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Babies born July/August 04

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madgirl Wed 04-Aug-04 12:04:28

Hello everyone. My DS2 was born on July 4th and I have been waiting for a "Babies born in July" thread since then, but none has appeared! (at least I don't think it has). So I thought I should start one, I didn't have Mumsnet for DS1 and I wish I had. I thought it should be July/August since almost all of the July babies were/are late! How is it going for you all?

sweetkitty Wed 04-Aug-04 13:09:45

hi madgirl

Being one to buck the trend (my DD was born 2 weeks early) should have been an August baby but is a July. I've been hanging out in the Due in August thread waiting for someone else to have a baby! I wanted DD to be a Leo like me but she's a Cancer like her Dad.

I'm fine my world has been turned on it's head and the sleep deprivation is killing me but apart from that I'm really happy!

HelloMama Sat 07-Aug-04 12:23:28

Hi! My first baby (DS1!) was born on July 31 2004 so I'm new to this whole parenting thing - its great to have company!

I think things are going pretty well, his sleeping is on/off and feeding is going well except I have v.sore nipples - ouch!!! DH has bought me some nipple shields which are a god send and I would really recommend them if you're having any problems.

I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you over the coming weeks, months... and years!

Twiglett Sat 07-Aug-04 16:26:42

message withdrawn

Twiglett Sat 07-Aug-04 16:27:33

message withdrawn

HelloMama Mon 09-Aug-04 20:25:59

Any more new parents ready to join our thread? Lupe? Quackers? I know there are a lot more of you...! I hope everyone is ok. Looking forward to hearing from you all soon!

Quackers Wed 11-Aug-04 10:49:55

Hiya, where are you all? Obviously V V busy with new babes, me too! Georgina doing well apart from some serious wind interferring with her feeding, but it should settle down. Nose doing well after being attacked with the crochet hook! Hope all is well? Lupe, how are you???

madgirl Wed 11-Aug-04 12:56:22

morning ladies!
quacks! must have missed your having dd2!! CONGRATULATIONS MATE.
DS2 is doing ok - he's 5.5 weeks now. I haven't been very well since the birth, so haven't been posting much but would really like to be an active poster on this thread. ds2 is so so windy, i am going to do cranial osteopathy to see if it helps and to cut a long story short i am formula feeding so think that is not helping (?) am surprised to find that even tho i've done this before, i am still contstantly wondering what the answers are! just remind me, how many weeks is it before you can reasonably expect some kind of routine?!

HelloMama Wed 11-Aug-04 16:57:37

Hi madgirl. Sorry to hear you've not been well. Hope that you're on the mend now? Unfortunately I'm a first-timer so don't have any answers as far as routines, etc go! Looking forward to hearing more from you in subsequent posts.

dinosaur Wed 11-Aug-04 17:13:18

Hello everyone,

Would you believe, I couldn't find this thread! I really must take those fish oil capsules...

Blake is 10 days old now. The midwife came to see him last Saturday and I mentioned that I was concerned about how yellow he was. However she said it was nothing to worry about. Unfortunately today a different midwife said she was not happy that his jaundice had not cleared. He has also lost more weight (instead of being back up to his birth weight by now). So I have to try and get him to feed more, and take him into hospital for a blood test on Sunday

Gah! Why is nothing ever straightforward!

madgirl Thu 12-Aug-04 10:58:44

dinosaur, really sorry to hear of your worries for blake. how is he today? and how are YOU?

popsycal Thu 12-Aug-04 11:01:31

dinosaur - my ds had very very bad jaundice - but is now a healthy happy (and rather big)2 year old!

Please give me a shout if you need any more help or support - I am the jaundice queen!

Egypt Thu 12-Aug-04 13:30:09

Hello you lot! Enjoy As we're old hats at it now, over on the may thread - NOT

littlerach Thu 12-Aug-04 16:41:21

hello, guess I can join you now, as an august mum, rather than july!!
I am bottlefeeding as I had the same probs as last time, and could not go down that route again.
Isn't it hard to type one handed?!!

sweetkitty Thu 12-Aug-04 22:21:01

hi all

DD 23 days old now. Still got sore nipples and pain when she latches phoned BF counsellor who gave me loads of tips on different positions so will give that a go.

Dino - sorry to hear about Blake DD had bad jaundice and had to go back into hospital for phototherapy it affected her feeding but now she's like a little gannet.

The thing that annoys me is that I saw about 6 different midwives and health visitors and each one of them has different opinions, one tells you to do something then another one comes along and almost tells you off and tells you to do something else. Makes us first time neurotic mums even more neurotic!

dinosaur Fri 13-Aug-04 18:47:22

Blake seems to be feeding well but is still very yellow...

We are meant to be going on hols next Fri - DSs will be devastated if we can't go

Madgirl, are you recovering now?

sweetkitty Sat 14-Aug-04 10:54:20

dino my DD was yellow for quite a while afterwards I'm sure Blake will be fine.

Enjoy your hols

Quackers Sat 14-Aug-04 18:16:06

Hi, thanks MG!! I'm on bottles too, couldn't do what I did last time, I'm enjoying it so much more without the stress of unsuccessful b/feeding. The blisters are just starting to heal, so God knows what it would have got like!
As far as routines go, I am trying to 'encourage' her into the night time ritual and as last time, using Gina Ford as a basis. I don;t go the whole hog though, as I feel it;'s a little restrictive for some things. It seems to be going well so far (mmm, we'll see). She's so windy though, may have to invest in Colief, rather than Infacol.

madgirl Sat 14-Aug-04 18:27:04

ooh what's colief quacks? i haven't heard of that. what are your timings of an evening? ie with dd's bedtime etc? my ds2 is still sleeping about 18 hours a day! i have just changed formula, from sma to aptimil in the hope it will make him more regular. i'm relieved it's not so hot this w/end, sure he didn't like it.
Dino, am all recovered except my tear, which is still trying to mend by itself as i ripped half the stitches apart from coughing with my chest infection......NEVER AGAIN! dinosaur, really hoping ds3 is ok for you all to go on hols, where are you supposed to be going?

Toothache Sun 15-Aug-04 10:04:43

Hi girls, thought it was time to join in!

Baby Beth is doing really well..... in fact she's just woke up.... post more later... hope everyone is well.

littlerach Sun 15-Aug-04 15:51:24

Hi, all, hope you,re having a good weekend.

Any bottlefeeders, how much and how often are you feeding?

We had a great night last night, fed 11.30 then 3am then 6am, hurrah!!

has anyone tried Baby Whisperer?

dinosaur Sun 15-Aug-04 17:49:20

Well, Blake went back to hospital today for a blood test and a further weigh-in.

Unfortunately, he has lost even more weight (he's below 9lbs now, down from birthweight of 9lbs 6 oz) and his bilirubin levels are too high

His results are being sent to the paediatric ward who will contact us about what happens next.

We were only meant to be going to Yorkshire, but it is the DSs only holiday this summer, and they are looking forward to it a lot. It is still possible that DH could take them on his own and leave them at my parents' for a few days, but I'm not sure what is going to happen yet.

On the advice of the midwives I expressed a couple of ounces of milk after Blake had fed this afternoon, but he wasn't very keen on taking it either from a bottle or a cup.

sweetkitty Sun 15-Aug-04 22:17:57

hi everyone

Abbie's being a little madam today doesn't want to be put down. BF getting easier, she's been up 11, 3 and 6 fingers crossed it continues like this.

My mum coming from Scotland tomorrow to see her for the first time, we don't get on but it's only for 2 days so I will cope.

Hope Blake is better soon dino - took a good 10 days for Abbie's yellowness to go.

sponge Mon 16-Aug-04 16:58:47

Hi all.
I'm managing to BF Harry having not been able to with DD. The trouble is he wants to feed all the time but once latched on feeds vigourously for about 10 minutes then goes to sleep! So wants to feed again an hour later .
The good news is that first thing in the morning I can express pretty well so I bottle up about 4oz so that DH can do one of the night feeds.
Despite that last night I fed him when I went to bed (about 10), he woke up at 1 and dh fed him - he drank a good 3oz - then he woke up again at 3 and again at 4. I got fed up at 4 and brought him into bed and he did then go through to 7.15 but still, 2 wake ups a night I can put up with but 3 is pushing your luck I think!
On the up side he's gaining weight well and has actually been very peaceful today, feeding well and sleeping lots without having to be held the whole time as he has for the last few days.

His other great habit is to sleep quite a bit in the early evenoing and then wake up the second we put dinner on the table and start to yell. Dontcha just love em

tangerinecath Mon 16-Aug-04 21:35:39

Hi All,
DD was born on 2nd July so I guess I just make it into this thread! She's doing very well, gaining weight and feeding well, and just started sleeping from around 9pm until 5.30-6 am without waking once ! The downside of this is that she's permanently hungry all day and some days she doesn't sleep much at all, but I can cope with anythong now that I'm getting a reasonable night's sleep again. She gets very grouchy in the evenings, the only way to calm her down is to take her for a ride in the car, sometimes the crying can go on for 2 or 3 hours which can be difficult to deal with, but apparently I was the same when I was a baby so I guess she's just following a pattern.

DD is my first baby and my life has changed completely, but I'm loving it and wouldn't change anything (apart from the evening crying spells that is )

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