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Dr brown bottles and wind...

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AmandaP86x Sat 10-Feb-18 02:06:05

My baby is 4 weeks old just changed to dr brown bottles - do you wind him after a feed? He just took 4.5 oz was very sleepy and content after it & I tried to wind him with no avail? Does this mean he's ok to lie back down?? I am petrified of him getting trapped wind but he seems ok??

LolitaLempicka Sat 10-Feb-18 02:29:35

Yes, if he is sleeping he is not uncomfortable. He will be fine to go straight back down. Good luck for a very peaceful night

thethoughtfox Sat 10-Feb-18 08:20:36

They changed my baby's life! We went from horrific wind to none overnight. We also switched to the Hipp Organic milk. If he has wind, it will bubble up.

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