Jan '07 part 3: Final score - 69 days, 28 boys, 21 girls weighing over 26 stone in total (thats over THREE TIMES Kate Moss's body weight!)

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2Happy Tue 06-Mar-07 20:27:50

And huge respect to EaH, without whose efforts we never would have had a list

(And yes, I am one of those sad people who finds things like temperature sensors in cars really interesting. Nerd.)

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theUrbanDryad Tue 06-Mar-07 20:32:47

wow - 2Happy, i'm REALLY impressed!

2Happy Tue 06-Mar-07 20:43:50

Thanks . It's also a bit more than Michelle McManus's body weight (pre-Gillian McKeith!), but I thought that was a slightly worse comparison!!

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annieapple7 Tue 06-Mar-07 20:58:18

Well done 2happy.

Carrotcake - I make sure I feed the baby regularly (every 3 hours ish) throu the day so they aren't playing catch up in the night, even if I have to wake her. In the evening I let her feed as much as she wants to tank her up and my piece de resistance is a bottle last thing (10 - 11pm) which makes her go longer in the night (formula) and last night she slept from 10.30 - 6.30am and she is 6 weeks tomorrow. Result!

Anyone else combining bfing and bottle feeding successfully? I can't decide whether to switch to bottles completely after 6 weeks bfing. I know it will be easier but emotionally I enjoy bfing but my other little boys are getting th ethin edge of the wedge now.

wilkie50 Tue 06-Mar-07 21:27:32

Great minds 2Happy - I was only thinking of counting up boys and girls on the thread last night (but didn't get round to it). What would we do without you??!?!?!!

EAH - Primark is FAB! They have just built a flagship 'highstreet fashion' store in Lincoln. Bought a beautiful skirt, 2 tops and a pair of shoes for £34!!!! BARGAIN!!

Vino - DH ceremoniously dumped my £2 for 5 Primark knickers in the bin last night - I've got to start wearing sexy pants again apparently These looks particularly attractive with my stretchmarks that are covering my top outer thighs - what is that about??!?!?! I look like a tiger has clawed me...

Well, all has been calm in the Wilkie house today. Had a fab day with Jacob, my BF and her LO (2 weeks younger than J). Jacob was so well behaved and chilled out - I really hope I have cracked it with the Aptamil (still scared it's a fluke).

wilkie50 Tue 06-Mar-07 21:28:22

Trixy - how did you manage to upload your pic in the end? I STILL can't.

trixymalixy Tue 06-Mar-07 23:03:29

In Microsoft photo editor I selected File/save as. At the bottom of the box there is a button that says more. I then moved the sliding bar to the middle to resize the photo.

Then on mumsnet selected upload more photos , select the photo you have resized and click send file.

then the bit that stumped me. when it has finished and it looks like it is blank and it hasn't worked, scroll down and then click store.


trixymalixy Tue 06-Mar-07 23:05:30

Oh and what do you think of the photos of my cute DS.

Not that I'm fishing for compliments or anything !!

RGee Wed 07-Mar-07 06:47:56


2Happy - GREAT thread title!!!

Did we all have big Primark knickers then? I also had 'disposable' nightie, dressing gown and slippers for the hospital.

Now that my CS scab has dropped off (nice huh - a large chunk fell off in bed but I can't find it!!!) I can wear normal knickers again.

Annie - been bf and bottle for 3 weeks now. All is good, but will prob make a full transition to bottle by around 3 months. She mainly takes breast in the night, with a couple of top ups in the day. But she's sleeping longer at night now so one of the night bf has already been dropped.

Trixy - loved the bath photo!

Hope y'all have a good day. I'm off to get lo weighed today but nothing else planned.

theUrbanDryad Wed 07-Mar-07 08:21:55

trixy - those photos are so adorable!!

had a good night here...asleep at 8, up at 2:15 for a feed then straight back down, then up again 6:15 and back down until dh's alarm went off and i had to punch him before he switched it off! not quite sure how he can sleep through it but it wakes both me and Zac up but there you go. Zac really hates it - he cries every time it goes off. dh thinks it's because he knows that it's time fo daddy to go to work, but i think he just doesn't like the noise!

think we're just going to chill today, we had a busy day yesterday and i feel i need to recover! (and also do some laundry...)

Lizzzombie Wed 07-Mar-07 08:36:19

I do BF and Bottle feed mix. My LO is a little piglet so doesnt care what he eats. I express milk for feeding when we go out, as I can't do discreet feeding with udders the size of Dolly Partons, and a biffer baby clawing me. We have 6 wk check up today. Very exciting! (its the little things!) x

wilkie50 Wed 07-Mar-07 08:39:27

Oh FFS - it had worked all along Trixy, I just didn't scroll down!! Doh.

OK, check out my little smiler!!

Trixy - your LO is yummy, LOVE the mohican!

Well ladies, I am a woman of leisure today - Grandma is taking Jacob for the day so I have booked a back massage and I'm off for a spot of retail therapy

UD - you were up at the exact same times as me in the night! My DH's alarm kept going off as he hits snooze every time 'just five more minutes...' so it ends up beeping about 5 times. I asked him why doesn't he just move the time forward so he gets longer without the snoozes but he's having none of it....MEN!!

theUrbanDryad Wed 07-Mar-07 09:01:47

wilkie - when i say "up", i actually mean "haul LO into bed, stick on boob, fall back asleep!" am very of your day....we did the retail therapy yesterday, but it was all for Z. i saw some jeans i liked in Goerge, but I need someone to talk me into buying them. not sure if i really need another pair of blue jeans...i could do with some black trousers really, but i can't find any i like oh well, i'll live, somehow....

theUrbanDryad Wed 07-Mar-07 09:02:54

OMG Wilkie! i love the picture of J in the bath towel! he's so very very precious!

Dragonhart Wed 07-Mar-07 09:31:04

Good night with Ruth last night. She went to sleep at 730 (I have started using shh-pat for her to get her to sleep- 3 1/2 hours last night then 1/2 hour last night ) Then she slept through til 6.30!! I have found that if I dont feed her so much just before bed (was feeding her at 4 then 6, changing her for bed then feed ing her again and she was being sick loads) she goes to sleep better.

Only prob is that DS1 didnt sleep well as he has got really bad nappy rash and is teething . So still knackered!

Ruth has her injections today - not looking forward to it. Going to have her weighed as well and talk to the HV A bit worried after looking at everyones pic that Ruth is not smilling very mucha nd not as much as your lo.

Love the pics though! Will have to get around to doing my profile. Just realised how it all works so will try to get some pics up!

Dragonhart Wed 07-Mar-07 09:34:50

BTW Def agree with the not feeding in the toilet/changing area. I find it really hard to find cafes where there is no smoking around here though. Always end up in costa!

I find that as long as I have a cardigan on, it doesnt worry me. Never owned and worn so many cardigans til I started bf!!

Muckypup Wed 07-Mar-07 09:51:45

Trixy - he is gorgeous

What nappies is anyone using? I had a big pooh leak from pampers this morning - changed everything and then had to change again half an hour later as he had a big wet patch.

Hattie2 Wed 07-Mar-07 10:13:52

Great title (as usual!) 2happy

wilkie - really pleased to hear about your progress with J. Fingers crossed it's the aptamil that's done the trick.

UD - pmsl at your dh thinking that zac was upset at him going to work!

Can anyone else count on one hand the number of nappies their dh has changed or is it just mine that's useless? He claims it's because it's not the first time round he doesn't need the practice anymore

muckypup - I'm alternating between huggies and pampers (depends which one I have boots or tescos or whatever coupons for at the time! don't think I've paid full price for a pack yet) but huggies seem a better fit for ds, even when he has a minor explosion it all seems to stay within the nappy!

katwith3kittens Wed 07-Mar-07 10:40:29

DH returned from his hols last night and is so attentive its unreal. I think his mate has made him realise just what a good thing he has at home. He compared the experience to wife swap without doing the swap iykwim !

I dont really get on with mates wife and we hardly ever see them thankfully (although mate is godfather to dd.) Apparently she rang at least 10 times a day to check up on what they were doing !!!

In comparison DH said I hadnt rung him once(well I have been busy you know)

Anyway, if it makes him realise just what he's got then I think i'll let him go away more often.

Inevitably a bit of action occurred last night but I'm so disappointed as I've totally lost my sex drive. I love him loads of course and I dont think I'm particularly exhausted or anything. I have to keep my unsexy bra on at all times which must be a bit of a turn off, but I'm just hoping it will sort itself out soon.

Muckypup - I'm using Pampers atm too and I've had a few explosions. I want to use washables so I'm going to look into that very soon. Increased the washing temp to 60 and seems to be better btw.

DH - I was a bit worried my LO wasnt smiling much. At 6 weeks it could have still been mistaken for wind. HV said we must keep an eye on it ( but havent heard from her 4 weeks later) at about 9 weeks the smiles were unmistakable. I think they all develop differently.

Galmum Wed 07-Mar-07 11:44:50

Hi all,

Love the thread title!!

DD 12lbs 11oz today - 8 weeks old tomorrow! She's sooo long .

Just popped in - I don't seem to have any free time at the mo - what with dropping and picking up dh at the train station every day because of his dodgy ankle and doing all the household duties.

Getting pissed off with Mamas and Papas car seat we're using again from last time - it's so steep and dd is regulary hunched up in it. Contemplating buying the fancy forward facing car seat Jodie is using. We've got some long trips coming up - London to Cornwall next month. Why do I always seem to need to spend more money despite having all the stuff from before ??

Is anyone using washable nappies??? - been trying out tots bots - the washing thing seems ok, but trying to get used the fact her arse is the size of britain in them May wait until she goes into the next size up which I think is 18lbs+ . It sounds really trivial and I know I should save the planet, but most of the stuff she's been given won't fit such a huge backside - she'll get a complex!

wilkie50 Wed 07-Mar-07 11:51:04

Muckypup - I'm using Tescos own (after trying Pamper and Huggies which I personally found useless and both leaked) and haven't had any leakage since PLUS they are only about £1.50 for 24! Bargainous

laughalot Wed 07-Mar-07 12:55:00

Hi everyone hope you are all ok, well I nearly wasnt coming on this thread ever again yes laughalot nearly KILLED herself with a tv ariel , I opened my cupboard door in my bedroom the portable tv is up there and down came the ariel and crashed on my head luckily I dident have lauren in my arms at the time because usually I am holding her and doing something else at the same time.

Dident have a bad night up at 1.45 half a hour and she was setteled again untill 6.15. Its her injections tomorrow I hate the darn things but its got to be done, I was going to start the hungry baby milk tomorrow like eah does with hattie but might give it a miss with it being her injections.

Wilkie did you try the water on j did it pacify him for a bit longer, if you havent give it a go because it worked with lauren, enjoy your baby free day aswell .

I use pampers and my dd tends to crap for england and yes I do get leaks its funny that tescos nappies have been mentioned because loads of people have said how good they are I work in a travel agents with loads of women and they all seemed to recommend tescos nappies and it seems they are a bargain price aswell.

On the subject of poo my ds is loads better thank the lord I was getting very worried about him her did a right hard corker of a one this morning

Did notice that the program we cant mention is on sky channel 209 on saturday night. For those who did watch it is it worth a watch ?

2Happy great title

Wish I could download pictures my computer is so old it wont let me do it, I think all your babies are cute.

Lizzzombie Wed 07-Mar-07 13:47:43

I heard back from Channel Five - In case anyone missed the programmes on Monday night on Five Life cable Tv, these are the times when they will be repeated.

*10th March on Five Life*
Miracle Babies 20.00
G* F*: Who Are You To Tell Us? 21.00
Having A Baby Ruined My Life: Hidden Lives 22:00

*11th March on Five Life*
Miracle Babies 19.00
G* F*: Who Are You To Tell Us? 20.00

There are no plans to show these on normal CH5 and they are not available to download. I dont have a video I am afraid so can't tape them.

carrotcake Wed 07-Mar-07 14:15:41

Annie- thanks, a few people have said giving formula last thing works. I'm going to try to avoid the bottle as long as poss though, I really enjoy the bf and can't be faffed to buy bottles/steriliser etc at the moment, just wish he'd go longer of his own accord, and he feeds about every two hours in the day, a real guzzler! I don't feel too bad in the day though, so obviously I'm getting a manageble amount of sleep...

I also love this title, 2happy!

Dragon- I hadn't thought of cardigans, at the moment I keep having to lift my whole top up displaying the top of maxi pants (yes, primark!) not too attractive with a belly roll might have to invest in some...

..and speaking of nappies, just before I had to leave for ds1 special choir thingy in town, I went to pick felix up out of bed (my bed) and and looked at him blankly as there appeared to be a golden halo around his head (I know I'm tired!) and realised to my horror that he had crapped so much it was all up the back of his clothes, out of the top and over the pillows!! F**KS SAKE, they were my new pillowcases I got in the sale. Oh, and it was well soaked into the mattress and part of the duvet too I had decided to try the eco nappies in the local green shop, moltex oca?? and I had already changed him twice in the night as he was wet so they're a lot of bloody good.. and cost 10.98 I realised after they are lovely and soft but you know...then the bus had changed route slightly taking me miles from the hall to arrive late, the hot red late mum who has to stand near the door rocking like a lunatic so he doesn't wake in the sling. Sigh.

Sorry for the long rant. DP looked at me yesterday and rolled his eyes and said 'you're posting on mumsnet again then' Uh, yes, is that a problem? Think he suspects tea will be left and children will be crying while I tap away. Of course not. Never.

saltcod Wed 07-Mar-07 14:47:15

hello all, can I join the beautiful baby boys club too ? Have finally got round to uploading some pics. Trixy, your boy is gorgeous...... love the hair, so cute!

Can't remember who was updating the list, but the missing details for mine are a baby boy, 6lb 12oz.

Luca doing really well..... 13.5lb at 10 weeks. But so he should be coz he's still constantly feeding during the day! Only managing 1/2hr to an hour between feeds most of the day. He's better at night, going 4 or 5 hours, then 2 hours for the next couple of feeds. Any ideas on how I can get him to go longer between feeds? Everyone elses LO's seem to be going 3 - 4 hours . I think a lot of it is comfort feeding, as he will refuse to finish a bottle of EBM, but will still want breastfeeding.... typical bloke... loves his boobs !!

On the nappy debate, we've just started using tesco's after seeing recommendations on here and find them really good. Only had 1 leak so far & tonnes cheaper than pampers. I like huggies too, but found pampers rubbish... every other nappy seemed to leak & they have a horrible chemical smell too!

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