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October 2017: Babies are here!

(245 Posts)
Nessalina Thu 05-Oct-17 04:43:42

There's been a flurry of new arrivals on the October thread, so here's somewhere for us to share the excitement and terror of our newborns!! smile

Nessalina Thu 05-Oct-17 04:59:28

Hope no one minds me starting a thread to chat about our new ones!

So checking in, I'm Nessa, DD born Monday 2nd, already have DS (3 in November). Home from hospital, breastfeeding well so far, though my nipples are bloody killing me blush

doomkittycleo Thu 05-Oct-17 08:43:29

Hi, just marking my place.

I'm Sarah, DD Evelyn (Evie for short) was born 3 weeks and 3 days early at 4lb 25oz on 22/09/17.

Been home for 9 days now.

Evie is mainly nocturnal, so I didn't sleep at all last night and for several nights this week.

Nessalina Thu 05-Oct-17 17:04:11

9 days already! That's flown DoomKitty.
Love Evelyn that's such a great name smile

I'm hoping the nocturnal doesn't last too long, it's so much harder to catch up on sleep in the day confused

wapsmahoney Thu 05-Oct-17 22:23:38


I can't quite believe we have made it over to this side! It still seems really weird to think I have a daughter!!

So this is me checking in ... My DD Thea was born 26/9/17 at 1.55pm weighing 6lb 13oz. Breastfeeding is going pretty well ... although I still feel like there whole thing is a bit awkward and I end up getting half naked for each feed!
The lack of sleep is getting easier to swallow ... even though I'm shattered!

How are you guys feeling?

doomkittycleo Thu 05-Oct-17 23:35:56

4lb 15oz stupid typo lol.

@Nessa, the 9 days has really flown by and I still keep getting flashbacks of the moment she was born like it just happened. So strange to think that the little scrawny thing they placed on me that day is the same thing that's been inside me all these months and I've started to get to know over the past couple of weeks.

@wapsmahoney I'm feeling pretty good tbh, although worry about what is and isn't normal. Have managed breastfeeding in public twice so far with a second hand cover given to me by a work colleague. It does feel strange when you're in a pub restaurant and they bring over your desert and you have a baby hidden under your scarf lol.

Can imagine it being more stressful needing to remember to pack bottles of formula to go out tho. At least it's always available and ready to go when baby is.

wapsmahoney Fri 06-Oct-17 00:16:43

doomkittycleo I know exactly what you mean about worrying what is normal and what isn't! I have googled the most ridiculous things this week and in those first few days called the midwife at least once a day!
Well done on having done it in public! I know I will need to st some point but I'm totally not brave enough just yet!

Just managed to get her down ... fingers crossed for a few hours sleep!!!

Hope you guys manage to get some sleep too! 🤞😴

Nessalina Fri 06-Oct-17 04:42:08

Hello wapsmahoney! Congrats again, I'm also feeling quite amazed to have a daughter smile I've had my mum staying up until today, and I keep thinking 'wow, I wonder if in 30yrs or so I'll be making her casseroles whilst she feeds her new baby'. Getting ahead of myself much?! grin

My DD is Megan, she was 7lb 3oz at birth, weighed in today by visiting midwife at 6lb 6oz, which is a 10.5% loss. Bit disappointed as I felt like she was feeding well, but then my milk has only come in today, so I guess it's not that much of a surprise. Midwife didn't seem worried, but she advised to leave it 3hrs at the most between feeds. So not much sleep for me then!

Boobs are seriously massive and achey. Not actually left the house yet since she was born, so no public feeds, but I remember from last time with DS it always feels a bit odd, but gets easier with practise!

I also remember Googling EVERYTHING with DS, I have literally no idea how parenting happened pre-internet grin This time a lot of stuff has come flooding back although I'd forgotten it was this bloody knackering.

Serious baby blues today, sobbed when my mum had to leave (she's a 2hr drive away), and picked a fight with DH, whose reaction to the weight loss was 'don't worry, we can always mixed feed' hmm He meant well, but I needed more of a 'don't worry you're awesome' type of support.

thepotatoesofdefiance Sat 07-Oct-17 11:01:07

Argh definitely not the right response Nessalina - I would have cried too, although I can imagine my DH saying similar and meaning well. I had a tough time establishing feeding with my first, he lost a lot of weight and was small to start with, but we got there and he was bf to 18 months in the end, you can do it!

Hi everyone, my ds3 was born on 1st October (1 day before due date) weighing 7lb 13oz, feeding is going great so far although my boobs are HUGE and none of my bras fit confused Ds3 is a lovely content baby so far as long as he's being held, but cries within 5 minutes if ever put down, so sleep isn't really happening. This morning DH managed to keep him happy for 3.5 hours while I slept though so now I feel amazing!

My other 2 dses are 5 and 2, in my weird post birth state I keep panicking about how we'll cope with (and afford) all the noise, testosterone and food requirements when they are all teenagers!

Cineraria Sun 08-Oct-17 16:44:54

Thanks for the new thread, Nessalina, I hope that now your milk is in her weight should go up and you will feel better. Weight is such an anxiety raising thing when you're breastfeeding. It feels so personal if you don't see what you're expecting/hoping to see on the scales. I had feeding problems with DS1 due to silent reflux and still remember how awful it felt when he didn't follow his centile line. You're not alone in thinking about these babies having children one day either. It seems so far away though.

I'm Joanne and Alexander was born last Sunday, 1st October, at 11:33pm, weighing eight and a half pounds after a long induction, due to bleeding, but a short labour. I think he didn't want to share a birth month with his older brother, who turned two five days earlier! We finally escaped from hospital, after I'd been there 14 days, in the early hours of Wednesday morning and it felt so strange to be home after that, especially as DM and MiL had been looking after DS1 there all that time, so everything looked different.

Alexander is very food focused; I even have a scan picture of him chomping on his umbilical cord like a corn cob! Luckily my milk came in just a day and a half after delivery, maybe due to DS1 still feeding a couple of times a day and both of them now think it's a 24 hour a day all you can eat boobie buffet! Thankfully this one instinctively seems to have good feeding skills and I'm in so much less pain than I was the first time round as DS1 struggled a lot.

I'm ok with feeding in public; until maternity leave I fed DS1 on the train to and from work/nursery each day. I can honestly say very few people react at all and those who have said anything have always been really positive. I tend to use button through or wrap dresses with a kind of bib/fake camisole that attaches round my bra straps and hangs down to just below the nipple for surreptitious rummaging purposes! The thing that stopped me worrying about it was a holiday I took in Jordan and Syria in less troubled times. I travelled between the two on an old fashioned train and on the way back my carriage had a large party of women and toddlers very excited about visiting family. The children ran about, had balloons and lots of sweets and wore themselves out until there were tears. Immediately, the mums (who were totally covered apart from one whose eyes were visible through a sheer panel in her veil) popped boobs put of their abayas and toddlers matched with mums and peace reigned. And nobody seemed uncomfortable or embarrassed at all. Somehow, seeing that just removed any nervousness I had. It just seemed right.

Nessalina Sun 08-Oct-17 20:28:25

Hi folks 

@thepotatoesofdefiance Your DH sounds like a star, I've just had the most amazing 3hr nap this afternoon and I feel like a new woman  Unputdownable babies are a challenge, hoping you've managed to get some rest today?

That'll be a help that you're still feeding DS1 @Cineraria, your boobs will still be toughened up!! DS1 must be well confused by the enormous milk levels!! grin You must be so relieved to be home. I also never had any negative responses to BFing in public with DS, it just takes time to not feel self conscious about it. I found wearing a strappy top under my top worked well, pulled up one top and pull the strappy one down, so there's only boob out IYSWIM.

My boobs are also HUGE! I had a hot bath this afternoon and they leaked like crazy, the water was cloudy within 5 mins! I think I need measuring for some new nursing bras asap. I'd forgotten the dubious joy of squashed mono-boob  On the plus side, my nipples feel like they're starting to toughen up and are stinging a little less.

Took Megan for her heel prick test yesterday, and she was re-weighed at 7lb 1oz, so just 2% off birth weight. Feel sooo much better. She's pooing for England too grin

wapsmahoney Mon 09-Oct-17 16:53:58

Hi ladies, sorry for the radio silence the last few days, it's been a tough weekend!

We have an angel throughout the day who then turns into a little devil at night. Come 10pm she wasn't settle in anything other than on me, she constantly wants to feed and if she goes to my DH she just screams.
I'm feeling at a complete loss!
She hates being swaddled, she will deal with it in the day but again at night suddenly hates it.
To make it worse DH was back at work today! So bubba and I ended up sleeping on the sofa.

It's amazing how this tiny thing who I have so much love for can reduce me to tears most nights!

On the up side ... I managed breast feeding in public yesterday!
Small wins!

wapsmahoney Mon 09-Oct-17 16:56:51

Someone who isn't a neurotic first time mum please tell me it gets easier?!

Nessalina Mon 09-Oct-17 20:30:58

It does!  It's about this time that you'll hear the perennial baby advice @wapsmahoney - 'sleep when they sleep'. Which whilst it will seem totally cliche, is honestly great advice - if you have an angel in the daytime, make the most of it and abandon your self to echoing her routine and snoozing whilst you can. I think DH going back to work was one of the hardest times for me, so hopefully the only way is up for you!
Well done on the public boobing, I've got my first go tomorrow - I'm going to try to go for a haircut shock

doomkittycleo Mon 09-Oct-17 23:32:09

@wapsmahoney solidarity with you on the angel in the day and devil at night.

Having done some research I'd say your little one like mine is probably going through one of many growth spurts where she is on a feeding frenzie. They "apparently" last for 3-5 days at a time and happen every few weeks in the early days. Hopefully you're coming to the end of this one and can have a few nights of 2-3 hour stints of sleep.

Evie was like this day 2-3 and is like it again at 2 weeks. She's been like this since Saturday. DP went out for a few drinks with his mates for a couple of hours Saturday night, when he got home, baby was screaming and I was crying because she wouldn't settle.

Hopefully tonight will be better.

ButterflyGem Tue 10-Oct-17 08:55:54

Hi All

Austin James born 04/10/17 10.22am 9lb6 oz.

I've been living in a little bubble with Austin & OH have had loads of visitors but I feel like a rabbit in headlights 😳 lots is coming naturally what to do I managed to breastfeed for only 3 days. I suppose it's better than nothing, but I feel useless with nappy changing, how to wash etc & dreading OH going back to work. Not sure how I'll manage daily life aswell as looking after baby mainly because all I want to do is cuddle him & sit & watch him. Maybe I'm just feeling emotional due hormones & milk coming in, boobs are rock hard. My MIL is next door so I feel grateful for that, she's been doing my washing & feeding us while I recover. My body feels in shock from the whole thing & now I'm just constantly paranoid checking his breathing all the time. 😳 I'm absolutely in love & don't know why I was worrying so much. I think I can finally relax following an anxious pregnancy, I'm still worrying about other stuff but at least I have him in my arms. He is just perfection & a dream. Only up a few times in the night & he's a brilliant feeder. Midwife came yesterday to to heel prick & he's gone to 9lb exactly.
So nice to have this thread to ask questions/get support etc.
Congrations on your bundles of joy. I czar believe they are actually here! Doesn't feel real. 😍👶🏼🍼Xxx

Cineraria Tue 10-Oct-17 10:46:25

Such good news Butterfly! Well done; he is a big boy too and you've chosen a lovely name! I like James as a middle name so much but DH has that as his and because he was named that after a rather disreputable uncle, he didn't want it for either of our two!

It's nice that you have your MiL to help you to while you recover. Don't worry about feeling that you should be doing everything and not being able to, though; just enjoy the help and the cuddles. I think everyone feels like that sometimes. You will find a way that works for you when you need to. I felt just like that with DS1 and what eventually worked for us was a little rocking chair for him. I didn't like putting him down in his carry cot when he was awake but it was nice to have him lying in the seat facing me and talking to him while I was making some lunch or putting a load of washing on. The seat had a fancy electronic swinging frame too but he hated that- just looked really alarmed and thrashed about, poor thing! I should try it with his brother though.

GimbleInTheWabe Fri 13-Oct-17 06:36:08

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be part of the PN thread now - woo!

Little boy (as yet unnamed!) born 11/10/17 at 22:16 at 9lbs.

Did anyone else have a tear btw? Mine was a not-too-bad 3rd degree apparently but I’d love any advice or tips if anyone else had stitches. Still quite numb atm so peeing isn’t stinging but am walking like a Granny and still haven’t pooed blush

TheLionQueen1 Fri 13-Oct-17 06:52:05

Congratulations @GimbleInTheWabe!! He's gorgeous! Yes I did, again nothing major I've just kept it clean with bath/shower it's not agony but is uncomfortable. In regards to having a poo. I have managed a few times by holding a sanitary towel or tissue against my vagina to ease the pressure so it doesn't feel like stitches will go!

Keep meaning to write on here but we've had a crazy time! My DS was born on 8th October at 8lb1. Birth went well but I haemorrhaged after so was in hospital for a few days now home on various medications and injections but so happy to have him home!

JustSaying99 Fri 13-Oct-17 08:53:59

Hi folks, joining if I can.

DS was born 3rd October, weighing 8lbs 1 & 1/2 ozs.

FTM and just trying to figure it all out.....I keep googling everything! DS is brilliant through the day, but not so much at night, just never seems to settle unless cosied into me. We have a co-sleeper cot which seems better than the Moses basket we had (and have since returned) but he is still very unsettled. He isn’t a particularly windy baby after feeding (breastfeed) and I wonder if this is what is making him so unsettled at night!? Have bought a gro snug swaddle too as he is very wriggly.

TheLionQueen1 Fri 13-Oct-17 09:51:26

I'm the opposite @JustSaying99 , we bought an expensive snuzpod to sleep then just a cheapy Moses basket for downstairs and he has no interest in the snuzpod so we keep having to bring Moses basket up and down, money well spent 😂😂

JustSaying99 Fri 13-Oct-17 10:14:52

Aw bless thelion it’s never simple huh! DS at first seemed ok in the basket but the difference with the co sleeper is very noticeable. In the day, he is sleeping in his carry cot and loves it smile

greentreeseverywhere Fri 13-Oct-17 13:49:51

Tessa was born 6/10/17 after a long labour ended in c section. all recovering well and feeding is going well she is just always hungry. so far she has slept well at night so I'm.not as tired as I was expecting but also know this could change very soon!!! oh goes back to work part time next week then full time after that so just getting myself prepared for Monday sad I am so constipated I don't know what to do. I'm scared to strain in case I hurt my stitches.

ButterflyGem Fri 13-Oct-17 18:26:59

Aww congrats everyone - beautiful babies 💙💕
Austin sleeps in his carrycot through the day too & Moses at night although sometimes we've just been carrying the carrycot to bed as he seems comfier.
I'm still in a little bubble & not even thinking about the tiredness yet. I must say in the nicest possible way though I'm bloody sick of seeing people! Although I'm amazed at the amount of gifts even from neighbours we ne we see much & random people lol. So spending the next week just the 3 of us. I went out with pram yesterday even though I maybe did too much after c section only a week ago. We only went to dunelm of all places for a wander & to our friends who had a baby on 24 August for a takeaway.(pic attached I actually felt like shit 😳) I've never felt love like this before it's just amazing isn't it. I want OH to enjoy as much as me before he goes back to work, he keeps finding random jobs to do about the house & im like just sit with Austin will u & relax haha xx

GimbleInTheWabe Sat 14-Oct-17 03:50:30

We were discharged today (woohoo!) and we’re so happy to get home.

Anyone else have a very sniffey baby? He’s mucusy from birth I think which isn’t effecting his bfing but if he’s on his back it sounds like his nose is so bubged up and he starts grunting like actual pig noises at the back of his throat and won’t settle. Would love any suggestions!

Thank you for the stitch advice. Managed 3 poos today! Partly also due to the lavolac stuff they give you. Holding the stitches helped and I think I’m still a bit numb so didn’t feel it too much.

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