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LunarSea Mon 23-Apr-07 07:25:33

Morning all - new thread as the old one's about to hit the 1000 posts limit.

Not so great this morning - feel like an egg-bound chicken IYSWIM. Grrr - especially as I managed to avoid it all the way through pregnancy. And not sure if there's anything I can take for it while I'm feeding?

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Rosylily Mon 23-Apr-07 08:02:32

Lunar, I just drink loads of water. I avoided it in pregnancy too but think it's really easy to get dehydrated when feeding.

TheBlonde Mon 23-Apr-07 08:04:55

I was just about to say the same - lots of water
Drink a couple of pints

Otherwise OJ

or syrup of figs

kittyhas6 Mon 23-Apr-07 08:49:37

Callifig is good lunar. Make sure you drink lots

Mossie Mon 23-Apr-07 09:31:42



What an awful night!

Bertie kept falling asleep on the boob, tried everything to wake him during feeds, nothing seemed to work, would take him off and put him down and then five minutes later "waaaaah!" "waaaaah!!"

Repeat for the hours between eight pm and four am.

In the end, it got too much for me... dh took him off me and I slept for four hours and have woken up now.

He will not sleep in his moses basket, and hypnobouncer (as we have dubbed it) didn't even work last night.

Dh is now convinced he needs a dummy, and a routine.

Found my copy of the Baby Whisperer, had a look at that EASY thing... sounds okay-ish but at the same time I worry about not doing completely demand feeding, will it affect my supply adversely?

Sazzy your cat is lovely... mine just ignores Bertie! Elliot is gorgeous of course.

Piffle your ds1's going to be knocking 'em away with a stick when he's older!

Lunar I've just been eating loads of fibre, beans, peas etc.

Ladies I will reply properly, but I am in a bit of a state, really don't know what I'm doing wrong!

I wouldn't mind if he dropped off to sleep on the boob and then stayed asleep... but he doesn't, he stays latched on and as soon as I "unlatch" him he wakes again...

TheBlonde Mon 23-Apr-07 09:46:36

Mossie - sorry but I can't recall how old anyone's baby is - yours is less than 2 weeks old, yeah?

It is totally normal for them to not sleep and want to be on the breast all the time
DD is 4 weeks now and we still have times when for 4 hours+ she just wants to feed

Rosylily Mon 23-Apr-07 10:08:41

yeah Mossy you are not doing anything wrong. It's normal baby behaviour!

sazzybee Mon 23-Apr-07 10:14:27

at your night mossie. I've had them too though as theblonde says. It's finally dawned on me that babies don't behave like books say they should. Mainly mine does but he's had 3 days now of periods of manic feeding so I'm just going with him. But it's knackering.

I do follow EASY but I feed him when he wants feeding iyswim. If he wakes up before 'he's supposed to' and is hungry I feed. For me it just means he never goes more than 3 hours without food during the day. When he was about 2 weeks old, he'd sleep for 5 hours at a time during the day and then be awake all night.

I usually try and get him to be awake for a bit between feeding and sleeping but I cheat sometimes if I want him to go to sleep and not spend 2 hours trying to get him down

fox I promise you I look way more than 42 now. It was all those years of childlessness!

Thank you all for kind words about my cat and my baby. And I'm not sure the cat likes the baby, I suspect it's more that she thinks if she behaves like the baby she might get some of the attention that's coming his way!

DollyPopsOut Mon 23-Apr-07 10:27:30

Hi girls

First of all, am loving all the baby pictures. What a cute bunch we have produced. I will upload a pic of DD2 if I can work out how. Sazzy, you look FANTASTIC for any age, let alone 42! I look 402 today so you are in good company.

Blonde, very sorry to hear about your boob. Hope you feel better soon. Think Lucia is a lovely name. DD1 is Lucy, so I am biased though!

Mossy, sorry to hear you have had a rough night. I think they all do it as they get used to us. This was DD1 all over. I was awake eveyr night between 1 and 4.30 and it was SO hard. When DD1 drove me really demented in the night, I used to put her screaming in her basket and either go to the bathroom or downstairs to make a brew. They don't come to any harm with a few minutes of unattended crying and if it buys you a bit of space....

I also found with DD as she was large and long that she outgrew her moses basket in 3 weeks. Her wee arms would touch the side as she slept with her hands above her head. As a result she moved to the cot at about 3 weeks and this helped. DD2 can't do this as DD1 still in cot, but so far she is still OK in the basket. I don't know about routines as we have never really had them until DD1 was older but I am sure someone will be along with experience. I also advocate the fill em up school of BF so I am forever shoving the same boob on DD2 to get the hindmilk. I haven't used a dummy, so can't help there alas. You are doing a great job, take it easy and watch lots of daytime TV to help you relac in the daytime. If I think of anything else, I ll let you know .

Lunar - prunes, porridge, kiwi fruit and oranges do the trick for me. And gallons of water - am perpetually thirsty. I also take fybogel if things get really bad. You can get your DR to prescribe so you don't pay or just buy it. HTH

DollyPopsOut Mon 23-Apr-07 10:30:23

Just re read this - I mean that I look 402, not fantastic! Sazzy, am at the older end of the spectrum too so relate to how you feel about looking your age but to the outsuide world you look lovely and youthful too.

I'll go now before I put my hoof in it again

Piffle Mon 23-Apr-07 10:38:36

Mossie Finn has had one or two nights like that, I presume growth spurts or something... Ours is not to ask why, babies <sigh> single minded little sensory driven creatures, complete mysteries to us now we're grown up.
Glad your have such a good dh who let you get some rest, you will find something that works for you and it will get easier, the first 3 weeks are pretty rubbish, you get one good night and presume that you're there and then BANG, little enfant terrible reappears shattering your dream baby hopes.

Well DD is back at pre school now, she has started a new one attached to the school she is starting in Sept this year. She seemed very hapy, but now that I'm home and Finn as asleep, there is NOTHING to do as dp helped me blitz the house yesterday and all washing is done.
So OMG I'm doing ironing <watches everyone who knows me faint>

Lunar I'm also having those erm no 2 issues, every 2-3 days and far too large for comfort, I'm back on the fruit, salad, vegs and extra water also soft liquorice - tastes yummy and really works.

Grim topic but damn it ruins your day when it happens to you.

kittyhas6 Mon 23-Apr-07 10:49:58

Mossie, young babies are VERY, VERY demanding. They don't tell you that beforehand. Us mums who have been there already have convenietly forgotton. But we remember now, oh yes, it's all coming flooding back.
Actually in my experience, you get what you've been given. I have had inconsolable screamers, those that sleep like Rip VanWinkle [dd1 and dd3] and those somewhere in between. My parenting and feeding methods haven't changed.
All kids are different. Boys tend to have more digestion problems than girls ime.

This period is tough. Weather the storm, it will pass

Rosylily Mon 23-Apr-07 11:07:59

yep, what Kitty said.

Rosylily Mon 23-Apr-07 11:08:55

Piffle my ironing is like mount everest

foxcub Mon 23-Apr-07 11:25:02

ironing what's that?

Tosy - bought a bar of G&B Mayan this morning - purely for reserach purposes of course, to see what it tastes like

Mossy - have you tried a dummy. We slipped one into Monti's mouth on day three and have never looked back. With DD and DS1 left it 3 weeks and they wouldm't take it.

Have you tried popping Bertie into the bed next to you and cuddling him - Monti sleeps really easily if I'm next to him.

Or in the car seat maybe? Won't hurt occassionally. I put Monti in his car seat each night for a couple of hours during first 2 weeks, as he loved it. The books say its naughty but I call it survival for mummies!!

I got the kids to school on time (despite having to ruish baxck for DS1s recorder) - so a round of applause is due please.

Anyone know where I can buy a brunette wig aged 1-3 months? Motni's hair is receding -

LunarSea Mon 23-Apr-07 11:27:56

Mossie - It sounds a bit like Bertie's waking and wanting reassurance that you're still there, rather than because he's hungry. Your dh will probably hate me for suggesting it, as it almost certainly won't fit in with his routine theories, but if this happens again, why not try letting Bertie sleep alongside you? If you put your arm around him, with his head resting on the crook of your arm there's no way you can roll towards him, so he'll be quite safe.

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LunarSea Mon 23-Apr-07 11:33:12

x-posts fox. With ds1 we often had to take him for a drive in the car to get him to settle. And he often slept in his electric swing too - not ideal long term obviously, but better than no sleep at all.

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Piffle Mon 23-Apr-07 11:39:12

I've certainly slept a few nights with Finn swaddled laying on my chest. Some nights they just wanna be loved all night long.
Tell your dh that, he will hark back to when you said that about him...

kittyhas6 Mon 23-Apr-07 11:45:10

BIG CLAPS for Foxy

Mossie, I agree with Lunar I sleep with Ronnie, he likes nothing better than when we sleep tummy to tummy. I have found that tiny babies really settle when they have that comfort. If you think about it, he's had that in the womb and much prefers it to sleeping on his own.
I couldn't cope getting out of bed to see to him. When he stirs for food I pick him up , roll him over me to the other side and give him the other boob. This is all done in the dark, I never turn the light on. It keeps him asleep and doesn't give him any external stimulus iyswim. Dp and I aren't sharing a bed so it's easy for me to do this.

Rosylily Mon 23-Apr-07 11:52:05

Fox well done for doing the school run on time nine o'clock I was breastfeeding and looking at mumsnet. Got dd in for 9.20... oh well....
Hasan is a baldy now. He was losing hair but I shaved him too because it is required by my in laws. And I am starting to lose my hair now too.
In a few months I'll have a little suede head under my hair.

Hasan wouldn't settle to sleep at all until he was beside me.

foxcub Mon 23-Apr-07 11:52:11

Monti follows me round the room with his beady eyes until I lie down next to him, then closes his eyes and snoozes happily

foxcub Mon 23-Apr-07 11:54:15

Rosy - I might shave Monti's head to promote nice thick hair!!

divastrop Mon 23-Apr-07 11:54:23

i thought 'oh,only a few messages to read' when i looked on the old thread...i should have known better

i havent read any of this thread yet and Elsie is starting to squark again.shes having her big growth spurt and feeding every 2 hours atm(i dont mind cos shes going to sleep through the night after this ).

fox-you bf like i ff.if Elsie falls asleep while feeding i do everything i can to wake her and keep trying to get her to take the whole bottle till im certain shes full.

she went 6 hours between feeds last night!

foxcub Mon 23-Apr-07 11:56:31

6 hours Diva?

ooops Monti starting to squawk too - off I go...left him alone upstairs and he gets lonely

divastrop Mon 23-Apr-07 12:17:25

fox-well done.i had to kick ds and dd1 out to walk on ahead of me and ds2 cos i forgot to wake up this morning.

yeah,wtf is ironing?
oh yes,its that thing i used to do when i only had one child and hung clothes on a line to dry.ahh,the good old days

i dont do co-sleeping mainly due to my bad experience with ds1,and also cos i smoke.but i have the moses basket right by the bed ona stand so i can hold her hand or whatever if shes unsettled.i did this with ds2 as well.
dd2 was in a room with dd1 from 3 weeks cos she couldnt settle next to me,after being in hospital shed got used to sleeping by herself.she woulnt settle last night cos she didnt have a sleep yesterday and was overtired.oh no,shes getting to that age

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