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Can I do a course when I've just had a baby?

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Clumsymumsy22 Sun 26-Feb-17 09:36:27

Hi all,

I've been wanting to do some beauty courses for a while now but have never had the time or money (the issue is mostly the latter) to do any. I'm thinking I would like to offer different beauty treatments and wedding packages on a mobile self employed basis, as a way of improving my income when it drops as I will be going part time at work after maternity leave.

The course itself will be every third weekend and runs for 9 months, and I will have homework to do. It will cost £95 a month, but I can defer payments for up to 5 months.

My concern is, I'm due to have a baby on 9th March, and the course starts on 25th march. My partners said he can look after her on the weekend I do the course. I'm just a bit concerned about how tired I'm going to be and what if I don't want to leave her? I'm also planning on breastfeeding, so I would have to be around for that.

I just feel like I now have this opportunity to do something I've wanted to do for about 2 years, and like its a now or never kind of thing. I would have liked to do it before I got pregnant to prepare myself and then I wouldn't have this dilemma. It would also be a great opportunity for me to meet new people as I don't know many people in my area.

Am I being too optimistic and unrealistic about this? The next course starts in September, but I'm planning to go back to work then part time. Also is it worth it? Am I likely to build up the client base that I need?


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PotteringAlong Sun 26-Feb-17 09:38:58

If your baby is 2 weeks late you will miss the first one and, realistically, you won't be able to exclusively breastfeed and do the course.

C4Envelope Sun 26-Feb-17 09:40:37

I think your optimism is nice! And you are entirely right about having reservations too - after all you do not know how you will feel post birth. For what its worth, it took me having my little one to change my perspective and get into training to change career. It is so hard and tiring however I keep in mind that I am doing it for my daughter and it is all ok. Follow your dreams! Could you book onto the course with the potential to defer until september? Best of luck xxxflowers

Keeptrudging Sun 26-Feb-17 09:44:17

Go for it, it sounds like a great opportunity. I went back to Uni for my final year when DS was 5 weeks old, it's doable especially since your DH is supportive. It's not too many days training, and you'd be able to fit your studying in.

LIZS Sun 26-Feb-17 09:44:42

Given your baby could be up to 2 weeks late it does seem optimistic. Also are you certain this course is actually worth the money and recognised. You would at very least be expected to practice occasionally in between sessions which may not be so practical with a young baby.

JaxingJump Sun 26-Feb-17 09:45:20

You can't do it, unless you are ok to miss the first one? If you are late which is very common, you induction date may be the 23rd. If you have a long labour and a c-s you will still be in hospital on the 25th. If the course is 2+hrs long, you will need to bottlefeed (maybe that's your plan?).

I personally think you need to defer it. Such a pity because if your start date was a week later I'd have a different answer.

Clumsymumsy22 Sun 26-Feb-17 10:34:09

I have considered that she could be born as late as the 23rd, so I will still be recovering from the hospital. Will probably still be recovering if she comes on the 9th to be fair.

Think I'm going to ring up tomorrow and find out what my options are in terms of deferring, what happens if I miss a session etc. The course is 9-5:30 so she would need to be fed about 5/6 times in that time. I'm probably going to have to wait until September I think.

Disappointed, but it's still a goal of mine that I would like to do. Thanks all

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