

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peachygirl Thu 10-May-07 11:30:25

Thought it was about time!!

Bienchen Thu 10-May-07 14:51:18

Well done Peachy!

I bet by the time we have the next new thread, the first babies will be crawling!

thelittlestboho Thu 10-May-07 15:29:39

Easy Bienchen! Not quite ready for the thought of having to move everything high up!!lol Was just thinking last night, that three months ago I was pregnant and had no concept of how fast time what speed by, crazy isn't it?

andyrobo237 Thu 10-May-07 16:52:31

oooh lovely - I was thinking it wasabout time for a new thread as the other was over 500 posts!

T is sitting in his bouncy chair bashing away at his baby gym which plays music when you hit the dangling things!

Had to go to school early to pick up DD as she had been sick after lunch - she is fine now and looked fine to me - not sure why they cant just keep them there until hometime - it was only an hour later - especially if they are feeling better.

The last two nights T has had a bottle at 1am and then at 6 or 7am - hope this is the start of longer stretches - stil 2 hours in the day though!

Been to the gym today for an induction - signed up for a months free trial - defo not taking it up as too expensive, but will enjoy the hour or so of freedom a couple fo times a week until the end of May.

titchy77 Thu 10-May-07 18:00:16

Hi all, not posted for ages, doesn't time fly when you have babies!! Bethany is doing great, shes a totally different babie since we started her on the medicine, still quite sick but so happy now, i'm loving every moment of it! She is sleeping through(touchwood!)from around 8 with a dream feed at 11 then sleeps till 6.30. Shes 14 weeks today and weighs 10lb 9oz so still quite small, but totally adorable!
My friend had her baby this morning, she was only 29weeks and baby girl weighed 2lb 8oz, so praying that all is well. It was hard enough when bethany was in scbu for those 2 days so really feel for her. Hope all babies and mummys are

cathcart Thu 10-May-07 18:04:56

hi all! i have never posted on an ante-natal thread as they are always so well under way! so i thought as this one had just started i would pop in and say hello. dd was born on the 1st feb but i didn't find mn until march unfortunatly!

titchy77 Thu 10-May-07 18:55:38

Hi cathcart, welcome!!! my dd was born on the 1st feb too!

suzi2 Thu 10-May-07 20:32:13

Hi cathcart. Haven't posted in a few days. We're still winging it here! DD went 6 hours without any sleep again yesterday and went in to total meltdown. I spent the entire day rocking and feeding. She's also up every 2 hours at night at the moment. I just keep having to remind myself that it's not forever. Still gutted I didn't get a good sleeper this time around lol.

Anyone have any experience of recurrent blocked ducts? I keep getting one on my left boob, same place. I had one blocked duct the entire year with DS, but this time it's every week or two. Must be something about the way DD is latching?

babydriver Thu 10-May-07 22:08:18

Thanks for the new thread peachy. welcome cathcart.

suzi2, not sure abt blocked ducts. Are you using a different bra to before? Or might be an odd latch as you say but I'd have thought it was odd to only crop up now. Maybe you could check if there's a bf counsellor anywhere near you or a bf cafe? You cd try the bf thread.

Lots of milestones for us this week. Evan has been in his cot at night times for the last few days, as he looks so squashed in his moses basket. Seems to be taking to it OK but he looks very small in it. And he rolled over from front to back today! Did it four times to one side and once to the other. He looked so surprised, as was I!

We went to post-natal group for the first time yesterday. Fairly thin on content from the HV, but nice to meet some other mums, and got the chance to weigh LO - he's now 14lb5 so not far off doubling his birth weight. Think he's going through a growth spurt - has been more impatient for his food in the last day or so (including screaming blue murder in Sainsburys) and feeding for much longer each time.

snugglebumnappies Fri 11-May-07 08:42:52

Cathcart, hi, you will like it on here, we are a lovely lot

Suzi2, I would check your bra, is the blocked duct in the same area as a bra seem? Are you supporting the breast whilst you LO feeds? If so you may need to change position of support every so often. If the blocked duct isn't painful and the area not inflamed I wouldnb't be too worried, massage the area in a downwards direction towards the nipple (I am sure you know all this already, didn't you do the feeding support training?)

Calling all Phil and Teds E3 with doubles kit users I am in need of help!!!! Was trying not to buy one as DS2 has been in a sling and DD in the single Mountain Buggy, however it was raining like mad yesterday so got the twin maclaren out and it wont fit through the bloody front door!!! Now people have said just put it up outside but I don't really want to be standing in the rain fidling with it and two kids and the only time DD sleeps during the day is in her pram so I would have to wake her up to get her in the house

So my questions are
1. Can the toddler seat recline? If not how do you find it if your LO falls asleep in it?
2. What are the options for sun protection? I like my shade a babe but dont think you can get one to fit it with the doubles kit, or can you?

SmudgeMum Fri 11-May-07 09:12:30

Morning all and hooray for peachy for starting a new thread. Any news on the house? Big wave to Cathcart. How are you doing? I think we're all going to be posting about the little cutey things that our LOs do and the wonder of their development [emotional emoticon!!]
SBN, sorry no idea about double buggies but I think you're right about shadeababe double's just being for side by side.
Andyrobo, titchy and babydriver that sounds good news on the sleeping front. Suzi2 it sounds like you are having a tough time but being very philosphical about it. I hope OH gives you a bit of a break this w-e.
Fingers crossed for your friends baby titchy.
I really ought to get off the computer and go in the shower before DS wakes up. He tends to just sleep for 45 mins so it flies by. HOpe everyone has a nice weekend - we're doing Mile4Maude tomorrow and just chilling the rest of the time.

Bienchen Fri 11-May-07 11:17:51

Welcome Cathcart!

Titchy at your friend's early birth. I hope parents and baby will do ok, there's so much success for prem babies now so I hope your friend will be another success story!!

Snugglebum - you are probably the best to answer this but all comments welcome: which boosters do you recommend to use with the totsbots nappies I was given. They are fine most of the time but I think as DD is taking in more milk, there is more to come out and a booster may be useful. You sell both cotton and fleece - what are the pros and cons, pls? I will place an order in a few weeks as we are off on Monday for our European Tour as DP calls it (visiting grandmothers in Germany and France).

cathcart Fri 11-May-07 11:20:58

just a quick one to say thanks for being so welcoming! i expect i'll be in from time to time to see how you and your lo's are all doing. i'm often in the tea shop chatting but its nice to talk to others with babies of the same age. i'm a first time mum so just when i think i'm getting the hang of all this dd decides to grow up a bit more and throw another load of dilemmas my way - loving it though! looking forward to getting to know you all!

MoosMa Fri 11-May-07 14:48:50

Can't stop long, but SBN, you can get a P&T shade thing for use with both seats, or get a single one and a flap-thing to cover the back where baby goes in while lying flat (IYSWIM). The toddler seat doesn't recline on mine but I have a feeling a new model's just coming out that does recline. Have a look on Kiddicare, they're normally up to date.

peachygirl Fri 11-May-07 18:23:38

Hi everyone, welcome Cathcart!
Things OK here. No real news on the house which I think is good, the packers are in next thursday and we move on friday. I have been sorting and thinning stuff out, Lots of recycling!

forgottenfreetime Fri 11-May-07 21:24:35

Welcome cathcart, how has your first three months been so far? SBN, Moosma's right - Phil and ted do their own sunshades for single and double use. My E3 is the 2007 model and the seat doesn't recline but the new E3Sport does apparently. DS hasn't fallen asleep in it yet I don't think but I guess he'll be ok. It certainly wouldn't be as comfy as a normal buggy cos the seat has a bar at the back just where his head will rest! DD is finding it ok though - the swaying of the seat in baby mode sends her off straight away .
Suzi2 - how wierd, I'm getting blocked ducts too! But on my right boob. I think it is happening when I feed dd lying down. I have avoided trouble by expressing after a feed as soon as I notice it. Norks have reached Everest proportions now. Bra fitting last week put me in a 32K - I didn't even know they went up that far! Do you think your blocked duct might be exacerbated by tiredness? I know that sounds a bit unlikely but they do say to rest when you have mastitis?

suzi2 Fri 11-May-07 22:21:28

Thanks for the tips and thoughts everyone. No idea about the blocked duct. Got Isla positioned to unblock it again yesterday and drain it well. It was very sore, and is still a bit achey but the worst is past. it was getting quite inflamed yesterday and I was starting to panic! It's exactly where the seams meet on my bra. But that's a new bra as I thought my last one was the problem. And they're different makes and sizes. Odd thing is that it's the side opposite to the one I lie on. I'm wondering if tireness has anything to do with it too. forgottenfreetime, I'm also in a K cup - nightmare isn't it?

I'm feeling really low today. I just don't know what to do about Isla. She is hardly taking daytime naps and spends the day whinging and crying in my arms. I spend the day feeding and bouncing her. Every evening the only way for her to get some sleep is in our arms. She then wakes if we lay her down. And then sleeps beside me but I have to pin her hands down for her to stay asleep, yet she won't be swaddled. Waking 3-4 times a night the last few nights. Won't take a dummy. Won't take an expressed bottle.

I just don't know what to do. DH and I keep saying that we must stop rocking her etc but neither of us believe in letting her cry herself to sleep which is what will happen (eventually!) if we don't. And we want her to get some sleep. And I'm doing anything to get a bit of sleep myself so we keep giving in.

Poor DS is teething badly, and napping/sleeping badly. And is thoroughly bored as all we seem to do is sit around and watch TV as I have my hands full. I feel so bad for him.

sorkycake Fri 11-May-07 23:17:42

Oh no suzi what a time you're having!
I have had two bouts of blocked ducts at 6 weeks and 12 weeks, when I got additional milk for his growth spurts. Don't know if you can relate but I think mine occurred as I slept on my front, compressing my breasts. Have norks, which I'm not liking at all. Not a K tho' thank goodness. Try using a breast pump after baby has fed to clear the blockage further. This really worked well for me.
Had a visit from the Nursery Nurse today who wanted to talk about weaning! I'm going to exclusively bf until 6 months and then try BLW. What's everyone else's thoughts?
SBN do you stock bumhuggers? I love 'em and need some more!

snugglebumnappies Sat 12-May-07 09:30:55

Moosma and FFT thanks for the info on the phil and teds, if they do their own shade a babe then that's sold me , doesn't take much!! Had been looking at the older model but as the toddler seat reclines on the new one then I'll just have to spend a few more pennies......if I sell the Maclaren twin and the single mountain buggy then that should help.

Bienchen, the boosters are pretty much the same, I would probably go for the cotton ones, but that's just my preferance as to how they feel. I can also get Bambineo (was wambamboo) bamboo boosters if you would prefer a bamboo one. Just let me know

Sorky, have just got bumhuggers in stock, website is here
We did baby led weaning with DD, it was earlier than 6 months (much to my horror!). At about 4 months she started to pull herself round the furniture in an attempt to crawl, and if anyone was eating anything she would help herself to stuff of our plates . It actually worked really well for us as she bypassed the puree stage totally (only thing is she still prefers finger foods now and will not eat a "proper" meal without a fuss, not sure if that's linked to the BLW or not) and happily ate veg and soft fruit (didn't have any teeth tell she was 9 months).

suzi2 Sat 12-May-07 10:08:35

We'll be doing BLW. We did it with DS. I was interested in it with DS but thought I'd do a mixture - spoon foods but plenty of finger foods from the start. Anyway, at 26wks he had different ideas and went nuts if a spoon went near him! So he finger fed himself everything. He would occasionally take a yogurt from a spoon but that was it. Nowadays he's the same. Finger foods only and an occasional yogurt from a spoon if he's at my MILs for some reason. It has limited our food choices now as he's going through a stage of not wanting his hands in a mess. He's getting to grips with a fork so hopefully it'll pass soon. He won't contemplate using a spoon himself - just hates them lol.

I think it's a brilliant approach. It was a bit slow to start with but within a couple of months DS was eating really well. Best thing is that I could enjoy my own meals when we were out rather than letting them go cold while shovelling in puree! And we were never stuck for a meal for him once he took bread as we could get him a slice of bread most places lol.

Oh, and waiting until 6 months is definately easier too IMO. I can't imagine trying to feed a little one before they're sitting. And then all that scraping things that they tongue thrust out off their chin... that makes me nauseous for some reason lol.

MoosMa Sat 12-May-07 13:27:42

What's BLW?

sorkycake Sat 12-May-07 13:40:24

Baby Led Weaning. Essentially not giving solids as purees and mash but as finger food instead.
Carrot sticks, anything sized like a chip, or has a handle like broccoli, that a child can hold and eat as much of as s/he wants, rather than being fed from a spoon where they don't really have autonomy. Is it a myth that it's only for bf babies? I thought I read that somewhere.

suzi2 Sat 12-May-07 14:39:08

Sorky - the only study done was on breastfed babies. Hence why no-one really knows for formula fed. Also, there is a bit of doubt as to whether the 6 months rule really applies to formula or mixed fed babies as they have already had something that is not breastmilk in their system. Hence some formula/mixed feeders wean earlier than 6 months and the BLW approach doesn't (usually) work before 6 months and before the baby is sitting/chewing and doesn't have a tongue thrust etc.

But I have known of people who formula/mixed fed and then went straight to finger foods at 6 months. Only it wasn't called BLW in their day lol.

Oh, and it doesn't have to be chip shaped with a handle... my DS did very well at 7 months with casserole and yogurt. Very messy, but he, remarkably, ate a lot lol.

snugglebumnappies Sat 12-May-07 15:27:06

Suzi2, intresting thought about them sitting up, DD was sitting up unaided by the time she was 4 months, maybe this is why she initiated her BLW earlier than 6 months.

sorkycake Sat 12-May-07 16:39:31

I have a shower curtain ready for mealtimes!!
I personally love to see them shovel handfuls of food in and around their mouths, makes teatimes much more entertaining.

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