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Could I have pnd even though my baby is 14months ?

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Hollie3016 Mon 24-Apr-17 21:56:32

My little one is now 14months and I love her to bits! But I'm angry all the time I'm tired I'm stressed out and I just can't be bothered anymore! I was so on top of everything at the start I went back to work a couple of days when she was just 4weeks old(I'm self employed) I was on top of it all house was spotless I even planned my wedding and managed to loose just short of 3stone and was making all the dinners etc from scratch but now everything feels like it's gone to shit! I can't be bothered with work I can't be bothered taking her to her classes anymore which I used to really enjoy I barely go shopping anymore so there's never any food in for me and hubby( always have stuff for my daughter tho) anyway just wondering if I could have pnd this late on ? I was really sad in the first few months but we had to get rid of my wee dog as he just didn't take to the wee one and he was like a baby to me then we had to get him put down(he went to my mums and ended up having cancer) not sure if everything had just caught up with me now I've been feeling this way since just after xmas! Sorry for the long rant just don't know what's going on with me now 🙈

Hollie3016 Mon 24-Apr-17 21:59:00

Just want to add she sleeps great 7-7 so I'm not sleep deprived but I'm so much more tired now than I was at the start when she was up for feeds

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