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Craft ideas for new mums

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maybaby17 Thu 18-Jan-18 03:07:43

What about making sensory bags with the food bags and hair gel?

I made salt dough decorations with my son at Xmas, very cheap and great fun making handprints as a keep sake, make one week and decorate the next?

Make hand/footprint pictures with paints

Try a bit of baby sensory, get some fairy lights/glow sticks, darken the room and get baby to track them as you wave them to music

Get/make a few rattles with pasta/rice and bottles and sing nursery rhymes.

Loads of great ideas on Pinterest too

TheLette Wed 10-Jan-18 21:16:07

Can anyone recommend some nice craft ideas for an NCT group with 3 month old babies? I am hosting an afternoon at mine as an alternative to doing an expensive class. Things I have thought of so far include decorating baby vests with fabric paints and making key rings using the baby's fingerprints. Something involving minimal prep and cheap equipment would be great.

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