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Angelmummy92 Sun 08-Oct-17 11:27:23

Hi, I'm new to this so not really sure how I do it. I had my first baby in march sadly she was premature and gained her angel wings at 2 days old. Its coming up to Christmas and I want to put something special on her grave any ideas. Also if anyone been through the same thing I would like to get my husband something from our daughter not sure what to get. Truly heartbroken that Christmas she won't be in our arms.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Mon 09-Oct-17 18:21:54

I haven’t got any ideas but I didn’t want you to go unanswered. Hopefully this will bump your post for you and somone might come along who has some experience or ideas.

It might be a good idea to post in the Bereavement section as there’s may be people in that section who have some experience and can help in some small way.

Can’t imagine how you are coping thanks

HoneyWheeler Mon 11-Dec-17 16:06:26

So sad to hear of your loss, I can't imagine how you are feeling.

What about a personalised Christmas decoration? I have seen some on Instagram and you could have a special message written on it?

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