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Cot bedding

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kel1493 Wed 19-Apr-17 11:57:53

After seeing the success someone else had posting here, I thought I'd try as well.
I have two sets of cot bedding for sale.
Size is for a normal cot, not a cot bed (although the fitted sheets do fit the mattress of my son's toddler bed (which is the same size as a cot bed, so on that basis it could probably be used for a cot bed as well).
Set one: Mothercare Bear and Friends Cot Bed In A Bag Set. Includes Bumper, Coverlet, Fleece Blanket, and two fitted sheets also from Mothercare. It is beige and white in colour. The bumper and coverlet have the bear on and are a mix of beige and white. The fleece blanket is beige with white spots. The pack of two fitted sheets I got to match it are one plain beige and one beige with darker spots on.
Would be suitable for a girl or a boy. Would like £20 for the set (it cost a lot more than that).
Set two: Redkite 'Bertie' cot bedding set. Includes Bumper, Coverlet, Fleece Blanket, and a pack of two fitted sheets brought from Mothercare to match the set. The bumper and coverlet are a baby blue and white design, the fleece blanket is baby blue with red stitching. The pack of two fitted sheets are one plain blue and one white with blue spots.
Would be suitable for a boy. Would like £15 for the set.
Both sets have been washed in fairy non bio liquid gel (the one recommended for baby things, and have been ironed. All in reasonably good condition, and coverlets and blankets kept my son lovely and warm from when he went in his cot until when he went in his toddler bed (he slept with just them over him, never had anything else).
Would be happy to sell both sets together or individually. Would ideally like to sell as sets as the sheets and bedding sets go together. Would like £20 for the Mothercare set and £15 for the Redkite set (both cost more than that). Buyer can collect, or could post, buyer would need to pay the postage cost (would be a bit as fairly heavy due to nature of items).
Will post pictures as soon as I can take them.
Thank You.

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