Too many in the bed so we all said ROLL OVER .....

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Rumpel Mon 26-Feb-07 12:43:58

Hi All - hopefully this will be less contraversial (sp!)

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youngmum21 Mon 26-Feb-07 12:48:20

hello rumple have you seen the debate we are having?

Rumpel Mon 26-Feb-07 13:03:48

yes - it's a debaucle right enough - is it really worth the effort youngmum? No point giving yourself high blood pressure is there? Each to their own, after all it takes alls sorts. I think it is only myself and Ging who are actually giving solids so I wouldn't worry about it. We are big enough and old enough to look after ourselves and our babes.

Feel pretty bad about starting all this with the thread name though Still you live and learn.

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Rumpel Mon 26-Feb-07 13:05:15

By the way I can't find the original thread bendy read before your new discussion - where is it so I can have a read?

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BENDYB Mon 26-Feb-07 13:07:42

hi rumpel,i'm staying well out of it now anyway, i've said all i've gotta say to them thanks 4 starting a new thread for us! what thread cant u find?x

Rumpel Mon 26-Feb-07 13:13:53

The one that the one you were on originally mentioned. The one where you said they were bitching about everyone originally.

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Gingeme Mon 26-Feb-07 13:31:33

Hello another fantastic title Rumple you are clever.
Ok gonna make a statement/question if as all these 'experts' point out your supposed to wait 6 months before feeding then why do they make baby food from 4 months onwards ok point made.

Birdiebump Mon 26-Feb-07 13:33:54

Hey, support to you guys from April 07 ante natal club who have also been somewhat "picked on" of late.

Don't let 'em get to you!

DizzyBint Mon 26-Feb-07 13:42:40

is that a question you would like answering gingeme? i'll bog right off of course if you like, i'm not out for a fight. but it's basically so that mums will buy the stuff from 4 months. it's not in baby food manufacturers interests for mums to wait til babies are 6 months and capable of eating normal everyday foods themselves. legislation is currently being written to change labelling to say 6 months. baby food maufacturers have, of course, objected to this.

anyway, please don't take this post as an attack in any way shape or form, i just saw your question and know this labelling and differing advice can be confusing. so i answered you.

Gingeme Mon 26-Feb-07 13:48:10

Ok point taken Dizzy and thanks for that its just that I have 4 boys the eldest is now 12 and I weaned them all about 17 weeks on pureed or shop bought baby foods and theyre all doing fine . Like I said before each mother knows their own child and its needs so surely it should be up to them when to choose to wean not the so called 'experts'

Rumpel Mon 26-Feb-07 13:52:54

OH jings - let's hope we can all just get on in our 'fluffy' little post natal club now eh ladies 'n' babes? Tee hee I must admit I do spend quite alot of time on MN now as I have been stuck in with my back prob. Quite enjoy some of the threads, however, it is very clique. Makes you wonder what these folk are like in real life doesn't it? I love a heated debate me, but not dissing other people. I admit to being very opinionated and prbably quite tiresome to be around, but lucky for everyone I don't get out much now

Thanks for the support April 07.

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DizzyBint Mon 26-Feb-07 13:57:08

yes it's up to each mum of course. i do think though that not all mums have access or are aware of all the information available. a lot of mums do make a decision on when to wean based on labelling of baby foods, which is why the labelling is going to be changed.

anyway, i'll leave you now!

Gingeme Mon 26-Feb-07 14:13:00

Ok deep breath and go......Hi Rumple how is your back these days?
Im feeling decidedly pre mental again. Three weeks sure goes quickly. Rang my SW lady this afternoon to say Im not going to class anymore. Left a message on her machine. How chicken is that
Los asleep under his mobile and ds3 is watching Toy Story in his room laying on his bed.Wow that was one of the first videos I bought my ds1 12 years ago or so.

Swizzler Mon 26-Feb-07 15:06:31

Found you all! Thanks for starting a new thread Rumpel don't worry about the previous furore, some people obv have too much time on their hands . For me, these threads have been what MNet should be about. We've chatted through pregnancy, going into labour (or not!), birth stories, getting our babies home and out of the house for the first time .... I've also been lucky enough to meet several of you and your lovely babies. I think you're all fab, and yah boo sucks to anyone who says otherwise.

Mummypossum; are you still there? Don't leave us! I do agree with the girls school bit, though. Makes me glad I have a boy <ducks to avoid accusations of anti-feminism>. The whole atmosphere on MNet is a bit poisonous at the moment - perhaps some regular posters need to take a sabbatical

Gingeme: if you're happy with your weight, that's great. I don't think our bodies get back to normal (whatever that is) for about 9 months or so anyway. I'm within about 1/2 stone of my pre-pg weight but my shape is so different. Perhaps it's a permanent change? LOL at dumping your SW class by answerphone

Swizzler Mon 26-Feb-07 15:08:23

I've added a link from the previous thread if that's OK - let me know if not and I can remove it.

Rumpel Mon 26-Feb-07 17:25:00

Hi All,

Gingeme - bck is much better, just the odd twinge now ta. How'r your Scots boys?

Pmoore - sorry baby name confusion - I am terrible at remembering names.

Lo to baby clinic 17lbs5ozs! 67cm long - must be the solids tee hee

Had a giant walk along the shore too - still need to shift 2.5 stone. Haven't been able to do my sit ups or free weights but will try again next week.

Must go and bath LO as she is crying - she has her upper left incisor coming in and it is really bothering her and casuing great big gargantuan bum explosions!!

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youngmum21 Mon 26-Feb-07 17:35:29

i have terrible back ache now wot shud i do?

I also want to lose bout half a stone even though i am pre pregnancy weight but am just not motivated to do so i want my toned body back

Rumple dont you find it hard to do sit ups i can hardly do them anymore, if you got any advice id be greatful!!

pmoore Mon 26-Feb-07 18:15:47


Rumpel-Thats ok re. name! I love the name Hope

Should we start at cut and paste thing of all the mums on this thread as quick reference. I am rubbish at remembering too.

PMoore: SAMANTHA, Born 7th October, 8lb 12oz, 1st baby

Going out for a drink with my friend tonight, she needs some cheering up. DH problems. First time since I've had LO that I am going out WITHOUT DP! Can't go far though incase she wakes up, DP can't pick her up. Luckily the pub is at the bottom of the steps of my flat.

Gingeme- I have to keep on with SW- still 25lb to go before I can get pregnant!! Xmas at this rate.

Have a good evening all.

lissielou Mon 26-Feb-07 18:20:25

can i hijack with support. i weaned ds at around 8w on hv's advice, by 3m he was feeding himself and by 3 1/2m wasrefusing a spoon. all baba's are different. hes absolutely fine, no allergies, no eczcma(sp) no weight probs or tummy probs! listen to your baby and yourselves! all a baby needs is love.

ps > didnt mean to patronise you, hope i didnt

Swizzler Mon 26-Feb-07 18:44:30

Thanks Lissielou!

Youngmum: my back's a bit dodgy too, think it's all the hefting around of baby. I'd say to work on your posture before worryong about dieting and sit-ups - perhaps try a Pilates video? Also be careful about bending or twisting when lifting.

Swizzler Mon 26-Feb-07 18:45:19


PMoore: SAMANTHA, Born 7th October, 8lb 12oz, 1st baby
Swizzler: WILLIAM, b 8 October, 7lb 5.5 oz, 1st baby

BENDYB Mon 26-Feb-07 19:04:22

evening everyone,
sorry bout earlier, 4 starting things up on that other thread, it just really annoyed me & i was just trying to stick up 4 us lot & people on the other groups who they were slagging off, sorry though if i annoyed any of you lot by saying something, sorry
its forgotten now anyway, not gonna say nothing else, just gonna stay on r fluffy lil thread!

hope ur all ok anyway,

PMoore: SAMANTHA, Born 7th October, 8lb 12oz, 1st baby
Swizzler: WILLIAM, b 8 October, 7lb 5.5 oz, 1st baby
bendyb: KAI, born 3rd november, 8lb4oz, 1st baby.

Rumpel Mon 26-Feb-07 19:51:23

Bendy - don't worry about it - let them get on with it.

pmoore - I've got 2.5 stone to go before TTC again!

Youngmum - I actually started doing abdominal crunches a couple of months ago - I've got very strong abd muscles but I had to stop when my back seized up. If your muscles are weak I would suggest that you hold in the big band of muscle at the front 'your belly' for 10 seconds throughout the day - remember to breathe though. If you decide to do ab crunches you must also do back strengthening exercises. Prettycandles started a 50 sit ups a day thread a while ago so do a search for that as there was a fitenss instructor on it who gave great advice. Wonder where pretty is?

We seem to have lost a few of our mummies - they must be too busy these days!

My poor wee daughter is all out of sorts today - her tooth is really bothering her. I've been giving her homeopathic granules but I think I may have to give her calpol before bed tonight. She is usually a happy wee soul but she has been grizzly today.

It was a beautiful day here today so we walked along the prom and back and saw the ducks, seagulls and swans - fascinating for LO. She has stopped chatting so much now as she is just observing and assimilating everthing. Still zero interest in rolling over though

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Rumpel Mon 26-Feb-07 19:52:47

Rumpel:Amber, 4th October 7lb 1st babe

PMoore: SAMANTHA, Born 7th October, 8lb 12oz, 1st baby

Swizzler: WILLIAM, b 8 October, 7lb 5.5 oz, 1st baby

bendyb: KAI, born 3rd november, 8lb4oz, 1st baby.

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taffy101 Mon 26-Feb-07 20:09:01

Rumpel:Amber, 4th October 7lb 1st babe

PMoore: SAMANTHA, Born 7th October, 8lb 12oz, 1st baby

Swizzler: WILLIAM, b 8 October, 7lb 5.5 oz, 1st baby

taffy101: OWEN, 31 October, 7ib 10oz, 2nd baby (dd 3yo)

bendyb: KAI, born 3rd november, 8lb4oz, 1st baby.

Hi missed it all at weekend. Some people need to get a life don't they. Have got a 'weaning visit' from HV tomoz, will let you know if she tells me anything enlightening. (my bil was weaned at 2 weeks - 40 yrs ago, cos v hungry baby - and my big sis was weaned at 4 weeks, 38 yrs ago - due to labelling on baby food)

dd was really naughty in playgroup today, kicking and pinching staff cos she didn't want to wait for her turn to go on computer (maybe she could join toddlersnet), v emabarrassed - they are going to lend me a storybook called hands aren't for hitting.

Went to a party on friday and drank way toooo much wine, even dragged dh onto dancefloor and i NEVER dance. Oh well haven't had night out for sooooo long

No signs of teething here. BTW after lo initial roll over 4 weeks ago he's not bother ed since - only rolling onto side. He is getting more active in general now though and showing interest in his toys. dd loves him sharing a bath with her and gets really annoyed when I take him out after 5 mins cos my arms are tired. She tried to grab him by the willy to keep in the other day! Poor baby

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