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New mums in Islington/Kentish town area

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ellaki Wed 15-Feb-17 15:49:27

Hello, I'm new to Mumsnet... any mums out there who gave birth in Oct/Nov/Dec '16? My DS was born in Nov and looking for fellow mums / similar age LOs for meet ups/share experiences/chit chat.
DH is back to work so looking for cool things to do/people to meet during the day in the Kentish Town/Tufnell park end of Islington

TriJo Thu 16-Feb-17 10:31:36

I'm in Archway, but my DS is a bit older, nearly 11 months.

ellaki Fri 17-Feb-17 08:49:36

Hey Trijo, super! Thanks for replying. We are definitely close. I am just off Camden road.
Grab a coffee some time?

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