Happy Birthday Neve and Alfie

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Jelley Sun 04-Mar-07 07:59:37

A thread for today....maybe csws can do us a proper one when she is better

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PhoenixGirl Sun 04-Mar-07 08:29:34

Good idea Jel

Happy Birthday Neve

Happy Birtday Alfie

We haven't got a garden so we'd be buying it for my parents garden. The reason i asked is cos its only small and didn't know if it'd be worth it so thanks for the replys so far. I've been looking at bigger slides anyway Jel so i think that might be a better option. We'll turn my mum and dads garden into a playground, my dad will love it, not

CanSleepWeirdShifts Sun 04-Mar-07 09:03:33

Just adding to my list quickly.

Happy Birthday!

mustrunmore Sun 04-Mar-07 10:03:09

Hello. Found you!
But now I cant think what I was going to reply to off the other thread!

slide cube... def get one 2nd hand.We got ours free off a neighbour; saw it under the builders rubble, so knocked on the door.A good way to meet our new neighbours!!

Jas; good card idea, but i had a moment of madness yesterday, so we are half way through a monet inspired painting/collage There was ALOT of blue paint all over the kitchen and bashroom last night...

Monkeys; after costs, about £2 profit on each. Better than nothing. <<I am stopping selling, but just need to shift a few things! I am starting to give more and more away though...>>

Supposed to be going out tonight, but still have nothing that fits Ans am going out with 3 very pretty people, so am at a disadvantage to start with.

I went to bed 7.30 pm last night.

2boysmacca Sun 04-Mar-07 10:28:25

but you are pretty too

I had my lie in this morning. Dh needed kicking out of bed twice. He is now so grumpy I wish I'd have done the early shift. I can see an arguement brewing because he is just walking around with his head down and mumbling every time he speaks. Arghhhh men!!

He's gone to take the boys to feed the ducks while I make a Sunday roast and get some ironing out of the way. He did start it this morning but then ds2 woke and he had to put it all away

Chloe55 Sun 04-Mar-07 11:22:56

Happy birthday Neve and Alfie!

The sweetcorn picking poo incident sounds revolting CSWS!!!

I like the activity slide thing PG, not sure whether it would be a flash in the pan thing though as ds is obviously my first, however, might see how Lewis gets on if you get him one and possibly invest myself - we seem to have everything else the same after all

Another run ladies And I got all the way round the lake this time (Pugneys for those of you who know it) I was sooooooooooo impressed with myself - I think it is 1.5miles so a huge achievement for me woohoo!!!!!!

Flamesparrow Sun 04-Mar-07 11:58:38

i added on the other thread too cos I is picky

You do so much knowledgable stuff with yours MRM - I need to do more of that. I had originally planned to work like I was doing home ed when she is at home so she could learn a mix of things, but it hasn't happened... she loves things like little einsteins and a monet inspired collage would be something she'd think was great - but she would have no idea right now who monet is, like having no idea about cleopatra

Advert Honest reactions please and constructive criticism - I plan to have a happier pic of emrys, but in the same sort of position so his back is still in line with the writing.

Right - I'm trying to be off here for the rest of the day - my babies are feeling a touch neglected.

mustrunmore Sun 04-Mar-07 13:50:57

Flame, I like it But a shot with a bit more nappy and bum would be good? Could you get an all fours shot looking back over his shoulder/one side type of thing? Also, how about trying to take the pic on a plain background (sheet?), then adding the text onto the whole pic, so it looks less 'cut out'? <<says the most untechnical person in the world >> I havent considered the actual text yet, but it seems great on an inital glance!!
Er, I think you're taking my phrase 'Monet inspired' a bit too far. You'd never think it if you saw the finished article. I dont recall a Monet work with an orange foam giraffe in. And I really dont do loads of amazing stuff with him; not sure how you got that impression!! Every day though, I do think how much more we could be doing if I didnt have ds2 too Not that I regret having him in any way, but I know ds1 would be benefitting so much more from my undivided attention (kind of like the Celestine Prophecy dodgy book theory). Then again, I see some only children (myself included), and it really highlights the good points of having a sibling. All swings and roundabouts.

Thanks Macca You're very sweet, albeit way off track.

Well done Chloe You know, at no time in the past 3 years have I more wished for a babysitter than I do now I'm getting to the point of asking dh to take the last of his hol allowance to have the kids while I do to some sort of fitness boot camp for a week, I'm that desperate

2boysmacca Sun 04-Mar-07 14:46:25

We've got a great babysitting circle here. Are there not a group of you that could swap an afternoon so one of you gets a few hours off? I have started putting the boys in the leisure centre creche for an hour and they love it. this week though ds2 will be in on Tuesday for ds1 swimming lesson. Then I have them both in on Wed so i can swim and then Thurs for my gym session. Not quite worked out how I'll afford it

I kinda agree with mrm flame, he does look a bit 'cut out' and you need a bum shot more than your cutey. Does he ever do what mine does and poke his head through his legs? That would be a pretty cool shot.

Ds1 just had another horrendous tantrum. I have been pushed, smacked and bitten but today i remained cool. I'm wondering if this is all a reaction to ds2 being born, a somewhat late reaction. He really is an angel and so well behaved but these little episodes are getting worse. Or perhaps he has a double personality I think he' fallen asleep...nope he's still going strong.

mustrunmore Sun 04-Mar-07 16:03:29

Iwish I could get to the leisure centre and back while ds1 was in nursery! But the one that has a creche is 40 mins each way, optimistically, and I couldnt take the chance of not getting back for him. Plus creches cost money!Thats definitely not classed as an essential on our budget; we only just break even each month as it is (hence I havent quite given up the ebaying yet, as whatever I make on there I use to buy stuff for the boys, clothes and toys etc!)
No babysitting circle as ds2 doesnt have friends of his own really! And the parents of ds1's friends arent going to want to give up their child free time to look after ds2! Also, even though there are one or two people who might help out every now and again, there's nothing I can do in return, as they just dont need a babysitter, ever.If I only had one it'd be easier to ask, but there's no way anyone would want to have the pair of them for an hour or so! I do sometimes manage to farm ds1 out to next door, but then ds2 never sleeps at the right time. Anyway, now the weather's better, he'll be enjoying a speedy return from dropping ds1 off at nursery The p&t isnt really very good to jog with, but better than nothing. We had an xts for a while, but it was just enormous, so it had to go.

Chloe55 Sun 04-Mar-07 16:32:29

At the weekend, dh and i take it turns to go out whilst the other sits for an hour. My working hours are handy when ds is in nursery on wed and fri, it allows me a couple of hours to get some exercise in. On Monday nanna takes him for most of the day whilst I clean her house, then I have about an hour before she gets home so I guess I am really lucky actually.

Ds does the looking through his legs shot too which I think would look great Flame. You don't get to see much of the nappy in a sit down shot.

Jelley Sun 04-Mar-07 16:37:03

mrm - you need to start going to toddler groups and meet people with two who could swap favours with you (or save up for creche occasionally and get ds1 collected to give you an extra hour or two

Exercise experts....I need something I can do to reduce the tummy. I'm starting to look pregnant (I'm not)
No gym etc as I'd hate it,plus no money/crech etc.
I can't do sit up type things as I have back problems Help!

macca - well done for staying cool. Maybe it is a late reaction as he's now got mobile baby taking his stuff, who clearly isn't a temporary visitor.

Boy has terrible sore spots on his bum again I'm trying to keep him nappy free, but he wees every 20 mins and my carpets will stink, so he's got a muslin and fleece combo that I'm changing every 1/2 hour today.

Agree big plastic things are always better second hand. They cost so much new.

Have you decided on an outfit for tonight mrm?
Have a good night out

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Jelley Sun 04-Mar-07 16:41:11

Since he was born, ds has been looked after by my neighbour for two dentist checks (1/2 hour each) and a school trip (6 hours), and with my bf for the mn Christmas night out
I leave all 3 with dp at the weekend to go shopping.

All my friends locally have babies younger than ds, so it isn't easy. Luckily I don't want to go to the gym, and I only have one during school hours to entertain.

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Jelley Sun 04-Mar-07 16:41:12

Since he was born, ds has been looked after by my neighbour for two dentist checks (1/2 hour each) and a school trip (6 hours), and with my bf for the mn Christmas night out
I leave all 3 with dp at the weekend to go shopping.

All my friends locally have babies younger than ds, so it isn't easy. Luckily I don't want to go to the gym, and I only have one during school hours to entertain.

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2boysmacca Sun 04-Mar-07 17:12:29

Jelley, you ned to do pilates for your tum. Pilates is all about core strength centred around the pelvis and abdomen. All the exercise are very subtle but really work. You can get a book (Darcy Bussel is pretty good) or video but you'd be best to try a couple of classes first to ensure you are doing the exercise correctly and then you are away. A lot of people do this type of exercise when they have back problems, as long as your instructor is aware you'll be fine.

I put lanisoh on ds2 bum the other day when he had nappy rash and it worked wonders.

2boysmacca Sun 04-Mar-07 17:24:15

It's only recently I have started leaving the boys at the creche. Before we moved out of London I had no-one and I think I only left ds1 twice, once at 8 months whilst we went to a wedding and once at 14 months while we went out for a meal.

When we moved here I knew noone and was really lonely, coupled with being in the early stages of pregnancy I really struggled. I was terrified of going into labour because dh worked so far away and I had no-one to look after ds1. In the end, my mum came to live with us for around a fortnight before he was born (I was also house bound with spd).

Since ds2 has been born and particularly since ds1 has started nursery I have made a lot of friends that I can call on to help and vice versa but it is rare I would leave them. The majority have 2, the eldest being ds1 age and the 2nd vary, but are roughly the same age, witha couple of nearly 2's. We also go on quite a few girls nights. I would never have left ds1 at the leisure centre creche whilst having a swim, even though people told me how good it was, I just felt guilty. Now, I realise that I need that hour or so a week. I'm lucky we do have a little extra cash to be able to do this.

I became such a recluse after having ds1 as I was adamant not to request help. It left me feeling quite bitter.

Have a great night out mrm.

CanSleepWeirdShifts Sun 04-Mar-07 20:06:02

I haven't had a lie in since dd was born. Even today when I was ill and we didn't have to be up early, dh wouldn't let me stay in bed whilst he got up with dd.

I also haven't left dd, except with dh for an hour or two when I've gone to hairdressers (always left with list of instructions) or when mum took her out to feed the ducks when I was having the massage up at theirs the other week.

MIL makes comments about having her to stay for day/night, but I really don't think she (or dd!) would cope. She's never offered to change a nappy, can't understand that she needs to eat at the times that she's used to, or that she needs her nap when we say she needs it, not when suits us or mil best. They are in their mid 70's too, so not young and spritely to run around after her.

My 4 nights out since she was born were 3 once dd was already in bed, and the MN Christmas meetup when I left dh to put her to bed.

Not sure how this situation will ever change.

I like the ad flame, but agree with the others about the 'cut out' picture. It sounds like a very personal/personable ad, rather than just another 'in it for the money' company.

Can relate to you being worried about going into labour unexpectedly with dh not there macca. Those that were here at the time will probably recall that I wasn't worried at all about labour or childbirth, but was worried that dh wouldn't be here, as he wasn't planning on returning from Dublin until dd's due date. In the end he came back a week early and dd was 6 days late!

Flamesparrow Sun 04-Mar-07 20:37:42

I'd love to do pilates... I hope to start leaving DS in the leisure centre creche soon (my mum bonded with the woman who runs it at a child protection training, so I have more confidence now), but it would be to take DD trampolining,so still not for me.

A woman who works with my mum has a DS a bitolder than DS, and she has said that once she gets her decorating finished she will take DS once a week/fortnight for an afternoon so I can get house/shop/me sorted. We need to sort out prices etc though, and I would need to see if DD can swap from mornings to afternoons on that day at preschool at all.

The ad - There are already 3 looking through legs shots in nappy ads (in the last magazine), so I want to avoid that shot... I am trying to sort out with my friend if she can help me with a white background shot - I have no white sheets (all colours), and think breaking into venture could be illegal? If it was warmer I'd take him in the garden to get some natural grassy shots, but in the rain in March could be cruel

I'll work on it...

2boysmacca Sun 04-Mar-07 20:45:17

csws if it helps, it's only been the last 6 months we've taken it in turns to have a lie in and if the truth was known, it causes far more arguements than when we both got up, or I got up! For the first 2 years of his life, ds was regularly up at the latest 5am. If we have a lie in, it's only an hour extra, which means about 6.00/6.30. Dh moans that that isn't a lie in.

As you know, i went to centre parcs a few weeks ago and it was the first time dh had had one boy all day let alone both. I don't think we're alone in that. At the end of the day, and without wishing to offend, it's the woman who takes the primary responsibility. My biggest moan is that as kids growign up we (as females) are told we can have everything, a family and a career. I don;t think that is the case. If you have both, one or other is neglected (I use that term loosely). I don't think dh's life has changed much at all. Sure he has responsibilities, he is the earner but he doesn't have to constantly think for everyone else. He goes to work, has his ups and downs but he gets home, his dinner is ready, the boys are fed, watered and bedded.

When ds2 was about 7 months, dh wanted to go out. His arguement was, he's only been out 5 times since ds2 was born. I said, I haven't even been out more than once since ds1 was born!

Moan over

PhoenixGirl Sun 04-Mar-07 20:52:55

My dh gets on my nerves with how little he does with ds but in comparison to your 2's dh's he's great If he's off work and i'm working he looks after him, he feeds him occasionally, changes him occasionally (but only feeds and changes him when i'm not there to do it) He has let me stay in bed a few times and got up with him. But he hardly ever puts him to bed or gets up in the night with him.

PhoenixGirl Sun 04-Mar-07 20:56:25

I've never had a disposable nappy leak at night and since i've been using cloth in the day ds has had 2 disposables leak at night, strange.

Flamesparrow Sun 04-Mar-07 21:03:29

I think I'm just mean... I don't think DH is brave enough to refuse me lie ins or to not pull his weight. He helped spawn these people too.

Flamesparrow Sun 04-Mar-07 21:04:47

They know you have gone to the dark side and are sulking they leak on me because they know I hate them and are punishing me

2boysmacca Sun 04-Mar-07 21:06:59

Oh don't get me wrong, he does do things. He is actually quite hands on but he needs prompting to do anything iyswim. Weeknds I won't change a nappy and he feeds, bathes and beds them But, I'll have to decide what they'll be having, and cook it. He would do it but it'd be 4.30 when he'd start to think about what they could have then realise he hadn't defrosted anything to cook by then meltdown had occured and I don't think it's fair on the boys. If he's looking after the boys then that is all he can do, he can't tidy up after them, cook for them , naturally cook for us either He can't go to the loo or shower either (?) If it's my lie in and he needs the loo he'll come and wake me to have ds2 .

He never got up in the night with ds1, but to be honest it was very rare he woke, even as a baby (he slept through 'til 4 right from birth). Actually, with both boys he would wake, prop himself up then fall fast asleep. I told him I would prefer if he just pretended he didn't hear them rather than sit up and then fall asleep!!! It was a shock with ds2 that he woke every 2 hours for the first 4 months of his life.

Gonna go and watch the conspiracey fiels in bed. have a very sore throat and a hacking cough. Sent dh to Tesco's earlier on to get nappies and cough medicine. he came back with nappies, milk, smoothies but no medicine

Flamesparrow Sun 04-Mar-07 21:27:30

lol yes - DH is kicked for most things and needs clear, full instructions (anyone remember the night I told him to give them pie for tea, and he did just that - nothing more, nothing less!)

Feel better soon

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