March 2007 - even though it hasn't actually arrived, some of us have (iyswim)

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CallieNewMum Mon 26-Feb-07 20:06:15

Here we go girls - Amie, Kiwi, Dixia, Flannelettepyjamas, we can start comparing motherhood notes on this one and wait for the others to arrive one by one. Although I suspect the other thread will be our home until there's critical mass. To those of you still waiting to join the post-natal people - get a move on!!

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Leoladyofleisure Thu 01-Mar-07 13:58:28

Callie, I am right here behind you......see birth announcements!

rosylonginglily Sun 04-Mar-07 13:18:16

Hee hee Obviously you guys are too busy nowadays! Oh well, soon enough we'll all be over here trying to juggle new baby and mumsnet all at the same time!!!

bethoo Sun 04-Mar-07 15:04:50

hi ladies. been a long time, well only a week or two!
my son was induced on 26 february due to my gestational dabetes. anyhoo he is gorgeous and cant beleive he vame out of me. yes you can tel i am a first timer!
labour was awful, so glad it was only 2.5 hours long! already thinking about trying for another though i prob will not conceive due to soley breastfeeding.
how are you all?

shanks313 Sun 04-Mar-07 21:10:39

Hi girls

I have come to join you.
Everythings going well here except I havent got much sleep since Tuesady.Most of it not even Deannas fault.

Cant believe how sore and achey you can feel after labour lol.My milk come in yesterday so as Im bottle feeding I have cast iron boobs lol.Very uncomfortable but trying the cabbage tricks.

Hope you and your little ones are all okay

AmieR Sun 04-Mar-07 21:20:50

Hello, finally made it here!

hope all is well with your LO's!

CallieNewMum Sun 04-Mar-07 22:26:04

Hello gang. As I'm weeks ahead of you all, I suspect I'll be the one posting here most to begin with but I'm glad to see you all. I'm still on the other thread too. Shanks, I'm bottle feeding too as I didn't have the milk to feed Jordi so it will be good to have someone to compare notes with. I constantly worry about overfeeding him but at the moment I'm giving him a bottle whenever he cries for it, ie about every three hours, sometimes four, atm. It's funny, in all the literature about feeding because obviously breast is recommended, there doesn't seem to be much advice for those who are bottle-feeding. Anyone know of any good books/websites for advice?

hope all your LOs are being a delight and not too much trouble!!!

Bethoo and Shanks, any pics of the LOs? I've seen Amie's and Leo's.

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CallieNewMum Sun 04-Mar-07 22:28:39

Bethoo, just re-read your post - I was exactly the same - started thinking about no 2 a few days after LO born!!! Still thinking about it, although I am now thinking of having a bit more of a gap than I was then (maybe...). It took me such a long time to get pg the first time though that I don't want to waste too much time. Id' rather take the risk of having two close together than not have another one at all I think.

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Leoladyofleisure Mon 05-Mar-07 10:13:56

Oh fantastic to see some more of you here!!!!

Congratulations Shanks, Bethoo and Amie!

Trust me, its hormones, I also feel that I could have another baby now. I am sure a few weeks of sleep deprivation will soon change it though. TBH I don't think my body will be able to cope with another pregnancy EVER!

Shanks, try drinking peppermint tea. The Swiss swear by it and before I knew about it I made the mistake of drinking it when breastfeeding ds1 and couldn't understand where my milk had gone!

Leoladyofleisure Mon 05-Mar-07 10:16:17

Oh Amie, a cutie! All soft looking skin and hair! yummy! Mmmm, gotto go and stroke and smell my boys again !

AmieR Mon 05-Mar-07 10:49:10

aww Leo! all 3 of your guys are very handsome!

I'm trying Joe to the breast but he's so lazy! He just sleeps when he gets there, so at the moment I am expressing and bottle feeding, I doubt I will express for too many more weeks.

I'm feeding him when he wants it, which is very similar to Jordi, 3 hours is the average. He's taking on about 50-70 ml a go, with the occasional vomit after.

He's avery windy chap and we have gone on to the infacol already, and will probably use gripe water in a few weeks to help too!

The health visitor was very pleased with his progress and we were chuffed to see he'd gained 6oz in a week which is good.

bethoo Mon 05-Mar-07 16:18:23

ust been looking at your los and they are all beautiful. cant wait to get mine up. must put some make up on though as mega breakout on the face.
tummy is almost back to normal though have to wait 6 weeks b4 can do sit ups.
no stretch marks!!!!!!
my lo gets hiccups after most feeds, is there a way to prevent this or what is the reason though they are cute.

CallieNewMum Mon 05-Mar-07 19:44:27

Amie, that's good to hear as Jordi is taking about that every three hours too, occasionally more, so it's reassuring to know he's probably getting about the right amount. I'm not sure what he weighs now. He was 5lb 10 two weeks ago Wed and will be weighed on Wed again so I'm guessing he's 6lb something now. How old is Joe now, in both actual weeks and gestation - are you past your EDD?

Kiwi, are you still out there? Love to hear from you if you get a moment.

Leo, how are you getting on with both the boys? We're a very male thread at the moment of the people who are actually posting, aren't we, apart from Shanks. How are the boobs now??? Looks like we'll be getting Diva joining us in a few days, well, in spirit anyway - isn't she having a girl?

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AmieR Mon 05-Mar-07 20:07:09

Joe is now 18 days old and my EDD was 1st of March, I had my C section at 38 weeks so he was classed as full term. I'm interested to see how much he's gained this week, HV is back on Thursday.

We had our best night's sleep last night since we've been home. Joe slept from 11:30 till 3 then from 4ish to 8 so we got a few good hours in too.. lets hope tonight is similar!

I think in all, the majority of the gang were expecting boys! I had no idea but was pretty certain my LO would be a girl! lol how wrong was I?

bethoo Mon 05-Mar-07 21:28:33

Hello girls I've just managed to download a couple of photos of Hayden and me. Hope you like them. Beth

AmieR Tue 06-Mar-07 04:27:54

Bethoo, he's a gorgeous chap :D

Leoladyofleisure Tue 06-Mar-07 10:21:41

Amie, my boys were the same with feeding when they were first born. I had a great breastfeeding consultant in the hospital who helped me for a couple of days until they got strong enough to feed themselves. we used a spoon to feed them with rather than a bottle.
Toby and Leo are doing great, they are putting on weight and Leo, who was the smaller one has now overtaken Toby in weight (HV came today)!
My only problem at the moment is that I am getting NO sleep!!!! Last night Toby woke up and wouldn't settle again between 11 and 4 and Leo was awake and wouldn't settle between 3 and 6! DS1 came into bed with us at around 2am and when the babies were finally settled dh and ds1 performed a symphony of snoring for me , so I got an hours sleep in another room before the babies woke again...!

However I am still !

Off to have a sleep now!

CallieNewMum Tue 06-Mar-07 11:18:46

Hayden is lovely, what great eyebrows too! And you look great, very Madonna and child (not the Guy Ritchie variety, I hasten to add!).

Glad to see this thread is starting to establish itself. Isn't it fun being the first in the gang. I was thinking last night during one feed that we should put up a list of people and arrivals with dates so we all know what's what. If I write the list of who's had babies and names, can you copy the list and add your birth dates in your own post then I'll put up a separate thread once it's finished. I'm doing it roughly in birth order but I'm not certain who was exactly where. I don't know if Dixia and Flanelettepyjamas are still posting - if you are ladies, give me your details.

Callie - Jordi - Jan 8
AmieR - Joseph
Leo - Leo and Toby
Shanks- Deanna
Bethoo - Hayden
Kiwibella - girl name??

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Leoladyofleisure Tue 06-Mar-07 12:35:15

Callie - Jordi - Jan 8
AmieR - Joseph
Leo - Leo and Toby - Feb 20
Shanks- Deanna
Bethoo - Hayden
Kiwibella - girl name??

bethoo Tue 06-Mar-07 12:58:21

Callie - Jordi - Jan 8
AmieR - Joseph
Leo - Leo and Toby
Shanks- Deanna
Bethoo - Hayden - Feb 26
Kiwibella - girl name??

keep having to remember the date as still keep thinking of his original edd!!
i think he got my eyebrows, though the mw says he looks nothing like me and he sure does not look like his dad but early days yet!!!

shanks313 Tue 06-Mar-07 13:09:27

Callie - Jordi - Jan 8
AmieR - Joseph
Leo - Leo and Toby
Shanks- Deanna -March 1
Bethoo - Hayden - Feb 26
Kiwibella - girl name??

Hey girls

Well we are getting busy on here.
Deanna is still mixed with her days and nights.So not much sleep for us.
She had her first bath last night and wasnt too happy,along with her heel prick from the hv today.
Shes lost about 4oz since birth.
Im not so sore now and thankfully the cast iron boobs have eased.
Stlll doesnt take you away from the joy of your baby

AmieR Tue 06-Mar-07 16:07:34

Callie - Jordi - Jan 8
AmieR - Joseph - Feb 15th
Leo - Leo and Toby - Feb 20
Bethoo - Hayden - Feb 26
Shanks- Deanna -March 1
Kiwibella - girl name??

Joseph has one good go on the breast a day it seems, I don't feel too bad as I am still managing to express some milk so he's still getting some of my goodness, just not via the most conventional route!

Leoladyofleisure Wed 07-Mar-07 12:50:30

Shanks, I hate that heel prick they do , poor Leo had to have quite a lot of blood taken from him in hospital as he was jaundiced and too small to test with the blitz thing. The first time the nurse didn't advise me how to keep him calm and he screamed and screamed, poor darling.

Another sleepless night last night, but on the good side it was only Leo that was unsettled. Toby managed to sleep for a 4 1/2 hour stretch so maybe we can get them both more settled tonight.

I found the sleepless nights with ds1 unbearable, but this time I am much more relaxed about it and its not really bothering me too much yet, I guess knowing its not forever helps a lot.

muppethasakitten Wed 07-Mar-07 14:02:46

I'm crashing into your thread... hooray!!!
Have uploaded baby photos onto my profile and feel ready for some serious baby talk!!

Posted about my labour in the antenatal thread so won't repeat it here.

Right, will read and catch up with all your baby news and post later!

muppethasakitten Wed 07-Mar-07 14:03:45

Callie - Jordi - Jan 8
AmieR - Joseph - Feb 15th
Leo - Leo and Toby - Feb 20
Bethoo - Hayden - Feb 26
Shanks- Deanna -March 1
Kiwibella - girl name??
Muppet - Samuel - March 5

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