Jan '07 part 5: I'm the Easter Bunny, my nose is cold and runny - so let's use LTH's patented tissue folding technique!

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2HappyEaster Mon 26-Mar-07 19:54:30

I'm the Easter Bunny
My nose is cold and runny
Don't think it's funny cos it'snot.

I'm the Easter Bunny
My nose is cold and runny
So give us a carrot or go away.

Happy Easter

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WilkieTheEasterBunny Mon 26-Mar-07 19:57:30

How much wine have you had my love???

2HappyEaster Mon 26-Mar-07 19:58:40

Am on my second glass........hic!
(shall be doing lizz/s boobie emoticons in minutes!)

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WilkieTheEasterBunny Mon 26-Mar-07 20:02:15


Better than boob emoticon??

2HappyEaster Mon 26-Mar-07 20:07:48

OMG how innocent am I?? There I was trying to work out if that was representing veeeery saggy boobs, or a runny nose when I realised exactly what it represented!!!!
How about:

. ^
. | |
. | |
. | |
. | |

(laughalot's disco dick!!)

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EasterHattieOrShouldItBeBonnet Mon 26-Mar-07 20:09:35


2Happy - just about to join you in a glass, cheers!

EasterHattieOrShouldItBeBonnet Mon 26-Mar-07 20:10:15

it took me a while as well

EasterHattieOrShouldItBeBonnet Mon 26-Mar-07 20:10:45

to get wilkies 'drawing' that is!

RGeeSusIsCrucified Mon 26-Mar-07 20:14:13


Hope name does not offend any religious people out there.

RGeeSusIsCrucified Mon 26-Mar-07 20:16:28

2Happy / EasterHattie - can't believe you didn't realise what Wilkie had drawn!! Most innocent! You both obviously need more wine
Good seasonal thread 2Happy!

EasterHattieOrShouldItBeBonnet Mon 26-Mar-07 20:16:54

v clever RGee

WilkieTheEasterBunny Mon 26-Mar-07 20:28:59



Oops. pearl necklace God I'm sad aren't I.

Rgee - I am very offended by your name. May god strike you down

ellieandhattie Mon 26-Mar-07 20:51:01

evening can't be arsed to think of easter name so going to be boring and stay as eandh.

Had great day dh off work this week so took dd's to beach to go dune jumping Ellie thought it was fab Hattie slept through the whole thing then mcdonalds for lunch (bad mummy emoticion) and Ellie had her friend from next door ound to play and she stayed for tea, puding and bath so lovely day.

We are going on holiday with next door neighbours next year as both have 2 dd's same age, going ot get takeaway sat night and go searching on internet for possible locations. Been recommended one really lovely family orenitaed (sp) hotel in menorca will try and find link in case anyones heard of it

JodieG1 Mon 26-Mar-07 21:03:20

Another thread already lol.

Hope you find somewhere nice EandH, I've been looking at somewhere not too far for a long weekend later this year. We're going to try and go to Disneyland Paris next year or the one after, try and make it an experience for all the kids.

trixymalixy Mon 26-Mar-07 21:03:28

Like the thread title!

It's good that they are always so long as you can go straight to it when you look in the post natal section.

UD, what nappies have you ordered? I have ordered some MEOS,totsbots and wambamboos and motherease wraps.

pinkcandyfloss Mon 26-Mar-07 21:08:49

I can't think of a decent easter name to go with Pinkcandyfloss!

Nice thread title I like it!

DraGoOnHaveAnotherChoccyEgg Mon 26-Mar-07 21:21:54

FFS! I have written this message 3 times now! It keeps showing me a blank screen! Here goes. Third times a charm

Wilkie- Eeeew! Congrats to your cousin
Laughalot- Hope checkup went well.xxx
Urban - If you really want MIL to see a pic of z and her heart to melt, you can get photos made into postcards at Asda. You cant send a postcard back unread!
Pinkcandyfloss-Good Luck!
Katwith3kittens- 6.85kg = 15lbs 1oz
Saltcod -Def go with reusables. Sooo much better at keeping in explosive poos.

Spent the day running up and down the stairs to Luke's demands of 'wee! Wee!'. Suppose it is good for fighting the flab and most wees were in the toilet, only two accidents. I think I have become immune to the smell of dettol!!

DraGoOnHaveAnotherChoccyEgg Mon 26-Mar-07 21:25:53

Trixy, I have wambamboos and motherease airflow wraps. Wambamboos are great as they fit my tiny little Ruth and my great golumping Luke!

laughalot Mon 26-Mar-07 21:26:12

my little girl is fine it turns out it is just a roll of fat, I knew she took after her daddy ok she takes after me.

Not good with new names so laughalot it is for me.

Eah I am your person for holiday reviews im a travel agent go ahead ask me ?

Tesco nappies for me I always used to use pampers untill I read on here how good tescos nappies where so I tried them and find them loads better than pampers they are more comfy and strechy I often put one on for bed

Not a bad example of the disco dick dont bloody mention that thing to me .

ellieandhattie Mon 26-Mar-07 21:36:11

this one

This is the one we are thinking of going to been recommended by friends as family friendly

EasterHattieOrShouldItBeBonnet Mon 26-Mar-07 21:49:07

Great news laughalot

I'm a convert to Tesco nappies from Pampers as well. Wouldn't have dreamt of putting dd in own brand nappies (PFB syndrome ) but tried them with ds after recommendations on here and they're great.

laughalot Mon 26-Mar-07 21:56:23

Yep good hotel dh stopped there along time ago he used to be in travel aswell and visited that hotel, depends what you want from your holiday though as the resort is very quiet but that is perfect for a family.

Shimmer Mon 26-Mar-07 22:00:27

Having a really rough evening/night here
Freddie has been having the ready made, liquidy cartons of SMA (since about 2 weeks).I have just today started trying to give him the powdered version (for various reasons, ovbiously its cheaper and we're going away soon and i know we can't get the ready made overseas) and he has been quite unhappy all day and has had real trouble settling down for the night with lots of crying, which is not like him at all. SMA say there is no difference between their ready made and powdered formula but it does appear to have had a bad affect on the LO. Don't even know if this is possible - another MNer suggested an off day?! Don't know whether he'll get used to the powdered stuff if we pursever or if we should give up now before he gets worse? First time in ages i've felt guilty for not breastfeeding

JodieG1 Mon 26-Mar-07 22:09:00

laughalot - glad to hear that lo is ok

shimmer - maybe give it a day or two and see if there's a difference? Could well be an off day. I feel guilty every day now for not breastfeeding dd and she's 5 She's ill all the time and ds1 isn't and I bf him so I'm now wondering if it's because she wasn't bf, guess I'll never know but I just wish I could turn back time and bf her. I know I'll be feeing bad about it forever

annieapple7 Mon 26-Mar-07 23:05:14

Hi everyone
having a quick catch up before the dream feed.

Shimmer - is it because you shook the milk to disperse the powder? I am using Dr Brown anti-colic bottles which advise against shaking the bottle which creates bubbles an get air into baby's tummy (something I always did before).

Now I just swirl gently to disperse and there are no lumps. I also use Infacol and Rose seems much more settled after feeds.

I am stopping bfeeding now too, and my boobs are full of unwanted milk I know its is the best thing for us both but I feel bad...I wish I could do both but she prefers the bottle! (Like her mother)

EAH - hotel looks good - any other recommendations for child-friendly s/c accomm in this country for hols? I am not going abroad this year with my brood!

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