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Oct 06 Fan(g) club!

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Rumpel Thu 29-Mar-07 14:41:22

Over here ladies-

I did it again - hope you don't mind.

Swizzler Thu 29-Mar-07 17:22:46

Found you!

nowanearlyNicemum Thu 29-Mar-07 18:36:25

love the title
nothing on the tooth front for us though, just rivers of dribble

Swizzler Thu 29-Mar-07 18:38:08

Same here - DS has turned into a little snail, leaving a trail of slime wherever he goes but no teeth!

Gingememorechocolateeggs Thu 29-Mar-07 23:17:45

Evening ladies. South bank not realy good for me Swizzler. Well getting there would be ok just scary bit finding the acual place. More directions please?
Lo tried some birthday cake this evening. Went to a friends birthday do, sitting at her dining table chatting and her Mum said'so he likes cake then?' looked down and he had swiped a bit and was happily sucking on it. He seemed to be enjoying it too. Little monkey. Glad we bought him a tooth brush!
Hes turning round onto his front ALL the time now too. Making nappy changing a real challenge these days. Most mornings he wakes up on his front too.
Like the new thread title too by the way. Off to bed now xxxx

Swizzler Fri 30-Mar-07 19:07:05

To get there from Embankment: out of the station, over the bridge (there's a lift) and it just on the other side - there's a long bank of shops and restaurants including a Foyles and a Wagamammas.

Directions here hope it works - it's a bit of an odd site.

If it's a problem, any other suggestions for child-friendly places? We could do the National Gallery, as that has a nice cafe...

Could we have a list of who is planning to come and where would be easiest for them?

Me: anywhere easily reachable by public transport in London, Central or North/NE London for preference.

Gingememorechocolateeggs Fri 30-Mar-07 20:44:19

Swizzler dh has just explained how I would get there. Sounds easy enough. Put me down for it. What time?

samsmam Fri 30-Mar-07 21:07:33

Hi all, its taken me ages to read thru all posts but finally caught up.

Love the title.

Southbank is a great choice! My dad and brother work at the London Studios (scene setting) so I know exactly where to go. I think!!! What was the venue again and time?

My holiday was great- caravaning wasn't so bad after all! It was freezing cold though and travel cots are awful. Ended up transfering the double mattress to the living area of van and LO sleeping on the settee with matress making bedguard-iyswim Anyway LO slept much better than she does in her cot!

No teeth here yet, can see them tho. No rolling either! Lazy little tyke. She is loving the weaning, can't believe she is six months next week.

Going to get some sleep now- took me from 8.30am-6pm to get home from Cornwall. I hate the M25!

Night all. x

Swizzler Sat 31-Mar-07 05:15:03

(what I doing up at this hour? Ask William - grrr)

What about meeting up at 1pm on the 11th? I can book a table if we can estimate numbers (3 so far).

BENDYB Sat 31-Mar-07 07:31:21

hi all,

glad u enjoyed hol samsmam!

finally got to see my bro last night, it was quite upsetting but lovely to see him. be able to see him most days now he is in our local hospital, only few mins away from me.

hope every1 has a nice weekend!

samsmam Sun 01-Apr-07 10:13:55

LO rolled over!!!!! Well, her arm was trapped so she got upset and didn't know what to do with it. I suppose they learn the more they do it?

Its quiet on here. Everyone must be having a lovely weekend.

Glad your bro is nearer to you now Bendyb.

LO has been sleeping from 7.30pm-7.30am! I'm sure my luck of good sleeping will run out one day but until then I'll carry on sleeping too.

Not up to much today, just going out to enjoy the sunshine. Need to go shopping this week to get DP's 30th Birthday present. Not sure what though. Any helpful ideas- would like an extra special gift from LO?

Gingememorechocolateeggs Sun 01-Apr-07 13:54:12

well done baby samsam A nice gift from your lo may I suggest a hand printing set from Mothercare? I bought one before Christmas and did lo's and ds2's foot and hand prints for dh. He was well chuffed and its all made from safe materials. You can get them for one baby or other siblings too.Comes with frame too. Or you could just get some poster paint and white card and print lo's feet and hands as a card for 'Daddy'. I did that a couple of years ago with ds3 for Fathers day though it took a few turns as he hated the feeling of the paint on his feet
Im going to Luton airport at 6 today to meet my bigger boys. Theyre staying with us for a week. Ihavn't seen them since Christmas. So if Im not about much next week thats why.
Hope your all enjoying the sunshine. Long may it continue. x

Swizzler Sun 01-Apr-07 14:32:43

Gingeme: have a great week with the boys

totallyfloaty35 Mon 02-Apr-07 12:24:17

Ginge,have lovely time with your boys.Well my gd luck with my sleeping baby has ran out,she has slept from 12-7 since she was 6 days old and since she was 6wks she slept 12hours,but for the last few nights she has been waking 2-3 times,sometimes i get away with just popping the dummy in but othertimes i have to feed her.Looks like its time for weaning,at least its only ten more days til she is still trying to hold out a bit longer thogh as i wanted to do BLW.Def think she ready though as she has taken to grabbing all my food

taffy101 Mon 02-Apr-07 13:23:21

aww ginge have a great time with your boys

bendy - so good that your bro is finally near you in local hosp at him escaping tho

Floaty my lo's sleeping pattern went terrible last week too (sleeping thru since 7 weeks) so had no sleep in centerparcs! wAs ready to buy the baby rice when as soon as we got home he is sleeping like an angel again - must have been the strange cot that he didn't like.

Had a fab time in centerparcs although we could have spent a small fortune Didn;t use the spa though would have loved to but far too dear. DD had fantastic time and wants to live there now. Lo went to baby dolphins 'swimming' class - so cute

youngmum21 Mon 02-Apr-07 19:47:58

hi all it quiet on the thread!!!

First day bak atwork and i was so bored i cudnt wait to get my dd and just giveher a big hug and see that big smile that she gets when she see her mummy!!!!

Have been trying to wean dd of her dummy at nite and we are slowly but surly getting there and the nite wakings have gone from 6-7 to 1-2 which is great just need her to sleep thru so that i dont give in at 4 in the morning and popping the dummy in!!!

Rumpel Mon 02-Apr-07 20:58:24

Hi All,

Ginge - enjoy your boys - they might have picked up a Northern twang now!

Samsmam - well done your Lo at rolling. Amber is soo NOT interested.
We used to go caravanning when I was wee - loved it. Great for kiddies.

Taffy - we were thinking about centerparcs in the future - would you recommend it. Lake district for us - where were you?

Bendy - glad your bro is nearer you. Any news about him going home? Was he himself or still a bit wandered?

If any of you ladies fancy a trip to Scotland we can highly recommend Crieff Hydro. Just back today - went on Friday. FAB for families. Loads of activities, delicious, beautifully presented food. Free kids club and creche, babysitters, pool/steam/sauna/jacuzzi for families and adults only ones in other area. Gym, pony trekking, golf, archery - the lot. Had a great time but could do with another 5 days now.

Was all a bit much for Amber though - had to retire to our room yesterday as she was going ape - just needed peace and quiet.

Got a sitter Sat night and had a meal, just the 2 of us, first time since well before she was born. Was nice but we went back an hour early

Back to reality now - have Uni assessments due in soon so need to study like mad now.

BENDYB Mon 02-Apr-07 21:10:42

have fun with your boys gingeme!

hope work went ok youngmum.

rumpel- he seems himself but says a few things that dont really make sense, he does seem to be slowly improving though, & he remembers everyone etc & only has a bit of short term memory loss, we have 2 keep reminding him what has happened, why he is in hospital etc. they have said he will prob b where he is now for bout 6 weeks then moved back to the other hospital for more brain scans, then see what happens. They said he will prob be off work for 9months to a year & may not be able to drive again.

has been so quiet on here! Where is everyone? has emzickle still not been on? remember before she was really down? hope she ok.

samsmam Mon 02-Apr-07 21:29:43

Well the rolling thing must have been too much- she has just gone back to her- I'm just going to lay here!! Maybe it was a one off!

I made some sweet potato, cauliflower and cheddar cheese puree today. Annabel Karmel recipe. LO loves it. I've stuck with the vegetables and fruit for 2 weeks now I'm going to introduce the proteins and diary very slowly. I never would have thought that LO would've waited this long to be weaned. Amazingly nearly to six months!

It is quiet on here probably because of Easter Holidays.

Two weeks tomorrow- DP will be back at work.

I do hope Emzickle is ok and Marthahm is too and anyone that used to post for that matter.

Youngmum21- Hope work wasn't too bad- I bet the first cuddle after work was great.

Rumpel Mon 02-Apr-07 22:04:19

Samsmam - I often think about Emzickle too - wish she would just check in and let us know she is ok. Martha just didn't like the school playground nonsense, understandably, and said she was leaving. Your Lo must be way ahead thinking about writing a diary.
I've only let A have fruit and veg too, thought I'd wait a while 'til I give her pasta and meat etc. Gave her pureed peppers, courgette, mushroom, coriander and tumeric today - she loved it. Wasn't so keen on the raspberries and pineapple though . Off to bed 'cos I'm square eyed now nite all.xx

samsmam Tue 03-Apr-07 07:27:47

Oops I did that diary/ dairy thing all through school too. But you know my LO may be clever.
She has tried most vegetables now courgette is quite bitter and I hate it but I keep telling her it is lovely!

for marthahm leaving, hope it wan't our chat that did it.

Does anyone give yoghurt? If so which one do you use?

Are still meeting up on 11th? Hoepfully it will be a lovely sunny day. I probably will only stay for an hour or so though because of rush hour on trains. But I am excited about meeting you.

InTheHouse Tue 03-Apr-07 09:59:36

Hi everyone. I'd like to think that I could come to the meet-up...I've looked at the link to the Giraffe place. I live in Brihgton so it might ber a bit too much of a mission. Also worried that ds doesn't really like sitting nice & quietly in the pram while I have a ;life. But, is it still 1 o clock & the 11th? And I go to Embankment is it`?

totallyfloaty35 Tue 03-Apr-07 11:43:42

inthehouse, i live near you,im hoping to go to meetup too.
Had terrible night last night,spent the night at hospital as Lex had meningitus scare,she had purple under skin rash.Drs didnt know what it was and did loads of blood tests,that was horrible,they held her down while she was screaming and i was outside in tears.
she ok though

EeyoreIsFab Tue 03-Apr-07 11:56:06

'Knock-knock'...can I come in please? My DS was born October 16th. I lurked on the pg thread but never quite plucked up the courage to say hello & since then don't seem to have had the time!!

wuzzlefraggle Tue 03-Apr-07 13:25:55

hi ladies, hope ur all ok and that your lo's are too not posted on here for yonks, but wanted to say howdie anyways

im deff going to try and keep up with this thread.

just to recap, my dd is 5 months born nov 1st. is breastfed and a complete con artist lol

thank god all those injections are over with for a while

ooo, my dd is rolling over too

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