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May 2017 #17 the fun continues

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teainbed Sat 29-Jul-17 20:13:44

Hope everyone will continue to chat about their beautiful May 2017 babies!

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1004Rise Sat 29-Jul-17 20:35:09

Thanks @teainbed I hadn't realised how close we were!

vanilla8 Sat 29-Jul-17 20:51:07

Thanks for the new thread. Need to catch up on the old one fully.

Baby vanilla 9 weeks today and we also have return of fussing and crying at breast today.
We give one bottle of formula at night which he wolfs down so it makes me think he is more satisfied by formula.

Been to Ireland for a few days where he slept for 6 hours straight two nights - I woke up with very sore full boobs! but as soon as we got back home it has been 3 hours!

jennymac31 Sat 29-Jul-17 21:51:42

Place marking.

Thanks for setting up the new thread xx

jennymac31 Sat 29-Jul-17 22:13:21

Evening ladies

Just been trying to get ready for wedding in St Ives on Monday. Decided to treat myself to a new hairdo. Dh was came along with the kids so he could look after them, as dd was also getting her hair done. Ended up getting annoyed with dh, as he didn't like the wavy style I had done (always prefers straight Hair) and I felt quite crap afterwards. Have managed to hold back the tears but now can't be bothered with the wedding. Don't know if it's tiredness or the fact that I don't feel confident in how I'm going to look in potential wedding outfit but I feel like a frumpy mum since ds was born. Going for 'comfort rather than style' because it seems like a waste to get anything decent given the state of my body.
The bride in question is 10 years younger than me and I'm acutely aware that a large proportion of the wedding guests will be of a similar age. Just cannot be arsed!

Apologies for the depressive post.

Acorncat Sat 29-Jul-17 22:16:44

Lots of crying after feeding here too. I'm trying to feed less often as I think a lot of the time she's not actually hungry so when I try to feed her she'll latch on but then get angry when milk appears. It's helping I think, though sometimes she'll just scream after a good feed which is more reflux/pain I think. I've stopped her ranitidine as I don't think it was helping. And her poo is still really mucousy. Don't know what's going on sad

Acorncat Sat 29-Jul-17 22:17:03

And thanks for the new thread grin

savagehk Sat 29-Jul-17 22:25:16

London meetup - looks like the 11th!
Makes sense to do another on the 25th for those who couldn't make the 11th, perhaps?
Is everyone who participated also on the FB group?

crazyzooo Sat 29-Jul-17 22:36:16

Thanks for the shiny new thread @teainbed. Just back from a NEW - crazy-baby slept or fed through the whole thing and I wore make up AND brushed my hair!! Win/win I reckon 😁

crazyzooo Sat 29-Jul-17 22:36:45

Bloody autocorrect! That should have been BBQ

ClaireSunflower Sat 29-Jul-17 22:56:23

Thanks for the new thread @teainbed

@jennymac31 I bet you don't look frumpy and ignore DH about your hair. Men don't have a clue sometimes! I know how hard it is to feel attractive after a baby. I feel so fat and frumpy most of the time too. I was telling my nct group how the nurse at my 8 week check told me to lose weight as I am now overweight and they were all shocked as they thought I looked great. Maybe they were just being nice but I'm sure we're all harsher on ourselves lookswise than other people are. I hope you have a nice time at the wedding.

MrsJW15 Sat 29-Jul-17 23:21:00

@crazyzooo I did wonder what a new was! Wearing make up still counts as a massive win IMO. Even more if my clothes have no baby vomit on.

Hugs @jennymac31 I hate that feeling when you are not comfortable in your outfit. Take it easy on yourself.

Baby W gets so distracted when feeding. Sometimes she comes off and then gets cross because she's still hungry. Very frustrating!

And I'm alone tonight and we are all over the place!

Rabbitykins55 Sun 30-Jul-17 05:32:48

Thanks for the new thread Tea!

EsmesBees Sun 30-Jul-17 05:42:20

Cheers for the new thread tea. Baby bees often cries after feeding in the evening. I'd assumed it was normal evening fussing as she builds supply. Is baby tea suffering from the 4 month regression?

Savage I'm on both groups. The 11th sounds good. Will have to bring the toddler but that doesn't sound as daunting as it did now I've had some sleep!

Jenny don't listen to him about your hair. Some men are weird about change. I know what you mean about feeling frumpy, but we have literally just had babies so need to give ourselves a break. I've got my sister's wedding in a couple of months and think I'll have to invest in some spanx as can't seem to get through a day without chocolate at the mo.

Sipperskipper Sun 30-Jul-17 09:47:16

I can't make the 11th as on holiday, but would love to come on 25th!

tea that sounds tough- I have no advice as gave up bf at 6 weeks, but hope babytea settles down soon.

jennymac I bet you look lovely.

I really need to start thinking about my post-baby body....straight after giving birth I lost weight rapidly- 2 1/2 stone in about 3 weeks! I think it was a combination of bf, fluid loss and anxiety. Anyway, although I was chuffed I was worried it would affect my milk supply, so was gorging on cream cakes (think 4 or 5 a day, seriously) and biscuits. Stopped bf but had got used to this way of eating....and I've put it all back on!!!!

When we get back from our holiday I am cracking on with being a bit more careful again. It's so hard though- when you're tired from broken sleep it's so easy to reach for the carbs!

Rockyroad17 Sun 30-Jul-17 10:10:43

@sipper I was exactly the same - really quickly lost weight but now putting it back on. @esmes I also find it hard to get through without chocolate. I've swapped to dark chocolate now in the hope it is marginally more healthy!

Spent the morning booking in to classes starting from September (can't remember who suggested doing that instead of drop ins). We have a nice full week now. I'm hoping being out of the house should help with the weight loss! (And to make a couple of friends).

Keen to come along on 11th. Might make 25th too. How do we join the FB group?

savagehk Sun 30-Jul-17 10:29:30

Rocky if you send me a pm with your Facebook linked email address I can add you

Sipperskipper Sun 30-Jul-17 11:41:35

Can I join the fb group too rocky?

Sipperskipper Sun 30-Jul-17 11:42:19

Or that should have been savage - my brain is frazzled!

jennymac31 Sun 30-Jul-17 12:17:23

Afternoon ladies

Thanks for the positive comments.

Well We're 1 hour into the 4 hour train journey to St Ives. Dh's entertaining dd whilst I've got baby nate. Cannot wait to have a drink when we get to the hotel!

Hope you are all well.

CoxsOrangePippin Sun 30-Jul-17 12:18:59

I won't really be starting getting active til September once recovered from my op, so I'll be 16 weeks then. So my ambition is to be in my old clothes by Christmas!

CoxsOrangePippin Sun 30-Jul-17 12:25:15

@vanilla8 and others who give a bottle of formula at night - is this a pre-bedtime feed, a dream feed, or in the middle of the night? I'd like to do this, but I'm not sure how it works with your supply adjusting... do your boobs learn they need to carry on making lots in the day but less at night?

savagehk Sun 30-Jul-17 13:46:18

Of course skipper but I need to do it on pc so might not be instant!

vanilla8 Sun 30-Jul-17 14:54:49

@CoxsOrangePippin I have been changing time of feed, not in a strict routine as yet!
A few times we have given the bottle as a top up an hour after the 7:30 - 8pm bf - so around 9pm. Then the rest of time we have given it at 11:30 or 3 am feeds - but my boobs have been more full for the next feed. I've found that as he had a few longer sleeps last week the same thing happened - more engorged boobs but thankfully he emptied them ok at next feed so I wasn't too sore for too long.
Haven't tried a 'dream feed' as yet. Has anyone?

I suppose breasts do adjust to produce less as I am missing a feed? But he does seem more content after it.
I am putting the fussing he has been doing yesterday down to it being a 'wonder week' he has been looking around and moving his arms around so much this week.

CoxsOrangePippin Sun 30-Jul-17 15:29:00

We are doing a dream feed, i was so sceptical. The first couple of nights I had to wake him to get him to feed but since then he feeds basically half asleep (I just talk and sing to him to keep him awake enough to suck) and then he doesn't need much resettling if any. So then his long sleep (4-6 hours) happens when we are sleeping too.

I would like to replace it with a bottle so DH could do it but worried I would wake up uncomfortable before baby, which happened the one time I skipped an evening feed.

But presumably people's boobs get the memo when their babies start to sleep through? People don't all wake and express at 4am?

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