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Depression looming

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Nuala88 Wed 05-Apr-17 12:54:08

I can feel the depression coming, it's like a big dark cloud that I am struggling to see through the tears, I can't believe it's hitting now, I never thought I would be a victim and I'm screaming on the inside for someone to notice and bundle me up to make me feel better without saying a word or feeling like I'm broken and weak for feeling this way!!
It's been coming for a few weeks now but it's just encircled me and I'm paralyzed.
I know I need to swallow my pride and ask for help but it's too hard...
Rant over.. I know what needs to be done, I'm just not ready

Birchy26 Tue 25-Apr-17 10:25:39

The baby blues are hitting you?? Is it because you feel trapped? Are you a single mum? Is it your first baby?
I suffered and had lots of support!! Seel advice its the best thing I did! I never show my emotions but I had to let them all out!

RuthB4 Fri 12-May-17 05:20:28

Are you ok OP?? Big big big hugs xxxx its not anything to be ashamed of. It's not about being weak. It can hit anyone! Look after yourself xxxxxx

okokokok Thu 25-May-17 21:25:50

Go see your doctor. I don't know if you have suffered from depression in the past but they are there to help. They can offer anti depressants which will help. With a new baby, you will be exhausted and possibly feel isolated which makes everything seem so much worse. Please PM me, I have suffered anxiety and depression and also have a new baby so it would be good to chat for me too x

NewMum17 Thu 01-Jun-17 23:02:40

This may sound silly, but can depression be on and off or is it constant?
I feel as though I feel depressed at times, but I move on and ignore the things that bug me and almost push them away until I need to face them next time. Not sure what it is. Feels crap tho.

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